Inversion Chair review
Inversion Chair

Inversion chair therapy is beneficial for everyone, but the best way to get upside down is definitely not one-size-fits-all. Whereas some people can pop into a handstand and hold it for minutes at a time, most of us need a little assistance to put our feet above our heart.

Lucky for the rest of us, there are several ways you can get the benefits of inversion therapy but the most popular and well known method is with an inversion table that gently tilts you into an upside down position.

But as popular as the inversion table may be, it is not the holy grail of inversion. As with most things in life, it comes with both advantages and drawbacks, particularly its tendency to put pressure on the ankles.

For many of us with injury-prone and -recovering ankles, a safer alternative to the inversion table is the inversion chair.

As plainly stated in the name, the inversion chair includes a seat for users to easily get in and out, whereas the table is a long, flat product that only allows for lying down.

What is an inversion chair?

What most people don’t know is that there is a much more convenient way to exercise inversion therapy, using an inversion chair.

So why use an inversion chair and not a table? Well if you suffer from join pain or sour ankles you may found hanging upside down in an inversion table really painful. When using an inversion chair, The user starts in a seated position with a strap across her lap, which holds her into the chair. When you lay back, the chair slowly turns upside down. The chair enables the user to get thr same traction as the table without putting strain on the hip, ankle or knee. Using an inversion chair is advised by doctors to people suffering from back pain, heart problems  or arthritis.

So now that we understand why we need an inversion chair, let’s see what are the best brands in the market – Here is out top 4 inversion chair.

Top 4 Inversion Chair Comparation

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“Inversion therapy is the process of being upside down or at least an inverted angle and hanging from the lower part of the body. The idea is that the redistribution of weight has therapeutic impacts which are beneficial.”

  1. Stamina Inline Inversion Chair

Inversion Chair review
Stamina Inline Inversion Chair

There are a variety of inversion chairs currently available on the market but Stamina InLine Inversion Chair offers not only an effective treatment for chronic pain, but also a gentle one. Its cushioned upholstery and padded ankle rests provide extra support to your joints. It also helps you not to tire easily, even when involved in a particularly long treatment time. The material used is also easy to clean, hence reducing the maintenance effort greatly.

Chronic pain often comes with difficulty to move, so the Inversion Chair is a much better option as it is easier to maneuver compared to inversion tables. Stamina InLine Inversion Chair is equipped with a ratcheting leg lock system that will support your entire body even in an inverted position. Lock and release is only a touch of a button away—very easy to operate. To further secure your body onto the chair, there is an adjustable lap belt that can be tightened to suit your comfort.

Stamina InLine Inversion Chair is made of heavy duty, durable steel. This chair is perfect for the long run. Furthermore, the chair’s legs are protected with skid-resistant rubber sole to prevent the chair from moving when used. There are also padded handlebars to grab onto as you are moving from the seated position into an inverted one and vice versa. It helps prevent slipping, and therefore offers you more support and security.

Stamina InLine Inverted Chair can take up to 250 lbs. of body weight and is fit for varying heights. It has a quick-adjust foot bar that is reachable even in the sitting position, so you can change the setting to match your preference. You can also adjust the inversion angle using the strap provided. For steeper inversion, loosen the strap. For less inversion, tighten it.

Stamina InLine Inversion Chair holds many benefits to make your journey to recovery an enjoyable and comfortable one. Here is a summary of what you will get if you are using this chair:

  • Ease of Movement and Operation
  • Numerous Security Measures: Ratcheting Leg Lock System, Adjustable Lap Belt, and Padded Handlebars
  • Push-button Release System for Quick Lock and Release
  • Skid-resistant Rubber Floor Protectors
  • Inversion Angle Adjustment Strap
  • Cushioned Upholstery and Ankle Rests
  • Quick-adjust Foot Bar for Different Heights

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2. Health Mark Pro Inversion Therapy Chair

Inversion Chair review
Health Mark Pro Inversion Chair

If you are in need of a compact and sturdy chair, then the Health Mark Pro Inversion Chair is currently the best on the market. Manufactured from a well-reputed industry this chair will convert easily to suit your every need. The health mark pro inversion allows you to start your therapy while seated right in the comfort of your space at your own time.

The chair features durable padding, a covered wooden board, and a stainless finish to give a longer life with as minimal repairs as possible. In case you need to adjust the seat to suit your needs, the chair comes with manual adjustments at a 70-degree adjustable range allowing you to settle in the seat comfortably.

The handles are well shaped for increased comfort plus an attached lap belt for secure fastening. This chair is ideal for the people who are 4 feet and 8 inches up to individuals with a height of 6 feet and 6 inches. When it comes to weight, it has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Health benefits

In most cases, it is advisable that a patient uses this chair on a daily basis so as to get the best results. Some of the health benefits you will accomplish from using this chair will include:

  • The seat will help to lower the decompression pressure associated with the spine due to frequent strolling, standing, running or even sitting down.
  • The chair will also give therapeutic effects. In fact from studies, this is one of the major benefits that this chair has to offer. The main point of appeal is the fact that you can start your inversion from seated position which gives you a chance to feel more secure thus providing a conducive environment to start your back therapy
  • The chair works to alleviate pressure and decrease squeezing in the spinal region by allowing you to take a seat and lie back comfortably
  • It is suitable when it comes to back treatment. In most cases back treatment may include surgical procedures and massage therapy to stretch and relax the spinal muscles, this chair will help to reduce any unwarranted comforts

The pros

Built with the patient’s comfort and satisfaction in mind the seat has a lot of advantages to offer

  • The chair is built in such a way that stretching focus is more on the back and not in the lower extremities such as the legs and ankles
  • It is easy to use right from assembling the chair and disassembling the chair if you need it to be portable when you are traveling and need to carry it with you
  • It is highly durable featuring high-quality metallic materials
  • The fact that it is assembled from a well-known manufacturer, Health Mark Pro increases confidence in the patient to use it more often.

The chair is now available on Amazon and is going at quite an affordable price given the value it has to offer. However, you can also purchase the chair in your local health equipment retail store and get added value for your money.

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3. Body Power IT9910 Seated Deluxe Inversion System

Inversion Chair review
Body Power IT9910 Inversion Chair

Another highly versatile option, this BodyPower chair is customizable for degree of inversion as well as user height. It is aesthetically pleasing, with a sleek, modern design. The design also provides high amounts of comfort and security, as it is foam padded and includes both a safety bar and a lap belt.

The weight capacity is set at a comfortable 300 pounds, making it a great option for a wide variety of people. It is important to note that the chair “disappears” into a flat surface once inverted, so it may not be the best option for those who have limited mobility. This can be useful if you want to perform ab exercises, however.

One slight drawback is that this chair takes up a lot of space, but it does fold for easier storage. However, it is very heavy, so folding it can be difficult. It’s best suited for those who have plenty of space and don’t need to move it around once it is set up.

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4. Stamina Seated Inversion

Inversion Chair review
Stamina Seated Inversion Chair

This inversion chair is easy to get into since all you need to do is seat and ease yourself into an inverted position. Even for people with physical injuries or chronic back pain this is easy as the degree of coordination and balance is considerably less. In addition, this seat exerts less stress on the body which is a major benefit if you suffer any kind of pain be it in the lower back, knee, sciatica or ankles. It is recommended for almost all ages and mostly the old since one doesn’t hang by the ankles but is fully supported in a comfortable partially inverted position.

Are you afraid of inverted positions? Inversion with this therapy tool is very simple. The user is easily mounted and dismounted while on a seated position. To get inverted is also easy. All you need to do is sit and then move it to its inverted position. The user benefits by having improved circulation, pressure relief on ligaments, discs and joints and reduced back stress without the struggle of positioning yourself on a standard inverted position. The user is also advantaged in that they can preset the angle of the tether strap comfortably.

Is safety one of your priorities when undergoing therapy sessions? If so, then this is the ultimate tool for all your back pain and discomfort. It is an easy and safe to use inversion system that permits users to remain in a supported and comfortable position before inversion. In addition, it has a lap rest, footrest and adjustable height bar that helps to provide a customized inversion experience for the users.

How about comfort? This is the ultimate seat when it comes to comfort unlike other therapy items. It has added built-in safety devices such as seat belts and tilt stop feature that are very helpful. In addition, it has padded handlebars that make inversion and return easier, a heavy steel frame, leg lock features for added security when inverted and a non-skid resistant rubber floor protector for maximum security and stability.

Other than comfort, there is assured security with this inverted seat. It is equipped with push-button lever locks that quickly adjust the ankle tension for a firm and accommodating grip. It also has added ankle locks that provide extra security when the user is inverted. Other than that, this super comfortable seat has been equipped with an adjustable nylon tether that controls the angle of inversion providing added security during therapy sessions.

Unlike other therapy tools, a stamina seated inversion is easy to assemble and user friendly. It can accommodate a user of any body size since one can comfortably adjust to their thigh length. Furthermore, there is added control with this therapy tool. One is able to sway their entire body to achieve any kind of movement and utilize the weight of their legs while swaying to the full extent. When coming off, there is easy mobility and fewer nuisances.

If you prefer sitting down while improving your body, then Stamina Seated Inversion is the perfect therapy solution for you.

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As with any other fitness equipment, you should begin using the inversion chair at a gradual pace. Especially for those who may suffer from back spasms, or those who have not inverted in several years, beginning with two minutes once a day is plenty of time to begin feeling a difference in your back.

Once that feels comfortable, then you can move up to five to ten minute time intervals. Eventually, you can certainly work your way up to 20 minute intervals of use as well as greater frequency, but be sure to monitor your body and how it reacts as you go.

Good luck, and enjoy the new perspective that the chair provides!

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