Top 10 Common Workout Mistakes

No man wants to spend more time in the gym is worse outcomes, or – even worse – were injured. The first goal of a well-designed training program should be to not get hurt during exercise. With that in mind, there are 10 common workout mistakes that so many men are doing in the gym is to prevent getting the results they deserve.

1. Ignore nutrition training

Bỏ qua dinh dưỡng đào tạo
Workout Mistakes

Within about 60 minutes of completing your training, your body is a prerequisite for loading the fuel and energy. If the fuel has to be given to your body in this window, you can stimulate protein synthesis (muscle growth) and additional muscle glycogen (fuel for high intensity exercise). If this window is neglected, your body is in a state of catabolism (decomposition). It is best to consume a protein drink if you are interested in burning more fat, or a protein and carbohydrate drink simple if you are interested in building muscle. Because of the time associated with the digestion of nutrients given, you should consume these beverages before or during your training (stomach-allowed), so the nutrients are made available in your training. For crowd control network figs, chocolate milk quality blend of protein / carbohydrates to get the same results as the drinks in, but can be hard on the stomach before a training session.

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2. Making steady state “heart”

Làm trạng thái ổn định "tim"
Workout Mistakes

Compared with high-intensity interval training, cardiovascular stability has been demonstrated to be less effective in improving aerobic and inefficient in improving anaerobic capabilities and less effective in burning fat . Hopefully, now you’re wondering, “So why do it at all?” Not. Expert burn fat Alwyn Cosgrove noted here that, every calorie burned, training intervals burn nine times as much fat as steady state cardio! Even better, the interval training session usually takes less than 20 minutes. Think doing 30 seconds of all-out effort, followed by 90 seconds of rest for 10 periods. That’s a total of 5 minutes really striving for exceptional results better than 90 minutes of steady state cardio! If you have an hour to waste getting worse results, go for it. For the rest of you, there is a better way: Interval training.

3. Using machine

Sử dụng máy
Workout Mistakes

The most common argument for the use of these machines is that they safer – this is a funny story. There is nothing safe about a fixed range of motion. Most people’s joints jam factory in the awkward position, making them less safe than free weights. Because free weights requires that you use your muscles to control weight and range of motion, you actually activate more muscles and burn more calories with free weights than machines , making it a more efficient muscle, fat burning solution strength and improve productivity. Machines are also less “functional” because they do not allow you to use your core to stabilize your midsection while going through a series of motions, as you do in every movement of reality life.

Free weights also give you more of a variety in the selection exercise and allows you to integrate with core strengthening movements typical upgrade. For example, doing a reverse lunge while holding a dumbbell in one hand high above will enable the shoulder stabilizers (an aspect of your core) side with the dumbbell and your oblique opposite side of dumbbell. The result is a gym, strength, training effect is very dynamic.

4. Doing sit-ups

Làm sit-ups
Workout Mistakes

Ever get back pain while you do sit-ups? Especially when you have your feet bound and your hip flexors become a productive force, dominant, sit-ups put a significant amount of force on the lower back. Even more, it strengthen our humpbacked world spend too much time during the day, which can have a negative impact on our posture, breathing and core strength. Core stability exercises such as front and side planks actually activate the core muscles to a greater extent than in exercises like crunches, help “open up” the area between a bit and core training to create stability through the midsection. This will reduce stress on your back, improve your posture and improve your performance in most elevators.

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5. Lack of hydration

hydrat hóa đầy đủ
Workout Mistakes

An estimated 75% of people with chronic dehydration. In light of the fact that even mild dehydration results in this important interest in mental and physical activity, statistics are staggered. The recommendation of six to eight glasses of water is the minimum to avoid dehydration in a person’s inactivity. In fact, most positive people will need to take twice that amount. You should sip water throughout the day. If you do not like water, try adding a slice of lemon or a splash of lemon juice to improve the taste. If you are a heavy sweater, a drink with some electrolytes – such as Powerade ZERO – will help you to add and retain the fluids you have lost.

6. “injection” before you most

Làm "tim" trước khi bạn nhấc
Workout Mistakes

As a warm up, the traditional “heart” of work (I called conditions) are minimal beneficial because it does not do anything to increase the range of motion of the joints work or nervous to drive working muscles. Is a fat loss strategy, you should do it after you lift. Lifting is all about improving the intensity of stimulation your muscles, but you can not do if you’re tired from your machine. On the other hand, it is all about hard work. If your muscles are tired, you can still work hard, raise your heart rate and burn a ton of calories. Simply put: Improving performance-based, air-based effort.

7. Do not heat properly

Không hâm nóng đúng cách
Workout Mistakes

Every day, the second special for some reason, the man walked into the gym, do some arm circles (sometimes with a weight), then sat down on a chair and began dot. One of warming will increase the heart rate, circulation, range of motion, and neural drive to the muscles working. The result will be an increase in weight and / or representation that you can raise and lower the risk of injury, which means continuous progress faster.

8. Do not lengthen

không kéo dài
Workout Mistakes

Unfortunately, most men spend way too much time to sit all day. This leads to specific structural changes throughout the body, such as the hip flexors tight, tight pecs and tight cervical extensors (muscles in the back of your neck). At a minimum, each person should spend time stretching muscle groups to help restore proper range of motion around the joints. Ignoring the problem areas will almost certainly lead to back pain, your shoulders and neck.

9. Deadlifting with a rounded back

Deadlifting với một tròn lại
Workout Mistakes

Related to the previous point, too many men do deadlifts (and the other pulling movements for that matter) with a rounded back. This rounding of the spine can lead to spinal-disc “creep” and finally a bulge or “slipped disk.” Both of these injuries can be debilitating and painful. Lift with a neutral spine position (think mild “inward” curve) and keep you tight throughout the movement in order to maintain this position.

10. Not learning proper technique

Không học tập đúng kỹ thuật
Workout Mistakes

How many men with shoulder pain or back pain after benching after squatting? Great number of. Everyone should work with a trainer at a time, even if only one or two months, to learn techniques and exercise program design appropriate strategies. This investment will ensure that you are lifting a way to maximize strength and increase your volume, while minimizing the risk of injury.

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