As you may already know or now being discovered for yourself, there are plenty of options when it comes to manufacturers blender high performance. Talk to people who have gone through the buying process and end up buying Vitamix blender models. They will probably tell you unpleasant decisions did not choose the brand. Instead, it has chosen a particular model in the line Vitamix expanding company that ended up as the most difficult step of the process. Help with sorting through individual models was my referendum very often it is the first problem I mentioned in my Vitamix FAQ page. Although my response questions still flooded my inbox on this issue. But I’m happy to do my best to help because let’s face it Vitamix blender is not exactly made this decision an easy one for most of us.

The fact, though Vitamix blender offers you a wide selection of models – almost all of them excellent – many differences in these packages is negligible and, in some instances, actually not physically exist. In this article I will lay out the differences in each model line exactly Vitamix in their current home – 28 in the final – hopefully making it a little easier for you to find the Vitamix blender models to buy for you and your family.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind during your selection process is basically just two different engines Vitamix blender will use for all of the blender in the entire line. From the early 1990s with the introduction of the model 5000, the beginning of 2012 with the arrival of the Professional Series 750, Vitamix install world class 2 peak horsepower motor in each of them they carry a blender out (with one exception, noted in the chart that follows). The engine of the old model was built in Cleveland, Ohio, but all HP today two models are equipped with a new engine designed Sweden and produced exclusively for Vitamix blender. In March 2012 Pro 750 was introduced featuring a 2.2 horsepower motor peak. Then, a few other models using the same engine was developed, and is now often referred to as the “new generation”.

Model in the line of the Vitamix blender into one of two categories, differentiated by the motors used in the blender – 2HP or 2.2HP. Them the “traditional” and “Next Generation,” respectively A third kind dedicated to Certified refurbished Vitamixes. All are derived from those of the first two – then would follow, as would be a short note about the model you will not see mentioned.

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Vitamix C-Series model (traditional)

The majority of your options fall into this category. These models are based on a platform designed to tried and really pushed to the top of the heap Vitamix blender high performance – a position unlikely to give up any time soon. Blender with each of these models use a 2HP motor is located inside the motor base of identical shape and size. Except for the model name stamped on the front of the panel, and sometimes a specific color for a specific model, the base engine is almost impossible to distinguish from each other. The following is a summary of other characteristics of the mill and the corresponding content of their package for the models in the C-Series line. As you will eventually discover, changing any single feature or features may very well be the details only separated from the other model.

All but two models of the type equipped with user interface implemented variable speed dial in the center of the control panel is flanked lever/switch sides. On some models will also have variable Speed dial 3 pre-programmed cycles (Smoothie, Frozen Desserts and Hot Soup) to be used in conjunction with the recipes specific to their Vitamix blender. On the specific model to leverage the user’s left will be the dam, and a right of users to leverage a Start/Stop. If the variable speed dial does not contain pre-programmed cycles – will most often be the case to the left of the user is a Variable high leverage, and to the right, an on/off lever Power On. Here are pictures of three different panel that will be found on-line grinder in the C-Series, the first is the most common.

Vitamix Blender Models

Unless otherwise noted in the chart below, all of the models in this category will be packaged with the universal recognition of the standard 64 oz. BPA-free container assembly Vitamix blender with four wings and two-piece fitted cap. On most models of treatment will be covered with an ergonomic soft grip which has a built-in indentation for the thumb of the user. Otherwise the models will be the exact same container except soft grip. Note the difference below.

Vitamix blender

With few exceptions, and despite the different names, the core collection of recipes in the recipe book in this genre Vitamix is identical. This core collection is designed for healthy, “every day” formula mixed with ingredients commonly available, although, as you will see, some models have a book with recipes fit with raw / vegetarian / vegan diet and other models who towards what you might find in a restaurant, or inspired by the chef. The books are bound in one of two ways. The first is 3-ring binder with “easel” style front and back cover, is designed for easy vertical view recipes of loose leaves on the table. The second is the more popular “spiral” style binder.

Some models are simple to put together the package by including the Vitamix blender exact same plus the addition of additional accessories such as different container sizes and tampers, spatulas, cutting boards, etc. color options will vary from model to model. Some models are available in all colors Vitamix do, but, depending on the current inventory, that may or may not be available at time of purchase. Other models are available in only a few colors and, in some cases, only one. Finally, Vitamix blender offers 7-year warranty on some models, and 5 years on the others.

Now you primed on what constitutes the fundamental difference between the Vitamix C-Series model, it is time to get into specifics. To compare the most effective different options available we will need a barometer. Enter 5200, the top model in the line of the Vitamix. It is by far the biggest seller of Vitamix, is considered the most models on the internet today (including me), and is the basis upon which all other Vitamix blender models in this category are built.

In the following chart I’ve identified seven key features including Vitamix any given model. These are: Motor, Interface (panel), (Main) Container, Recipe Book, Accessories, select colors, and warranty. Unless a special emphasis in the chart as no part of the package model, small inclusions such as manuals, warranty card, introduced DVD, restart, etc. are not referenced as they prepare for all Models. At the top of the chart I determine the components of all seven characteristics of Vitamix 5200 model. Then, for each successive model of the kind, I highlight the features of it that differ from those of 5200.

Vitamix G-Series Models (Next Generation)

Only four models in this 2.2HP motors. Three of them have base motives that are identical in every way except for color options. The only exception is the original model in the line of 2.2HP, Professional Series 750. It has five pre-programmed settings on the dial of the speed of change in addition to the speed controller: Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, and Soups hot and three were found on the Vitamix Pro 500 and 6300 series – plus the addition of grinding and cleaning cycles. The picture below shows two interface design of the blender in this category.

Vitamix Blender Models

The motors on the mill was equipped with what Vitamix called “enhanced airflow management”, and the result is slightly less engine noise during mixing. The company reported noise from people in the former category has ranged from 40% to 50%, although in practice the difference in my experience seem less important.

Creations Elite models are equipped with the very same 48-ounce container with some models of the C-Series. However, the 64-ounce container with three other models in this category have a new design with a shorter width profile which makes a completely assembled machine is more likely to be stored on kitchen cabinets on the table below. Height standards for cabinet installation is usually above 18 to 19 inches above the desk. The total height of the assembly G-Series blenders with 64-ounce container is 17.5 inches. Together with a dossier containing blade wider than the width corresponding assembly on these models. Measuring 4 inches above the blade, tip to tip. For this container, tampering with various sizes have been designed as well. Like all copolyester Vitamix container, these, too, have BPA-free.

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In the following chart I’ve identified seven key features for each model G-Series. Again, click on the chart below will open it in a new window, where it can be resized to accommodate your personal view:

Vitamix G-Series model comparison chart

Vitamix G-Series model comparison chart
Vitamix G-Series model comparison chart

Models Certified Reconditioned

Because of various reasons Vitamix blender models in its inventory that can not be sold as new. These include customer profitability, blender used for promotional purposes or advertising, or those used for display at the exhibition home. Each makes the trip back to Cleveland, where the technique, using a 17-point inspection process, reaffirmed its specifications with exactly the same as their new blender. Whether the machine has been used before or not, it was repackaged with a new BPA-free jar, tamper, and accessories package including DVD and guide books recipe. Vitamix blender then make the model available for sale securities Reconditioned at discounted prices backed with warranty identical connected to their new machine, in a period of five full years. If you took the time to read reviews of the different parts of this site, you’ve noticed that I’m strongly in favor of all Vitamix refurbished model.

A package can be Vitamix refurbished building from the middle of the grinder of any original model in the entire chain, but will be available again as one of the three models: Certified standard refurbished, refurbished standard program certified or certified refurbished new generation standard model will include a campaign basis from any C-Series model previously referenced in the article , except the Vitamix Professional series 500 or 6300 – excluded because of pre-programmed cycles on the clock speed of their changes. That fact blender final customers receive will depend on availability for each existing inventory Vitamix, sometimes the color of choice. Starting Czech recipe book is spiral-bound that comes with refurbished models a standard certification.

The Pro Series 500 and 6300 include the certified refurbished model Standard Programs. This package will include a spiral-bound recipe book Enjoy. Choices last refurbished model, certified refurbished Next Generation, will include an engine facility from any of the four mill in G-Series line. All 64 ounce container will include the shorter, wider container, designed a new tamper, and Simply Fresh hardbound book recipe.

Vitamix Blender Models Other

This is almost always an identifier representing the particular color of the pattern. For example, a Vitamix 1364 is actually a CIA Professional Series models in Ruby (red) color, while Vitamix 1365 is the exact same model in Onyx (black). If you come across some unfamiliar Vitamix blender models, chances are it simply specify the color of a blender you know in a more familiar name.

Other times, about commercial blender in line Vitamix. While also top of the line in their own right, the challenge is to design and manufacture cooling system enables commercial grade grinder to be used for hours on end, as you can expect to find in a restaurant setting. Accordingly, they often come with a higher price tag and shorter warranty period while actual production results similar to the flow pattern. According to my opinion they do not represent the same overall value for the average consumer than any model discussed above.

Please use the comments section of this page to provide your own input or Vitamix blender models experience with ask questions about them, or to clarify anything you read in this article. It is my goal to assist you in any way we can choose blender highest performance for your individual needs.


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