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For most people, we think Oster Versa offers the best combination of performance and value. But there are some things like make shea or very cool blend soup that Oster just not good at doing. If you want to do the best you can buy a home blender, we want to spring for the Vitamix 5200 blender. This has been the favorite blender our overall for three years, and that is the most basic model that Vitamix do. It is always best done in all our trials. That is the model recommended to us by many professionals and is one of many for keeping in your own kitchen, and is recommended in many editorial comments.

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Great For Avid Cooks With Vitamix 5200 Blender

In our tests, the Vitamix 5200 blender did not make the absolute smooth smoothies which came Cleanblend award of the Blendtec and machines, but when it comes to consistent implementation and charming, winning all Vitamix time. This is the only machine we’ve tested that through mixing peanut butter. Where Grinder, like Blendtec, Cleanblend, and even Oster, spitting bits of mayo on the side of the jar and the lid central hole, Vitamix keep the mixture smooth and evenly move around the bases mind.

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The Vitamix 5200 blender is best for hot liquids. Because of its low speed is really low, you can start a spiral of very lazy and slowly increase the speed to the hot liquid is less likely to shoot up the lid, a volcano adventure, trip to the burn unit status. The Oster, by comparison, started relatively slow on-set of soup, but then really revs up, which is good for some, the soup thicker, but could be a problem for thin soup where liquid sloshes over onto both sides. Calmer mix of Vitamix is another aspect that sets it apart from Blendtec designed with the same price, which set up soup create a tornado in a jar.

The Vitamix is also one of the only machine we tested, in which you can grind grain. This is a handy feature if you want to avoid gluten or started using fresh, whole grains in baked goods. For this, you will need to buy a 32-ounce container of dried nuts, which have blades specifically designed to process grains into flour.

The Vitamix 5200 blender without preinstalled, which is a sign against it for some people. However, we see the variable speed dial has the best range of any of the speed of the blender, we tried. Its low is very low, and there is a noticeable shift with every number you come up.

If you want to mix the power of Vitamix 5200 blender, but would like to have a shorter average or presets, we’ll look at some other models of the company. Vitamix sold its two different line-C and G-line engine with slightly different and jars. (Vitamix also sell the S-Series, which includes a number of personal blender). If you want a breakdown of the different models Vitamix, Jonathan Cochran, of Blender Dude, compare them here.

If you end up going with one of the G-Series models Vitamix, with shorter mixing jars, make sure you buy one that has been produced after November 2013. The model was made before that date have been withdrawn in 2013 because of the roller blades kept breaking. Date code is laser engraved on the blade Blade.

Cochran also highly recommended certification model refurbished. “My pick for the best bang for the buck’ continues to be the model Certified Refurbished (Blendtec) and certified refurbished (Vitamix). I have personally checked several hundreds, and for all intents and purpose for that they are indistinguishable from the new model with a significantly reduced price,” he told us via email. While new Vitamix machine comes with a warranty of seven years, who are certified refurbished are warranted for five years.

The America’s Test Kitchen Vitamix 5200 blender favorites, and are recommended by Superfood our experts Julie Morris and Tess Masters factors we both know they use this model in your kitchen.


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