Wahl Shaver 9884-200 With Lithium Ion 2.0 Review
Wahl Shaver 9884-200 With Lithium Ion 2.0 Review

Choice Wahl Shaver 9884-200 For You

The Wahl Shaver 9884-200 are designed to shave more hair on the face, because it includes a series of attachments that you can use for other body hair. It has several other benefits, including its long run. However, it lacks some of the benefits that most electric razors, such as a precision trimmer, a battery indicator, a quick charge option and a wireless option.

Wahl Shaver 9884-200 With Lithium Ion 2.0 Review
Wahl Shaver 9884-200 With Lithium Ion 2.0

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Although this electric razor is not among the best in our product line, it has remarkable features. three hours of his time is running wireless substantially longer than what you get with most electric razors, which can often run for 45-60 minutes on a full charge. It takes one hour to fully charge the power, which is pretty standard.

In our test, this Wahl Shaver 9884-200 provides a rough shave than we expected. It stimulates the skin a little bit in the neck. Also, to get shaved, it is necessary to shave the same area about 30 times, which is more than any electric razor on our product line requirements.

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This unit weighs less than 1 pound, which is about average for an electric razor. It measures 10.5 inches long, 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches high, a little older than most of the razor on our product line, but it is not noticeable when you keep it.

Electric shaver from Wahl is equipped with a charging dock that allows you to set vertical razors and charge it when it is not used. You do not get a cleaning station with this unit, but you can clean it under the tap. We have found it easy to clean during our tests, but it is difficult to get dry.

Unlike most electric razors, which includes a lot of attachments. You can use attachments to shave in areas of the body away from the face, such as your head.

Wahl Shaver 9884-200 are covered by a five year warranty. This is much longer than the warranty standards shaver, which is two years. You can contact support by phone Wahl and email, but it does not provide any FAQs on its website for this unit.

Pros: Unit comes with a lot of extra attachments to shave other areas than the face. You can buy Wahl Shaver 9884-200 below!

Cons: You can not use this electric shaver or shaving cream in the bathroom.

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The Wahl Shaver 9884-200 for men is an option for a product rather than shave facial hair. We are glad to see that it has a very long wire run time, because it is not a wired option, but it lacks other amenities that most best electric razor to. It also takes a long time to get your face perfectly smooth, and it can cause skin irritation.


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