Twin Storage Bed Review

Definitely A Great Purchase

After reading all of the grassland assortment Twin Storage Bed reviews that I will notice on-line, I admit that they virtually convinced American state to not obtain one. there have been lots of negative reviews. These reviews very created American state turn over before creating the acquisition. luckily, I went ahead and ordered the bed.

It would are a shame on behalf of me if I had not done therefore. I bought it for my grandchild. And he’s very pleased with this new bed.

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Click To Buying Twin Storage Bed

Why I bought the Prairie Twin Bed

WELL ACCOUNTED FOR PARTS: once the grassland assortment twin storage bed package arrived, there have been immeasurable components to modify.Fortunately, once my inventory nothing was missing.This could be slightly of inconvenience however doing this can allow you to see if some components ar broken or missing. you’ll simply get components replaced if you report it promptly.

GOOD client SERVICE: The company’s client service is pretty smart. one in all the bed components was broken once this bed frame was shipped. They promptly sent out a replacement for the broken piece with none further charge or fee.

The service rep WHO took my decision even gave Pine Tree State careful directions on a way to assemble the bed. The replacement half arrived on time and my grandchild had a bed once he came home for Thanksgiving.

EASY ASSEMBLY: I’m already associate recent man in my sixties and putting in this bed with storage has been a straightforward job on behalf of me. I even have assembled it all on my own with none major considerations. it’s true that the package is serious (I had some facilitate carrying it inside).A friend and that i carried the components to the higher room. That was an honest travail on behalf of me. however apart from that, the bed was very easy to place along.

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Best feature

  • Children Prairie Collection double bed has three spacious drawers with metal handles with an antique finish Pewter.
  • The end of water notice this double bed laminate that traditional American look in your bedroom.
  • Children Prairie storage bed can be reversed. You have the option to put the drawer on one side or the other.
  • twin size bed is constructed from laminated particle panels certified environmentally preferred. It is manufactured in Canada and has a five-year limited warranty.


This collection Prairie Double bed frame is a great product with a great price. I only hope that it will last for a few years before needing replacement. I have a few minor issues with it as its weight and other things, but they are secondary. My nephew is getting bigger with time. He is now 120 pounds and the bed still holding on. That’s a good sign, right? Overall, Prairie Collection Twin Bed is a good buy and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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