Top 3 Best Automatic Rice Cooker Reviews
Top 3 Best Automatic Rice Cooker Reviews

Best Automatic Rice Cooker

After more than 100 hours of research and testing, over 200 pounds of rice cooking, and talking with experts specialized Japanese rice, Thai, and Chinese cuisine, we recommend using Hamilton Beach Rice, it is the best automatic rice cooker for most people. This is an outstanding value that is well suited to most households want the ease and convenience of a no-fuss, no burning rice. It makes a good short and medium grain white rice grain-the most common variety is done in a quick pot-tasting and better than the 10 times price model. It provides features that you tend not to see on the cooker at this price, notably a most start delay mode, keep warm function, an insulating lid to keep in the steam, large capacity, and a heavy cooking pot, quality. It is by far the best cheap cooker we have found.

Top 3 Best Automatic Rice Cooker Reviews
Best Automatic Rice Cooker Reviews

Our Pick

Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Hamilton Beach Rice, 7-Cups uncooked resulting in 14-Cups

This simple, well-designed machine makes delicious Japanese rice comparable to or better than models costing 10 times the price.

Best Automatic Rice Cooker Reviews
Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Hamilton Beach Rice

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For this update, we build on the original this year by introducing a range of high-end cooker with technologies such as induction heating and pressure cooking to see how they want to stop loaded on to a simple model. In large part, we found that if you mainly cook, you do not need a more expensive machine. For most people, the moderate price of Hamilton Beach has done everything you want at a reasonable price.

Good For Cooking Regularly & Cooking Rice.

Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Cuckoo CRP-G1015F 10-Cup

Pressurized cooking, substantial construction, and lightning-fast delicious results make this the right cooker for the demanding cook and the serious rice eater.

Best Automatic Rice Cooker
Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Cuckoo CRP-G1015F 10-Cup

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If you make the rice a few times a week or particularly stylish about rice texture and flavor, consider the Cuckoo CRP-G1015F 10-Cup rice cooker. Because it’s a pressure cooker, it makes both white and brown rice faster than the competitors. We found that the texture and flavor of cooked rice is also superior by the same cooker at this price. It is solidly built than Hamilton Beach and offers more cooking options, but it’s worth the extra cost if you make rice significantly a few times a week.

Versatile But Slower

Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup

This is the only cooker we found that did a great job at all types of rice. But it cooks almost twice as slow as the Cuckoo.

Best Automatic Rice Cooker 2
Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup

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In this year, we chose Zojirushi NS-TSC10 for those who like to cook or cook rice regularly. It remains one of the best automatic rice cooker available and is the only machine we see that as a short grain, long grain white rice and brown well. Zojirushi brand is a very well known and trusted in the rice cooker, and their machines are built to last. That said, this is a very slow computer. It will cost you nearly two hours for a batch of brown rice! The Zojirushi NS-TSC10 is more flexible than our own choice (Hamilton Beach) and also a bit cheaper than Cuckoo, so we think it is a good alternative to the Cuckoo sold.

Who Needs The Best Automatic Rice Cooker?

While rice cooker sourced from Japan, Korea, China, and other Asian cuisines, they have become a commonly used tool for many international chefs, including those who prepare being the Latin American dishes. In the US, automatic rice cooker is essential to cook Cajun food and Hawaii.

Best automatic rice cooker can significantly improve the quality, taste and texture of the rice. Great automatic rice cooker is really, really delicious fragrant, attractive, land, and wide with a depth of flavor and quite easy to make. If you want the ease of a step in the cooking with delicious results when you put together the rest of the dinner, it might be time to buy one. A bonus for many chefs: automatic rice cooker is not burned. It’s easier to clean than a automatic rice cooker insert the burnt offering in the automatic rice cooker.

If you just eat less often and especially if you almost always eat Japanese-style white, short-grain, medium grain rice or a $40 model will do more than enough. But if you plan to make a lot of experimenting with brown rice or grains, you may want a higher-end pot, can range from $100 to upwards of $400.

A best automatic rice cooker is also perfect for those who do not cook often or those who do not like it. An entire meal can be cooked in a rice cooker by simply cook and put some meat, tofu, fish and vegetables in the steam tray. Roger Ebert wrote a book about cooking rice cooker type called The Pot and How to Use It. Many automatic rice cookers can now make Polenta, slow cooked stews, or something akin like tamales or dumplings.

How To Choose The Best Automatic Rice Cooker For Moms.

A best automatic rice cooker to cook delicious, smooth, taste Japanese-style rice (short grain means or medium grain white rice) steadily in the pot each time. The robust machine construction and quality materials to stand up over time. The lid should have a tight seal to keep moisture and temperature. It should also cook always: a bowl of rice should taste as good as cook for maximum capacity. While the automatic rice cooker is not known is faster than the cook in the pot, they should not slow, either. A good device should also have some nifty features, such as delaying the onset, continue installing the warm cooker, and fast. And ideally, a good cooker, you can easy to clean and easy to use.

For many users, these criteria are sufficient. But if you are a cook who likes to make a variety of grains, your pot will be able to make them with confidence the same, whether it is brown rice, GABA-style rice (brown rice soaked and germinated for hours thinking to release other nutrients), jasmine rice, long grain rice, quinoa, millet, or more. The ability to cook many grains is what separates the good from the great cooker. Be prepared to spend about $150 for a model that can perform this task.

Many of the problems haunting the poor quality model. The cheapest model (about $20) just turn on and off, with a keep warm setting that often automatically shut down in a few hours. They had left the screw cap allows steam and moisture to escape, resulting in rice that is too wet and too dry bottom upwards. poor-quality models do not maintain a constant temperature throughout the cooking process because the heating element at the bottom of the pot, leading to uneven rice. Low-end choices often include poor-quality materials.

Premium models are equipped with many features beyond just on/off. While many simple automatic rice cooker based on cooking temperature, the model upmarket rice weight and adjust cooking time wisely. The new model also uses induction cookers, which means cooking elements create a continuous magnetic field of heat transfer in the entire pot, not only at the bottom, for more even cooking. Some very high-end model pairs induction cooking with pressure cooking to cook faster and improved taste and texture, but often at a great price beyond the scope of most home cooks ($400 or more).

A senior pot should have a keep warm function that will kick in after cooking (as will many pure electric models on/off, although these features are usually turned off after a few hours in the model lower level). Many people have quick cooking function for quick-cooking midweek essential tool for cooking rice cooker to perfection and not for speed. Many people in this category are also a lot of settings: the different types of rice, tastes maturity (as softer or more companies), now built for rice so it’s ready when you are, settings for porridge (congee or jook called, a rice soup).

Several best automatic rice cooker can be sold for up to $1000. Some can do everything from baking to make yogurt, and Cuckoo even make one of the features controlled via electronic mobile. Neat, but we’re not sure why you need an application to make rice. The very high-end machines often have a large countertop footprint. Note that a high price is not necessarily a sign of value. Buyers should be wary of paying for bells and whistles that they will not use.

Any cooker insert values its salt will not stick; The last non-stick aluminum insert. thinner pots tend to wear out faster and lose some protective coating. The steam tray of all four of the finalists have been tested extensively as plastic.

We look to the automatic rice cooker with solid, tight-fitting lid and sealed, heavy-quality cooking pot. We also choose models with a capacity of five cups minimum cooking; many users report that they make more rice, and 5-10 glasses seem right amount for 2-4 people with leftovers. We also chose to only look at the models that have a choice of brown rice and, to save time for busy cooks, cook quickly for speed and convenience.

Selecting our top for this year, Hamilton Beach Digital Rice Cooker Simple Room/Steamer has since been discontinued, so we did not test it again this year. Instead, we are testing our selected 2018 regular cooking, the ZOJIRUSHI NS-TSC10 – against nine new players: Hamilton Beach 4-to-20-cup Digital Rice Cooker Simple electricity and steam iron; the Hamilton Beach 14-cup to Digital Rice Cooker simple and steamer: the Zojirushi NP-HCC18XH ; the Cuckoo CRP-G1015F Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker, 10 cups; Tatung 11 Cup Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Rice Cooker; Tiger Micom 10-cup rice cooker and warmer with a 5.5-cup Tacook plate and induction heating rice cooker and warmer with Tacook plate; VitaClay VM7900-8 Smart Organic Multi-Cooker- A Rice Cooker; and T-fal 10-In-1 Rice and Multicooker.

How do we test a best automatic rice cooker for moms?

For our original in this year reviews, we have the first official test with some chef. Then, we have conducted a taste test official group with the chef of Japanese restaurant in San Francisco Ken Ken Ramen. Panel group of chefs and Yuichiro Aramki Takahiro Hori; both of which are Japanese and have years of experience under their belt, including the time to do sushi. Along with them are other restaurant employees and co-owner Robert Patterson. Amid a backdrop of the panelists and their restaurant menus including bento and Japanese curry, they are very knowledgeable about the rice.

For this update, we have not made a Test table, but in every 10 automatic rice cooker we made a series of Japanese white rice is capable of the most important and most used skills for a pot electric rice. If they perform well for rice flavor, texture, and cooking speed in this test, they moved to the other four tests. For the tests Japanese rice, wash the rice starches us outside of it for a full minute and then drained a full minute before cooking (we do not wash or brown long grain white rice ). Here are details about each test:

  • Test 1 – Japanese rice: We cook 3 cups Japanese rice cooker (which in fact is about ¾ cup of the US measure, or about six ounces by weight) medium grain rice Nishiki brand, one injured the most famous and widely popular Japanese rice is available in North America. We followed the manufacturer’s instructions for the water, which means that the pot was filled to the line 3-cup rice cooker inside. Once cooked, the rice sit for 10 minutes and then it was stirred before tasting. Cooked rice or white rice/sushi, plain, or installed lines, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Test 2 – brown rice: 3 regular cup short grain Lundberg brand brown rice cooked with 4½ cups water. We have short-grain brown rice selected because it seems to bring better results in a rice cooker. We also use a ratio of 1: 1 ½ rice to the country for a better texture. The setting was electric cooker or whole grains, brown, or mixed / brown, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Test 3 – Long grain: 3 regular cup brand Mahatma long grain white rice was cooked with a ratio of 1: 1 ½ rice (4½ cups water) for a better texture. Again, we use this brand because of its quality and its domestic availability. None of the machines have a setting for long grain, so we choose the same settings for Japanese rice.
  • Check 4 – quick cooking rice Japan: Japanese rice cooker 3 cups (about six ounces by weight) medium grain rice Nishiki brand, with water to the manufacturer’s instructions fill line 3-cup in rice cooker pot is washed and drained as in experiment 1. After cooking, stir rice before tasting. We use these chefs set quickly on all machines except Cuckoo, without a cooking function quickly.

Our selection

Best Automatic Rice Cooker Reviews
Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Hamilton Beach Rice


Hamilton Beach Rice, 7-Cups uncooked resulting in 14-Cups

Simple machines are also designed to make delicious Japanese rice just as or better than the model cost 10 times the price.

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The Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Hamilton Beach Rice is the good value for most people because it provides great features for the price. Above all, it makes short grain or grain white rice just as good as the model that costs four times as much. The build feels solid, and it cook faster than most of the competitors (it is the second fastest pot, we’ve tested). With a 14-cup capacity, Hamilton Beach is much larger than many other machines in this price range. Also, it is a pleasure to house almost any kitchen table: design stainless and its sleek black to make it look like a more expensive model, the more popular and it is contained in a most smaller footprint. It provides features that we think a large rice cooker should have: a timer, keep warm function, close the lid, and a heavy cooking pot, quality. For most home chefs looking for a useful management tool to make delicious white rice at a great price, it will be difficult to beat this Hamilton Beach machine.

Japanese rice from Hamilton Beach is everything that fans crave rice: fragrant, sweet, and with a structure that preserves the integrity of each particle.

The Hamilton Beach makes Japanese-style rice and cooked rice quickly par with ZOJIRUSHI Japan, Tiger, and Cuckoo machine we tested that cost three or four times more. Japanese rice from Hamilton Beach is everything that fans crave rice: fragrant, sweet, and with a structure that preserves the integrity of each particle. Even on the set rice fast, this machine brings great surprises rice, soulful. long grain rice and brown rice are cooked in a satisfactory manner.

Many cooker under $50 for the lot to be desired. Rarely is a good price for a pot lid to keep steam insulation and keep food warm for several hours, but Hamilton Beach is both with zeal. Low price cooker switch on/off the problem, while HB has many advanced functions, such as settings for quick brown rice and cooked rice. Few at the moment prices are likely to delay the start time of HB or its ability to slow down the stove cooker or steam vegetables, meat, beans, soups, and stews.

And speed! For white rice, this is our second fastest pot experiment (after Cuckoo); only 32-34 minutes stand between you and perfectly cooked rice. This was faster than both Tiger models ZOJIRUSHI and 10 minutes, and only 3-5 minutes longer than the Cuckoo, the fastest models we’ve tested. Brown rice takes only one hour (nearly half ZOJIRUSHI time) and the same length of time to cook on the stove.

When it comes time to cook, Hamilton Beach Rice is the clear winner for the price:


In addition, many rice cooker under $50 maximum current three-cup capacity. capacity of 2 to14-cup Hamilton Beach is certainly enough for most families to make rice to feed 2 to 14 people.

If you plan to leave this pot on the shelf, its overall look and footprint will also be a welcome addition to your cooker. The design is black and stainless to slip seamlessly into the landscape next to a toaster and blender. Round, 10¼ inches high, and about 9 inches in diameter, the smaller it feels long and rectangular machine ZOJIRUSHI or Tiger 14-inch.

The Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker is very similar to the former first choice of our much larger and now discontinued Hamilton Beach Rice. In the original taste of our team, former HB Our choice is a favorite of both the lay and professional chefs. When it comes to white rice, not easy to hit it first time overall, beating all other automatic rice cooker and cooker options. Among the advantages, it ranked second for firmness, three for lumps and fluffiness, and it is overall the best automatic rice cooker affordable. We believe the 14-cup version producing white rice only as good as our former selected.

Errors But Not Dealbreakers

If you plan to make brown rice, long grain rice often, you may be disappointed in the taste. Two popular varieties are only in both flavor and texture of this machine. If the regular rice in your diet, you may be better served by Cuckoo or ZOJIRUSHI. And if your taste in rice requires advanced features, such as settings for firmer rice or softer, GABA rice, porridge, or rice with a fine sheet of its bottom crust, this machine will not give any of it.

While the quality of the machine is good for its price, it still contains many plastic parts and a metal pot for interior luxury thinner than Tiger, ZOJIRUSHI, and we look Cuckoo machine. The lid hinges to seal requires a fairly strong thrust to enable closed. But overall, the machine is not difficult to use and cheaper than making any minor inconveniences.

While not dealbreakers, some physical aspects of the external cap is less than optimal. For example, the lid opens from the left side to the right, rather than lifting from front to back like all the other machines we’ve tested. It feels hard to use, and if you are served with your right hand, said a little too close for comfort to the interior lid of the machine burns hot. All that said, it’s simple enough to simply rotate the machine to service.

In addition, the condensation collector is not always doing its job. Lift the lid after cooking and a good amount of hot steam to run down the outside of the hinge near the pot; sometimes it drips on the counter. Again, simply rotate the machine and lift the cover from front to back seems to solve this problem easily.

Also great for regular cooking rice

Best Automatic Rice Cooker
Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Cuckoo CRP-G1015F 10-Cup

Cuckoo CRP-G1015F 10-Cup

Pressure cooking, construction, and ultra-fast results makes delicious pot suit demanding chefs and serious rice eaters

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For those looking for a great addition to the basics, we recommend Cuckoo CRP-G1015F 10 cups Rice Cooker. Although it is quite expensive, in our testing, we found that some of the rice makes the most delicious we’ve ever done at home: taste, aroma, and texture that make an integrity each county. What really sets it apart is the pot quickly it cook more rice. Short or medium grain white rice grains cooked quickly just 29 minutes evil, which is faster than the chef set up fast on any other machines we’ve tested. Cooked brown rice is almost twice as fast as in the ZOJIRUSHI (former selected our regular cooking), and nearly a half hour faster than Tiger.

Pressure cooking technology of the Cuckoo is key. Like pasta, rice cooks from the outside poorly cooked rice. Will get mushy on the outside before each particle is cooked all the way through. Intense pressure that built steam trapped inside a pressure cooker pot boiling point of water forced up, causing the rice to cook faster. The results are completely cooked rice all the way through.

Of course, it is not without its flaws and its drawbacks. While Nishiki and prominent brown rice, long grain white rice is slightly syrupy. In addition, the pink of the machine can not be appealing to everyone. If you can not stand the idea of a device that rose on the shelf, the company suggested CRP-HN1059F, looks like a motorcycle helmet over a rice cooker. It adds induction heating (IH) cooking the pressure of it, ostensibly for additional heating, along with a detachable lid in, and all at a much higher price. Like CRP-G1015F, it also has Korean navigation-is probably useful if you speak Korean; Rest if you do not. But if you find the voice and songs of its small annoying, it can be turned off on both machines.

Readers of the original 2013 proposal and our Korean brand; it’s easy to ignore it, because it does not have one of its distribution beyond the US site and a third party provides Amazon. However, when digging deeper, the brand worth looking out for fast machines and pressure cooking its high quality. This particular model, one of their best sales since 2008, is one of the few to provide pressure cooking technology at this price.

Many other models hovering around $400, making for a great value in its class.

Cuckoo warranty policy is less clear than those from Hamilton Beach and ZOJIRUSHI. Cuckoo machine does not come with an official warranty; rather than incur the machine warranty local retailers and you can make a warranty claim on the company’s web site. We called the service center of the company NYC (which is also one of LA), and a representative told us the machine is covered for one year from date of purchase. The useful service representative and accessible.

Runner-up for regular cooking, but slower

Best Automatic Rice Cooker 2
Best Automatic Rice Cooker by Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup
This is the only pot we found that did a great job in all types of rice. But it’s almost twice as slow cooking such as Cuckoo.

Check out price

If Cuckoo is too expensive for you, but you want a pot of certainty and flexibility than the Hamilton Beach, the ZOJIRUSHI NS-TSC10, select upgrade our 2018 review, still a great buy.

It makes the rice is delicious, and the machine is easy to use and easy to clean. The big downside is the speed: it is the slowest of the lot when it comes to cooking white rice, recorded a batch of 46 minutes for 3-cup, compared with 34 minutes for Hamilton Beach and 29 minutes for Cuckoo. And that was the slowest for brown rice by landslides, an hour and 52 minutes to use, almost twice as long as Hamilton Beach and Cuckoo.

In testing our 2018 position, the experts prefer ZOJIRUSHI best when it comes to white rice, and home cooks are thinking that an advanced rice cooker did a better job than a price once it’s cheaper to brown. The ZOJIRUSHI also did a great job with sticky rice and porridge.

This is also the only machine made Japanese rice, brown rice, long grain rice, and taste great. The Cuckoo, by comparison, did not do a great job with long grain white rice. The ZOJIRUSHI have not done very well with quick cooking rice (which is not nearly as good as Hamilton Beach or cuckoo). The ZOJIRUSHI also comes with a one year warranty, a policy that is a little clearer than what comes with the cuckoo.

Care and Maintenance of Best Automatic Rice Cooker

Automatic rice cooker are quite simple. Before using, wash the pot, the lid if it is removable; on Cuckoo we picked it is not, rice paddle and measuring cup. If you missed the measuring cup that comes with your kitchen, just measure out ¾ cup dry rice per “cup” you want to cook rice. Read the instructions of the manufacturer of these products to determine if they are dishwasher safe. Thanks to the non-stick nature of the equipment, cleanup is a snap with warm water, soap.

Most machines also have a catcher little that needs to be emptied after each batch of rice. These small cups will be grunge and damp and moldy if left unattended. The ZOJIRUSHI and steam Cuckoo income on top of the device. The Beach Hamilton have it on the same side with the hinges. Make sure all the parts are dry before you put them back into the machine. The external computer can only be wiped down as necessary.

All the best automatic rice cooker, we looked at came with a rice paddle plastic; Our favorite is the paddle comes with ZOJIRUSHI nubbly and Tiger because rice does not stick to them. You do not need to use the paddle-a wooden spoon will work as well but it is important not to use metal utensils or anything that may scratch non-stick coating inside the pot.

Comparation The Best Automatic Rice Cooker

Electric Pressure Cooker our favorite, the Instant Pot slow cooker combines, producing yogurt, and rice cooker (among other things). Although it was a great pressure cooker, it does not make a big rice cooker top choice of us. If you want the perfect rice, this model is not for you. But if you want to save space by combining a variety of functions into one device and do not mind a little influence on the quality of rice, instant Pot might be something to consider.

Our choice in 2018, Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups, has been discontinued. We found it produced excellent Japanese white rice with good texture and flavor. We think the new Hamilton Beach’s chosen us perform just as well.

The Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker, 10-Cups uncooked resulting in 20-Cups is a larger version of our new selection, Hamilton Beach Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker, 7-Cups uncooked resulting in 14-Cups easy and steamer. Although it makes white rice well in our tests, 20-cup capacity of it seems a bit too much for most households.

The Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup is one of the biggest artists in our latest round of testing. It has a nice thick pot (1½ mm for 5½ cups), 10 menu computerized cooking, cooked for two hours, a stainless steel exterior, separated detachable steam, and an inner lid detachable. It is on par with the ZOJIRUSHI victory when Japanese rice, which is why it moves forward into the last round of testing. But we are not impressed with its brown, long grain, rice quickly.

The Tiger JAH-T18U-TM 10-Cup, we test to evaluate in this year is a high-end rice cookers that are competitive with or superior ZOJIRUSHI Cuckoo, but it was marred by a number of errors in the operation set next. It was very good rice production; it is faster to cook than brown rice ZOJIRUSHI and it had a better cooking pot. But aviation experts as much like white rice; it is much more complex to remove / reassemble for cooking; when it is done cooking rice, the noise it makes is so quiet that it is easy to miss; cap is hotter than most other models; and it tends to have a rice ring stuck in the pot if you do not turn it off immediately.

The Panasonic SR-DE103 is the most affordable high-end device in our test this year, but the pros really do not like rice from it, rank it lower spectrum, especially for lumps and incense for. It is also very slow to cook brown rice, can stay at the tool than the competitors, there is a problem with burning brown rice, has done a very poor job with sticky rice, and its bowls is more difficult to read and use than other high-end models’. That said, the real chef’s it like white rice, and it is quick to cook white rice. It is a possible alternative if you want to spend less than $100, but there is not enough to recommend it on a high-end model is really good.

The Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD 8-Cup, which we have tested in this year, is an best automatic rice cooker super affordable with a low price tag, a small footprint, and a maximum capacity of 4 cups. Unfortunately, its rice is not really up to scratch, with the home chef evaluate it the bottom of the barrel for both white and brown rice and similar pros do not like it (except a former head sushi chef is a fan). It also has a tendency to collect condensation on the lid, and while it is very quick to cook brown rice and white, its brown rice was really poor.

The Zojirushi NP-HCC18XH is a new model because we’ve done the initial test of us, and it has an additional setting for jasmine rice and a screen display easier to read. We really want to taste the rice was cooked with IH to see this technology is worth the cost. Although rice from NP-HCC18 is very good, we felt that we choose rice from runner-up (under the NS-TSC10 level) is even better. And at nearly half the price, we quickly decided to organize on our initial.

The Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker are in a similar boat. Sure, it’s done a good range of Japanese white rice, but not enough to attract double the price of other Tiger models that we have tested. In this case and with the ZOJIRUSHI, we prefer rice from the low-tech machines.

The 3 Squares 3RC-3010S 20-cup TIM3 MACHIN3 (cooked) rice cooker and Multi Cooker is a relatively new, and we love his ability, its design and its look. What we were not crazy about, however, is its rice, it was no scent and taste great. Note: The Commission Consumer Product Safety has issued a recall of this product for causing shock when turning.

Tatung is a brand, along with the Cuckoo, which was recommended by our readers from the original automatic rice cooker in this year reviews. We want to provide Taiwan manufacturers a whirl, so we ordered the TAC-11QN 11-cup stainless steel multi-function rice cooker, which appears strong, capable, and highly expensive. The double boiler pot is unique, but finally big pot and splattery, and rice stuck to-one under the act can not forgive a rice cooker.

As much as we’d love for it to mount VitaClay to use a traditional clay pot for cooking rice, this is not what we can recommend to most users. Rice stuck to the seasoned clay, and the nub of the interior heated lid is difficult to grasp.

The rest

We look at some models Cuckoo with pressure cooking technology, but found that our choices, Cuckoo CRP-G1015F Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker, provide the best combination of price and rank high than. Below is a chart comparing the main choice for our other Cuckoo’s cooker:

ModelPriceColorCupsEnglish voice nav?GABA?Soup / Stew / Porridge?Remov-able lid?Auto steam clean?
CRP-P1009S$$$White/silver, black10YYYYY


Cuckoo CR-0631F – A basic model without pressure cooking, this model does not seem quite as promising as some other basic models that we have chosen for inspection. It was out of stock when we were doing our research.

Tatung – 6 Cup Multi-Functional Rice Cooker – Although this comes with assessed fairly, we chose to test a larger version of this pot instead.

Aroma Housewares Professional 12-Cup – This looks promising, but but in our testing 2018 brand taste not fare well with any of the chefs or lie test.

Aroma Housewares ARC-2000ASB Professional 10-Cup – A good rating and a positive review model, but as above, we decided not to test based on our experience with merchants performance in this year with our test.

Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10-Cup – This is great Amazon reviews, but for the price and performance, we do not think it looks better than two machines ZOJIRUSHI we chose to test this round.

We have also been taken with the design of Oster model, but not enough to call them in. Most glass lid, functional limitations, and considered quite poor. This is also true for Black + Decker models, most of which are pretty basic.

We also passed the other day Panasonic models. As mentioned, in 2018 we tested the Panasonic SR-DE103 Fuzzy Logic 8 Pre-Program Rice Cooker is manufactured shrinking, tasteless rice, and brown rice stuck to the bottom of the pot. They have replaced their MGS102, MS183, MS103 and models with SR-DF101 5 cups and SR-DF181 10 cup, But the list of features and product reviews are not enough to convince them.

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