The Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress is one in every of the most effective sellers on Amazon thanks to its budget friendly worth. Zinus mattresses square measure made of foam that square measure sourced from China. If you’re disquieted regarding the standard of the froth, you ought to recognize that the foams square measure CertiPUR-US certified. It means their foams passed laws and square measure declared safe and quality.

Similar to the bulk of on-line pad retailers, their pad comes in a very box once delivered. it’s vacuum sealed for easier transport. Once opened, it’ll expand to its full size. The Zinus tea comes in twelve in, ten in and eight in. models.

Pricing5/5One of the most affordable mattresses in the market. Check Price on Amazon
Motion Isolation4/5Motion transfer is very good, hardly noticed movement while testing.
Cooling4/5Not as hot as other budget mattresses, in fact, for the price, cooling is very good.
Off Gassing3.5/5Slightly strong chemical smell once the box is opened, took around a week for the smell to dissipate.
Silent Sleeping5/5Does not produce noise since it is a foam mattress.
Warranty4.2/510 years warranty.
Customer Support4/5Good customer support, noting to complain about.
OVERALL4.2/5If you are on a tight budget or you need one for your guest room, this mattress should definitely be on top of your shortlist.

Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress



  • No options stiffness
  • Not made in the USA

Construction Of Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Green Tea memory foam mattress is 12″ thick and it has a 4-storey design with a jacquard knitted cover. The” and 8 “models both have 10 3-layer design and both government also jacquard knitting. for the firmness, the mattress is the average company – companies but many say it’s leaning towards more company.

12″ Green Tea

Total Zinus Green Tea Mattress

  • 3 “memory foam
  • 2 “comfort foam
  • 3.5 “high-density foam complex
  • 3.5 “high-density foam base complex

10″ Green Tea

  • 2.5 “memory foam
  • 2 “comfort foam
  • 5.5 “high-density foam base complex

8″ Green Tea

  • 2 “memory foam
  • 2 “comfort foam
  • 4 “high density foam base complex

The top layer of memory foam with the green tea extract. Green tea extract provides “fresh” as required by Zinus. It is a welcome addition, but it is not a feature of this mattress placed on the competitors.

2 “or junction comfortably provide additional comfort and support. With a high-density foam complex as the base, it will not only provide support, it will also help to maintain airflow a good temperature while you sleep.

While the foam can be sourced in China, it is CertiPUR-US certification so when it comes to quality and efficiency, there is not much to worry about.

How to express it?

  • Facilities and Support

Hardness of mattress companies are leaning towards this should be the most suitable mattress for those who sleep on their backs. The memory foam mattress Green Tea is a low density, so you will not sink in too much when lying on it.

Overall support as well, however, when it comes to edge support, which is lacking. The presence of a relatively thick foam support, at least on the “Model 12, which means it can support the good sleepers.

  • Chilled

Cooling is pretty much on par with most of the foam. It is not the exception, but it’s also not bad. The complex design of the support classes really help with cooling.

  • Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is also quite good. It performs very well when they are sleeping on mattresses.

  • Off exhaust

Off the exhaust is a “YMMV” kind of thing. Some say there is no smell, while some also said they had a strong initial odor when opened. In our case, the smell stayed for one week while in a room cool.

  • Reliability and Life

For durability and longevity, it performs as good as any mattress within budget. It can last for about 5 years, but some owners say starting support to soften up 3 years. This will not be a problem if the mattress is not used frequently

Who should buy this mattress?

The Zinus 12 Inch Green tea is targeted towards people who are looking for a hotel room mattress or who are present in the budget. In these cases, mattresses perform very well and we can recommend it without any problems.

Also, if you are a sleep, this mattress will be good for you. However, those who sleep mostly on the two sides or their stomachs may find the mattress is too firm for comfort.


Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is one of the best mattresses available when it comes to overall value. If you’re on a budget or you are looking for a bedroom or a temporary mattress, this is definitely one of the top choices.