DIY Pallet Nightstands (With Plans!)

Click to buy DIY Pallet Nightstands
Click to buy DIY Pallet Nightstands

The interesting thing is happening to me this year. A new house (1 time homebuyers here!) And a new baby is due in January the biggest two. With all that said, I have my hands full with our “fixer on” and my desire to nest (nurseries need to get that done NOW !!!)

One of my very favorite things to do is take something that I got for free (in this case, pallet) and turn it into something beautiful and functional for my home.

We perform the “scrap heap of wood headboard” earlier this year for our bedroom while we live in base housing. If you calculate the cost (not including pallet tops, free whatever), it would cost about $ 12 to build both. They really are not difficult to build, it took my husband (with me “monitoring”) around a few hours, so the plan for this tutorial will be really basic.

Fours 2×2 “board cut at 26” long. Board Support between your legs as well as 2×2 “board cut at 10” long each.

DIY Pallet Nightstands (Outer Base Boards)

Add four 2×2 “sheet to grow outside of the frame.

DIY Pallet Nightstands (Lower trim boards)

Add 1×2 “table below base outside the Council will provide additional support facilities and interesting look.

Finally, add some top pallet board, leaving 2 “overhang around the entire perimeter of the table.

See more style DIY Pallet Nightstands
See more style DIY Pallet Nightstands

We painted white trim and low legs, but also the rest of nature (with a bit of me-aging techniques on new wood) for a rustic feel.

Legs are not 100% completely straight, but that did not bother us.

Now we will be moving into a new house, I would have to restage a full house with all our stuff … but you can expect to see a large headboard in revealed ( whenever possible, in a galaxy far, far away!) that one day everyone lovely! SHOVE

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