The way that I wake up every morning Wake-Up Light

I hate getting out of bed in the morning, so I tried the famous ‘light awakened’ Wake-Up Light

I see myself as a champion to sleep. Night or day, I can fall asleep and stay asleep in just about any location or venue.

Waking up is a different story. I often found myself pressing the snooze button on my alarm clock for over an hour before getting out of bed.

Morning Wake-Up Light
Morning Wake-Up Light

After reading some articles about the benefits of an alarm clock that uses light to gradually wake you up, I decided to see if one of these clocks can help make me a morning person.

I ordered the Philips HF3505 / 60 Wake-Up Light at Amazon, the price is right, and the light has hundreds of great comments on Amazon from people claiming lighting worked well for them.

Glad to check it out, I set the lamp on the bedside table of me.

Here is what it looks like:

See more Wake-Up Light
See more Wake-Up Light

Wake-Up Light begins to glow thirty minutes before you set the alarm sound. Simulate a sunrise, gradually increasing brightness to 200 Lux, which definitely feels lighter 6O-watt light bulb my other. The idea is that you will already be well on your way out of REM sleep by the time your alarm does not go off.

Along with the brightness, it also generates a gradually increasing noise.

Here is a clip it in action:

Click Wake-Up Light
Click Wake-Up Light

To be as consistent as possible, I went to bed at about the same time every night and set the alarm for 5:00 or 6:00 either every morning.

Morning Wake-Up Light first be put into operation, I woke up a little easier. The bright, yellow light easy to fill my small bedroom, so there is no need for other lights to guide my morning routine. Rising to a room full of light feel a bit like waking up late on a weekend morning.

Click Wake-Up Light
Click Wake-Up Light

In the coming weeks, I continued to ditch tactic is often my snooze button.

I had a few problems, but they have more to do with me than the clock. A few times, I’ve buried my face into my pillow so much so that I never knew was there any light in my room. Another time, I passed out on my bed after I got out and wash.

Even even with những it snafus, Wake-Up Light is better vs how to use the alarm clock of my iPhone Forum mà going down on me sometimes in my sleep Forum.

While I only set one alarm be standards and to the sunrise to my window every morning to wake me one spontaneously, sleep with shades open is difficult for all the city lights outside the door my View window. Wake-Up Light lets me sleep in relative darkness is before it springs into operation in the morning, making it to drift to những coal Easily my dream.

While I Will said it makes me an creators by any means, Wake-Up Light was make me aware of the importance of coal lập one sleep cycle and stick as many as good as it. Hope that, thì ích much coal in the winter months.

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