Build Muscle Without Weight

Some individuals have the power development goals, but they do not want to use weights to do so. Whether it is because in the times of financial stress that they can not afford a gym membership, they want to give their CNS a break from the heavy lifting, or they are just looking for a change of pace from their traditional exercise program, those who are on the hunt for a workout that will promote strength without weight. It can be done? You bet. With a series of plyometric exercises and weight available, you can create a very effective workout that is short on time, but higher on the results.

Here’s what you need to know about weight training without weights.

The overload factor

Request No. 1 for muscle growth is a stimulus overload: basically a muscular tension had not encountered before.

The important factor to note here is that this tension does not need to come from the weight plates. It can come from your body weight, gravity, instability, or momentum.

If you look at many professional athletes such as gymnasts, they are extremely powerful, but many people are not in the weight room every day hoisting extremely heavy weights around. They develop their strength through physical training to work specifically on the beam, rings and floor which mainly weight training without weights.

Therefore, if you can incorporate this aspect into a body weight exercise program, you can still generate the power level you are looking for.

Lower body

Jump squats with pauses in squatting position – 3 sets of 8 reps
To perform this exercise, scroll down a full squat position and then explode off the floor, jump as high as possible. After landing, move back into squat position, stopping halfway to pause and count to 5 seconds before the end of squatting and recovery off the ground again.

Step-ups – 3 sets of 20 reps with a 2: 0: 2 schedule
the step-up is traditionally done with a quintal on the back, if you use a step that’s high enough to take the scope of representation and higher while slowing down, you are really going to feel exercises present.

Half-to-full stationary lunge – 2 sets of 15 reps with a 2: 1: 3: 1 progress
Get into the position that you will use to make a single stationary lunge and then start moving until you’re halfway through a typical lunge movement. Reverse back to the starting position again, and then proceed to complete the full lunge motion to complete a set.

Single-leg deadlift increase – 2 sets of 15 reps with a ratio of 3: 1: 3 schedule
Start in a standing upright position and then simultaneously started one foot off the floor behind you while bent over the body until your legs and body are perpendicular to the vertical leg (both legs remain straight ). Hold a unique number before returning to the starting position and switch legs after all reps are completed.

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On The Body

Alternating push-ups for the games – 3 sets of 15 reps with a 2: 1: tempo
Start by performing a standard push-up, taking two seconds to lower and to raise back up. Once you’re at the top of the movement again, you are to face up to your face and make a side plank, hold it for a count of 4 seconds, moving back to the position before the push-ups Once you complete the next representative.

Pull up the pike – 3 sets of 15 reps with a 2: 2: 2: 1 tempo
Start by making the movement of traditional pull-up, but once you reach the bottom of the movement, move into a pike trying to get your legs up to waist level at least. After the pike is completed, continue to pull up your next.

Single-leg tricep dips – 2 sets of 15 reps with a 2: 0: Progress 2
Get into a standard dip position, with your feet up on a stool or box. When your balance, lift one leg out of the box and perform tricep dips from there. This will call your core into play to a greater extent due to the fact you have a support base reduction. Remember to do the same on each foot.

Inverted row – 2 sets of 15 reps with a 2: 1: 2 schedule
Start by lying on the floor with a broom or pole on the two-level surface. Since then, grasping the bar as you would if you were doing a bent-over rows (upside down) and dragged the body up to meet the bar. Make sure your pole is also supported, and not at an angle.

Weight loss workout plan less

So, give the above exercise a try next time you’re looking to increase your strength and try something new. Even if you do not use weights, do not write the exercises go easy – they are not at all. They certainly will challenge your abilities and put you exercise to test levels.

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