Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Tuft & Needle Mattress
Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle mattress is made in the USA and certified by CertiPUR-US. It’s a new mattress company launched in 2012, manufacturing the single universally comfortable mattress for 6 dimensions. Initially it is exclusively sold online in order to cut down costs in the middle process and sell at an affordable price. There is a 30-day trial and no hassle return, so it is worthwhile to have a try on this product. Now Tuft & Needle opened 2 stores, located in San Franciso and Phoenix, to give customers an in-person experience of its mattresses. If you live near these two stores, go and have a try before making a decision will be a smart choice. Tuft & Needle mattress is composed of 2 layers, a 3-inch adaptive foam on top and a 7-inch support layer at the bottom. It’s quite a firm mattress, more like a classic type mattress. Heavy person, average person and light person can adapt to this mattress and it’s designed to suit all kinds of sleepers.

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Features of Tuft & Needle Mattress

Clear Pricing and Free Shipping
Tuft & Needle is proudly made in America and its quality is more reliable than other equivalent foreign mattresses. Cutting costs in the selling process makes its price lower and more acceptable for those who don’t want to throw thousands of dollars on one mattress. What’s more, Tuft & Needle’s price is clear all year round, ranging from $350 to $750, no pushy salesman, no gimmicks. Amazon provides a 30-night trial and easy returns. Its official website has a100-night trial. Both offers free shipping. If you want to take a dive, visit the websites to check which one has special offers and promotions. A good plus for Tuft & Needle is that they donate the returned mattress and give a full refund. Some other mattress company doesn’t give full refund for the returned mattress but charge shipping-back fees.

Firm, Universally Comfortable and Pain-free
The mattress is more on the firm side, supportive firm and comfortable. The top adaptive foam contours to your body, but not sinking in too much. The bottom supportive foam keeps your body weight evenly distributed without bottoming out. The two layers are well combined to keep the body properly aligned and relieve pains in shoulders, back and hips. The firmness is supportive enough to support the weight of heavy persons without feeling their pressure points.

Sleep cool
Tuft & Needle mattress applies oversized open cells in the foam to create more inside air circulation. Less use of glue and the infusion of cooling gel and graphite make the mattress more breathable, that’s why Tuft & Needle sleeps cooler than other inner spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

Easy Delivery and Unpacking
The mattress is well-packaged in a small box. It’s recommended to take the box to the place where you want to put the mattress, then you unpack it. Cut two plastic layers and it will expand to its full size in just a few minutes. The cheaply China-made mattresses need hours even several days to get fully inflated.

10-year Hassle-free Warranty
Tuft & Needle has a 10-year non-hassle warranty. If you observe a visible indentation greater than 3/4 of an inch or any other damages, send their customer service some photographs, they’ll help diagnose the issue, and send a replacement. You might not know, those mattresses at about the same price won’t be covered by warranty unless the indentation is greater than 1.5-inch. It’s easier to redeem Tuft & Needle’s warranty. As you can see, some other mattress companies have more than 10 years warranty, but the warranties are generally prorated and it’s difficult to prove damage.

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Downside for Tuft & Needle

Due to personal preference, someone might find it too firm to sleep. In this case, add a topper or protector would be a good way to gain the softness they like. One more thing, it might take one to two weeks to break in, before that, there might be some minor annoyances in this transition period.