Vitamix 5200 Blender Pro

Despite the introduction of several new models in recent years, in this year, the top model of the world famous line Vitamix blender of high performance designed for home use continues to be Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional.

Vitamix 5200 Blender Pro

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Out eye in the United States in 2007 as a new and improved version of the company’s wildly popular 5000 still to this day the best selling Vitamix 5200 blender of the world with improved design features than people its predecessor, including an upgraded engine. The following review is a comprehensive look at Vitamix 5200. The information and opinions which are derived and formulated from data collected directly from the company, my ownership model in both 5000 and 5200 and used in the mixing of each operation dynamic numbered in the thousands, and my sales experience in a blender high performance industry dating back to 2009. It is intended only as a reference for anyone considering the purchase a blender high performance.

About Package and Specifications Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional

Every Vitamix 5000 model blender is built on the site in Cleveland, Ohio, the world headquarters of the company. Although still fully assembled in the US, 5200 included a Swedish engine is designed and manufactured, will be considered in more detail below. Complete Vitamix 5200 Blender package includes a motor base in the customer’s choice of color, mixed with a container mounted blade assembly and lid in two parts, tamper with, first, guidance, advice card use use, cooking class themed DVD, warranty certificates, registration cards, and recipe book.

The basis of the 5200 engine is square, 7 ½” wide and 9″ deep, and weighs about 11 lbs. With bottles and caps in place, the entire unit stands 20 1/8″ tall. A 120 volt, 3 nose armor standards based wire with a length extending up to 6 feet from the underside of the base. Any Any or all of the wires can be stored underneath the machine – a feature especially handy when traveling with the unit or operating it in short distance from the electrical outlet. the facility is based on four rounds, rubber feet, ¾” diameter. The interface of the computer is in front of the base and includes a control panel with two levers on either side of a dial in the center of it. Switches are durable, “soft-touch” rubber to improve ease of operation (one improvement over the 5000 model). One is a speed controller and a computer is to power on and off. The “soft touch” control center dial feature to change the speed of the machine.

Outside the base is made of wear-resistant plastic in the customer’s choice of white, black, red, platinum or brushed stainless finish. Inside is a new engine design Swedish design and manufacture special for 5200. The 11.5 amp, 1380 watt motor is advertised as 2 peak horsepower (2HP). Although technically not stronger than in the Vitamix blender (5000), the new engine more efficient by technical improvements in their ability to sustainedly to cool during operation, which translates to both save energy and improve improved engine performance. Top-end speed on the 5200 tongue have been measured at 37,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Important discussion and debate continues in the industry on what role grinder horsepower to play with this machine as well as guidance for calculating it. I have provided an overview of the laity in this article about high-performance blender. Vitamix also issued his own statement on the engine horsepower.

The majority of the enhancements for 5200 are featured on the bottle and its cap. In early 2007, Vitamix announced a partnership with Eastman Chemical Co. to build a new container for this model. The traditional polycarbonate container (and strong), has now been replaced with a more durable copolyester even Eastman Tritan™ called. The new jar is not only stronger, but also significantly better chemical and heat resistance, is quieter during operation, and do not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) is commonly found in polycarbonate.

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Tapering from wide and rounded at the top of it to narrow and square at the bottom, easy to hold average content 2 liters total volume. It is marked in ounces and cups up to 68 up to 8 ½ on one side, and 200 milliliters and liters up to 2 on the other. Marked with a “Max” fill line at 68 oz. (8 ½), average actually hold 80 oz. (10 cups). A single tap on the top of the container, opposite the handle, has been redesigned for more efficient placement and was advertised as “not a drop.” The treatment has also been updated and now has ergonomic design includes a retractable thumb rest on rubber “soft-grip” to control his more efficient than average. From the bottom of the container, 1 ½ “suitable safe environment in every corner of its square design around four rubber posts extending up from the base of the motor. Combined with the blade assembly and the corresponding groove outlet-is equipped with drive, vases is especially stable on the basis of the operation. the drive socket, itself, was formed, rigid plastics and 5200 of four sides (cross), hammermill shaped stainless steel blade “wet” rotates in a counterclockwise direction only. Every four extensions of the blade is about 1 ¼ “long. If necessary, the blade assembly is removable from the bottle using a specially designed wrench (not included) from Vitamix.

Blades inside of Vitamix Blender Version 5200
Blades inside of Vitamix 5200 Blender

Of 5200 was redesigned two lid comprises a molded rubber shell with an environment that secures blades inside the opening of the container by adding a rest on the lip formed inside the bottle itself. The cover of the new design also has two tabs that “grab” a second lip average outside, make sure the lid remains in place during operation. The “ease off” tab is loosened with a finger when removing the cover. A 2″ by 2″ hole in the center of the lid is going out for a tamper is included for 5200. This loss also owns the second part of the lid a mobile, copolyester plug with multiple functions. It can be removed completely from the main lid with a simple twist, creating an opening for the addition of components during operation. When inserted, the plug also serves as the average vent, allowing pressure to escape when making hot soup content and syrups. Finally, when reversed, the center of the plug is also a perfect wine glass for liquid ingredients, and truly marked 1 and 2 oz. on one side, and 30 and 60 ml on the other hand.

For grinding whole grains and beans into powder, powdering sugar, and make breadcrumbs, Vita-Mix container makes a “Dry Blade” features a different design and configuration tongue. It is sold separately from the package 5200. The Vitamix blender (Super 5200) and Vitamix 5200 Blender is a package that includes this container.

Its performance, however, the features that create perhaps the greatest amount of discussion around the machine is tamper it. This is a tool designed for use in the process of mixing the ingredients to steer larger or denser into the path of the blade cutting, as well as to reduce air pockets that develop in the foam . Just under 13″ in length, tubular, molded plastic tamper is formed with a handle and lip at its upper end which, when introduced into the container through a hole in the lid, will prevent the bottom of the disruption from making contact with the propeller. When not in use, the disturbance can be stored in the container. the total height of the machine including tamper average and is 22 ¼.

Beginning as an owner instructions page 40 contains an overview of the machine and its components, care and cleaning recommendations, tips on using computers in some capacity and 20 recipes personally use most of them. Let’s get started! As a cooking class DVD themed prove practical preparations of juice, soup, ice cream, and flour. Emphasis is placed on the order of the components are loaded into the tank, safety when using the tamper, and operation of the control dial and levers of the machine. The Directive also included in material cutting and grinding both wet and dry, and finally, how to clean the machine. The format option allows users to skip specific demonstrations or watch DVDs continuously from its start.

The recipe book is included with the 5200 General Recipes rights and is designed as a removable adhesive cover with a frown. When folded in its folds, function as a canvas cover allows easy countertop page-turning and view individual recipes. Color code and prevent the book’s own label 250 recipes into categories including beverages, Soups, Dips & Spreads, Sauces, Breads, Breakfast, desert, gauze & sauces and children’s formula . There are also a number of blank pages for the entry of personal recipes. Each recipe includes ingredients content, yield and nutritional data, preparation and processing time, and numbered, step by step user guide.

Whole Foods Recipes Cookbook with Vitamix 5200 Blender

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A 14-page owner’s label include computer safeguards, registration information, a breakdown of the individual parts of the machine, use tricks, special features, and guide care and cleaning. Complete package Vitamix 5200 Blender Pro is a Quick Tip card, registration card, warranty certificate, and bonus offers. Like the recipes themselves, manuals and guidelines Start perforated with holes that can be disassembled and stored in the General Recipe binder for safety.

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About Activity

To operate the Vitamix 5200 Blender, users have become familiar with the functionality only two levers and a dial, all located on the center console of the base interface of the engine. The right lever dial is used only to power the machine on and off. In the up position (On) the machine will run. In the down position (Off), it will not. On the left side of the watch face is a lever which starts one of the two speed settings for the machine. If the computer is provided on the lever and is in a position to (higher), it will run at the highest speed (240 miles per hour at the tips of the tongue), without interruption, until the user or toggle switches to down position or leverage resources to turn the machine off. In the lower position (Variable), this switch also allows the machine to run at any speed other than the highest individual of it. then the exact speed selected using a rotary dial on the center of the interface. The interface panel is numbered from 1 to 10 along the circumference of the dial, with 1 representing the lowest rate.

Most activities will be mixed with 5200 relating to the use of leverage as well as the dial. The high setting makes the most of the mix, but it is recommended that users “work” his way to set it, not by simply starting it. Generally, the machine should always start in the context of variable speed with speed dial 1. When the computer boots up, the user must move the dial to the highest setting variables, at 10, just before switch to high speed with the lever. From this point, the user only needs to worry about how long the machine running on high. This is the preferred procedure necessary to make the whole most of the juices, smoothies, soup, syrup and cream, and, with a little practice, is a simple process to master.

Loading the ingredients into the jar, the most liquid components first softest, and solid and / or frozen ingredients will finally be significantly improved results and shorten the mixing time. The design of the container and blades create a vortex 5200 used to draw the liquid ingredients into the jar to be uploaded into the path of the cutting blade. Each recipe in General Recipes book that “liquid / solid high-low” method container load, and lists the components on the page in the order in which they should be loaded. It is a simple concept that will become easily ingrained habits of the user mix, whether the formula used book or not, with minimal practice.

The more diligent this loading procedure is followed, less frequent use of the disturbance that comes with 5200 will be required. According to my personal experience with the Vitamix blender, I have used the turmoil in less than half of the recipes I have created with it, and I also spoke to hundreds of 5200 owners, who claimed never to use it. That said, when the use of the disturbance is necessary, it is imperative that it is only used with the cap and through the hole in the lid is created through the removal of the plug. This ensures that the disturbance never reaches the tongue. It’s just a question of when, if not, the user will need to replace the disturbed (not to mention ruin his prime) if the fact of using it without the cap in place is done.

Cavitation is a common occurrence in all high performance blender – the Vitamix 5200 Blender – in which an air bag around its blades during mixing. A combination of high speed and the thick tongue, fiber components can create such an appearance, such as extremely cold temperatures can result from frozen food or ice. The biggest benefit of the disturbance is at its effectiveness against cavitation. By continually reducing the air bag is needed in a mixing procedure, permanent disturbance helps the machine in its performance. On average, users will see the greatest demand for disturbance when used in large quantities of frozen ingredients in smoothies and ice cream, or when performing procedures such as wet grinding peanut butter from Peanut teeth. Different techniques, but are simple, mixing also allows the 5200 to be used for everything from a food processor for a container. For example, start the machine with an empty bottle on a set of lower variable speed and then release the solid, fiber such as carrots, nuts, or cheese through the hole in the lid that allows users to produce results that coarse chopped fine detail without being completely crushed.

After most of the preparation work, cleaning of the 5200 container is a simple procedure. Simply fill the container about half (4 cups), add a small amount of dishwashing detergent, and run on the high setting for 30 seconds to 1 minute is all that is needed. Hand washable good average, but must pay attention to the tongue because they are relatively sharp. It is recommended that the container is not cleaned in the dishwasher.

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About Efficiency

The power and flexibility of the Vitamix 5200 Blender is nothing short of remarkable, and obviously in many practical applications unique. As one would expect, dense, fibrous fruits and vegetables can be easily converted into juices and smoothies perfectly smooth. Similarly, if not more important than the composition of the drink, though, is the added health benefits derived from making them in this machine. Vitamin 5200 is one of a select few grinder on the market today are designed for home use that is strong enough to micronize raw, whole fruits and vegetables in the mix. Results in a maximum nutritional value of the foods being made available to users in the form of juice and smoothies. In summary, the phytonutrients contained in the pulp, skins, seeds, and the core of the fruits and vegetables that would otherwise remain trapped (and digestive unused) in cell structure of food if simply eating or processing in less powerful blender is “unlocked” by 5200 through electric and blade design. This feature has enormous significance for most people who buy high performance blender as 5200, and is explained in more detail in this article and design strength of 5200 also makes it significantly more diverse than any standard blender. Expand mixing times on the high setting creates a special blade speed, along with a set of components, creating enough friction in the jar, itself, to cook ingredients in soups, syrups, fondues etc. the temperature is determined only by the length of the mixing process. There is no heating element in the machine. Raw, fresh vegetables and water at room temperature becomes hot soup for at least three minutes.

Use frozen ingredients and mixing time is much shorter, creams and sorbets can be created with 5200. Textures and temperature for the recipes of all kinds is determined simply by how many ghosts lets users watch was introduced with content components. The recipe book is a wonderful resource with which to become familiar with the mixing times, because it provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on all functions of the machine. Experience is probably the best teacher, though, and intimate knowledge of 5200’s “secret” to good results can easily be achieved with a little practice. Users will become familiar with how to incorporate special components considered in the process as just finished mixing the formula. Also easily learn will be different stadiums and sounds during mixing, mark the different stages of the process of mixing.

Users will quickly discover there is very little about the content component that 5200 is not capable of handling. Its limitations should be tested, however, the machine is equipped with automatic overload protection which will participate when the engine has reached a temperature at which continued mixing can damage the components of it. The engine will simply shut itself down if it is being tested beyond its safe operation. In thousands of mixing work with my Vitamix blender machine, only once have I ever personally witnessed this in the work function. In the process of making peanut butter, mixing extended my thick mixture to the point where excessive tension was created when the motor and the machine stops. Reset simple as unplugging the blender and allow the engine to cool for about one hour. The remarkable thing is I stopped once the initial mixing peanut butter achieve a smooth texture, this would not have been a problem, and I made peanut and almond butter succeed in the machine my Vitamix several times since then. I have personally never once damaged container, blades, blade assembly nor in the life of my machines. I bought a lot of tampers, however. Each time it was doubtful due to user error – ie using the disturbance without the cap in place. As mentioned above, the appropriate use of the machine should eliminate this risk never happened.

About Performance Issues Of Vitamix 5200 Blender Pro

No blender is without its limitations, though, and my only experience with the Vitamix blender overload protection is not unique. I have spoken to many owners of the machine have reported similar experiences with their machine stopped under excessive load. I had this idea that in and of itself should not be considered an entirely negative phenomenon. The power of the machine is undeniable and is evident during use. If the engine finds himself under duress so that it takes to prevent than to burn itself out, I think that needs a minor inconvenience related to the purchase of a new computer – the most challenging of the owner blenders have undergone at one time or another. Although I have no personal experience with customer service using Vitamix about warranty coverage (a testament to the quality of the plant), I was informed several times about their outstanding service related to repair and replace the engine can not be returned to normal operation by use. A little due diligence online warranty on the Vitamix Blender Version 5200 shows an experience excellent customer service, and based on actual conversation I had with the owner of the machine, I have no doubt that they are among the best in the business.

Standard mounting height on the kitchen cabinets are custom 17″ to 18″ above the surface of the counter. With just over 20″ high with containers on the basis of the engine, the 5200 is too high to store inside most of the cabinet. This is a certain downside arranged my kitchen. I store computer I after each use.

The tamper is invaluable in controlling larger components into the path of the cutting blade and remove air pockets created in the process due to the foaming mixture. Users will quickly discover it is not necessary for the majority of the functions of 5200. When it is necessary, however, it is the only tool which will assist the company in establishing appropriate combining certain ingredients. In other words, it must be used for certain recipes to be done properly. Personally, with the exception of the brief period when I did not disturb my negligence by users (above), I’ve never been considered a necessity to tamper with a negative . Customer feedback indicates to me, though, that the requirements of a disturbance would be a less than desirable features of the model for some.

Finally, users will have to resign 5200 itself to the fact that computers are great to use. Acoustics personal kitchen and composition of content and volume in vials of course will affect the noise level in any particular operation certain mixed, but in general, bigger machine blender lot less quality. With remarkable strength of 5200 for another shot, this should not come as a complete surprise. Also noteworthy is the innovative design of the 5200 jar on the results of the previous model significantly reduces noise in my personal experience.

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As mentioned above, Vitamix blender has been named the de facto in a blender markets high performance for nearly 80 years. You’ll find their machines with the same (or lower) the engine is 5200 in bars, restaurants, and cooking schools nationwide. Competition does exist, however. There is another blender with the motor equivalent strength, function and ease of use on the market today. All of them, however, use the Vitamix standards as their benchmark. In fact, during my tenure in this business I have not seen a completely satisfied customer of one of their products. I have, however, met with a number of owners and third Monday of the Vitamix machine is the same it has been passed down from one family member to the next. They are built to last. The quality of the brands manufactured in the US This is remarkable, and this model is appropriate in this year as any of the more Vitamix blender has recently been introduced.

Please use the comments section of this page to provide your own input or experience with the Vitamix 5200 Blender Pro, asking questions about it, or to clarify anything you read in this review. It is my goal to assist you in any way I can choose blender highest performance for your individual needs.


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