Vitamins – Healthy & Nutritious Meals

Instant Pot leverage pressure cooking, cook a tasty meal, the food softens and retain vitamins / minerals. Thanks to microprocessor control their cooking cycle, the meal is done in an appropriate fashion.

Flavors in the food trap

Instant Pot cooking meals in a completely closed environment. Nutrients and aroma components in instead of scattered around the house. Juice original fish, meat (such as chicken), and the fruits remain in the food.

Maintenance of Vitamins and Minerals

When engaging with Instant Pot, you do not need to put large amounts of water. enough water to

keep pressure cooker filled with water vapor is enough. Because of this, the vitamins and minerals are not washed out or dissolved away by water. Since steam surrounds the food, the food is not oxidized by exposure to the air in the heat, so the asparagus, broccoli, and so retain the bright green of them and phytochemicals.

khỏe mạnh hấp bữa ăn 300x225 khỏe & bữa ăn dinh dưỡng

Bidding & good meal

Meat and bone can be cooked really tender in Instant Pot. After cooking in the pot immediately, pork rib bones are completed separated from the flesh and became chewing, allows calcium and other minerals easily absorbed.

Under pressure cooking, meal whole grains and beans are also based soft texture and taste better than cooked by other methods.


Another important feature is the Instant Pot cooked meals with considerable consistency. During the cooking time pressure, temperature is very uniform, deep, and rapid distribution. Smart programming ensures Instant Pot cooking is consistent regardless of the volume of water and food intake. This is an unparalleled advantage with programmable electric pressure cooker.

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