Best Toddler Pillow
Best Toddler Pillow

Choosing the right best toddler pillow is very important to keep your baby comfortable throughout the night. Also referred to as an infant pillow, these are specially designed to meet the comfort and support needs of your little bundle of joy. To help you pick the best pillow for your little angel, here is the ultimate guide about everything you need to know. The guide is designed to answer your every query about picking an infant pillow for your baby. In this article, we will cover the following points, to help you choose better.

Best Toddler Pillow
Best Toddler Pillow
  • Why you can’t use a regular adult pillow for your toddler
  • When to introduce a pillow to your little one
  • Factors to consider when choosing a pillow for baby
  • Ultimate reveiw of the top six best brands
  • Testimonial from buyers
  • Caring tips for a infant pillow

Are baby need a special best toddler pillow?

Parents who are not aware of the concept of a toddler pillow, may be thinking why they can’t give a regular pillow to their baby. There is a very good reason for it.

Regular adult pillows are designed to support the necks and heads of adults. However, your baby has very different proportions than an adult. Using a regular adult pillow will only cause unnecessary stress on his or her delicate shoulders and neck.

Continuous strain on your baby can lead to severe discomfort, sleeplessness, and general irritability. In the worst case scenario, it can also lead to poor posture in your baby.

A pillow for infant is specially designed to suit the proportions of your baby. It is structured in a way to provide maximum support and comfort for a good night’s sleep.

The best time to introduce a pillow to your baby

If you are wondering when to introduce a pillow to your baby, you need to understand that there is no universally accepted “right time”. There is a lot of debate around this topic. Several “experts” on the subject have put it at about the age of 18 – 24 months.

This is generally the time when parents make the crib to bed change for their babies. However, parents will give you a widely different range of “right” times about when to give a pillow to toddler. Many have introduced a toddler pillow much before the “correct” age, with great benefits.

Every baby is unique as will be their needs. That is why, ultimately it is up to the parents to decide the right pillow age. All you need to do is observe your baby closely, for signs that say, “I am ready for my first pillow”.

Here are some clues to look for:

  • Choosing to lay his or her head on a pillow or cushion on your bed or in the couch
  • Using a stuffed toy or blanket to rest the head
  • Discomfort and restlessness at night
  • Not being able to sleep with having the head propped up

One major clue that you need to look for, is the size of your baby’s shoulders. When the shoulders become wider than the head, it usually means he or she is ready for a pillow. However, if your baby is sleeping comfortably without one, it is absolutely fine.

Just keep looking for the clues, and you will know when you can introduce toddler sleeping pillows to your little angel.

Choose the best toddler pillow for your baby

Now that you know the signs to look for, you need to know how to pick the best toddler pillow for your baby. You need to keep these following points in mind when you set out to buy one.

Allergies of your toddler

This is definitely one of the key points that you need to consider for buying an infant pillow. You don’t want to aggravate your baby’s allergies by giving him or her the material he or she is allergic to. This is a good way of narrowing down your choices.

Guarantee provided by companies

Look for a brand that offers you a satisfaction guarantee. The term of the guarantee is bound to differ from brand to brand. You can find brands offering satisfaction guarantee for as low as only ninety days, to as high as three years.

The satisfaction guarantee will usually cover the following:

  • Loss of shape
  • Torn seams
  • Low quality workmanship

Look for a brand that offers a longer satisfaction guarantee period. This is often an indicator of superior quality. When a company is ready to stand by its product’s quality for a longer period of time, it is definitely a good sign.

Soft vs Firm toddler pillow

The balance between support and comfort in the pillow that you choose for your baby, is very delicate. You need to be careful of striking the perfect balance to offer the ultimate comfort along with proper support.

You can know if the pillow provides the optimum balance with a simple test. All you need to do is press down on the pillow, and look for the immediate results.

  • If the pillow doesn’t regain its original shape when you remove the pressure, it may be too soft
  • On the other hand, if there is no change at all, it may be too hard to be comfortable for your baby

There are risks for both extremes. If the pillow is too soft, it can pose the risk of suffocation. On the contrary, a pillow which is too hard won’t provide much comfort. While most brands design their products to provide this delicate balance, it is definitely something you should check when buying your little ones pillow.

Thread count of pillow fabric

The “thread count” of a pillow means the number of threads used per square inch of a fabric. It is a common term used in bedding items. The benefit of high thread count in your toddler’s pillow can be seen in the durability and feel of the product.

A high thread count pillow will be silkier to touch. It will also be more durable. On the other hand, pillows with low thread count can be scratchy and unccomfortable on your baby’s delicate skin.

Material used for pillow cover

Usually, the outer cover of a pillow is made out of cotton. However, you can find three types of materials used to make the pillow covers:

  • Cotton
  • A blend of cotton and polyester
  • Synthetic fiber

It is best to opt for one that is made out of organic cotton. Organic cotton is devoid of the harmful and toxic materials and dyes that are used to manufacture regular cotton fabric.

Organic cotton pillow cases are always clearly mentioned. If there is no specific mention of the same, you should always assume that it isn’t organic. It is always better to be cautious, as you do not want your baby to be exposed to the harmful chemicals and bleaches.

Is your pillow hypoallergenic?

Many toddlers are reactive to dust, microbes, dust mites, and moulds. Choosing a pillow that is made out of a hypoallergenic material will help prevent allergic reactions to these elements. Usually, an organic toddler pillow would be naturally hypoallergenic.

However, if your baby pillow is not made out of organic material, it is best to buy a brand that is clearly marked as hypoallergenic. Be sure to check this criteria, before you buy the pillow.

Material used as pillow fill

There are a number of materials used to make the pillow fills for your baby pillow. These are intrinsic to provide support and comfort to your baby’s head. Some of the common materials used as pillow fills include:

  • Feathers
  • Down
  • Memory foam or foam
  • Synthetic fills

Buckwheat is also another material that is used to fill pillows for babies. The materials used makes the pillows easier to clean. One thing that you need to remember when choosing a pillow for your baby, is how much noise the filling makes. Some synthetic materials are prone to making loud and crinkling noises with every movement of your baby’s head. Such a noise can cause your baby to wake up, and become irritable. This is definitely not something you would want.


By now you know that whatever comes in contact with your toddler, is bound to get messy. A pillow is no exception. That is why, the washability of the pillow itself is a point you need to consider when choosing a brand.

There are two kinds of pillows available:

  • The entire pillow is machine washable. You can simply wash the whole pillow in your washing machine.
  • The other type has a removable protective cover that can be washed. The pillow in this case, is usually not machine washable.

Top 10 Best Toddle Pillow Comparation

There are thousands of brands of pillows for you to choose from. So many choices can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. To help you narrow down your options, we have provided for you the ultimate review of the top 10 best toddler pillow available in the market.

Our view: Best Top Pillows In 2017

“If you ever wondered how to buy a pillow you have come to the right place. There are so many different types in existence that you really ought to know the differences between them if you’re in the market for purchasing a new one. Not only do they come in various materials and fillings, but also the shapes and sizes can vary immensely from the traditional oblong type which you may be used to seeing”

1. Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow With Pillowcase

Best Toddler Pillow
Dreamtown Kids – Best Toddler Pillow

Dreamtown toddler pillow is the best value for money toddler pillow in this batch. It is of typical dimensions, not too thick and not too soft. The texture and consistency of this pillow is ideal for keeping your child’s cervical spine in healthy alignment.

This design is conducive to healthy development, minimizing the possibility of strains and misalignment. No wonder this is one of the few pillow brands that is recommended by Chiropractors in the US.

Dreamtown is the right pillow for toddlers aged two to five years old. This toddler pillow is made in the USA and has a helpful customer service as well as a six-month refund and replacement guarantee. For a lower than average price, Dreamtown is the toddler pillow that is hard to beat.

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2. Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

Best Toddler Pillow
Little Sleepy Head – Best Toddler Pillow

Little Sleepy Head is one of the best toddler pillows out there for the reason that they have a top-notch customer support to assist you. One can rarely come across a company that sells on Amazon that will proactively reach out to their customer to ask if they are satisfied with the purchase.

They will even go to great lengths to replace a toddler pillow if the customer deemed it too thin or too fluffy. I have yet to experience this service myself since the pillow that we had purchased from them is exactly what my child needed.

My little champ embraced this pillow as his take-anywhere comforter, even replacing his well-loved and well-worn stuffed bear. I just appreciate how this pillow has livened up to all the hype, maintaining its excellent shape even after a year of daily use.

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3. Angel Baby Toddler Pillow

Best Toddler Pillow
Angel Baby – Best Toddler Pillow

If you are looking for the best toddler pillow that promises lifetime guarantee, then look no further. Angel Baby toddler pillow prides itself due to their clump-free toddler pillows that stay true to its prime form for years. I have yet to see if this promise if indeed true, we only got ours five months ago as a gift.

I just love how this pillow makes my little munchkin sleep longer. He rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. As a result, he is more agreeable and has fewer episodes of tantrums during daytime.

My little one is super comfortable while using this; I rarely find him without this pillow in his head while asleep. For an unbeatable price, this pillow has continuously given my child lots of deep slumbers. What’s not to love?

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4. Little One’s Pillow – Toddler Pillow, Delicate Organic Cotton, Hand-Crafted in USA

Best Toddler Pillow
Little One’s Pillow – Best Toddler Pillow

If you want to give your big baby the best, then better buy the Little One’s toddler pillow. This one is made of 100% certified organic cotton with the hypoallergenic polyester filling material. Little One is a chemical-free pillow that is of the right thickness and dimensions. Chiropractors likewise commend this brand for its good design that minimizes the possibility of neck kinks come adulthood.

This pillow is made in the US, so you can also expect superb customer support from the guys that made these products in the first place. The Little One’s Pillow is a favorite by parents owing to its extra comfortable texture and softness. You’ll likely find your little one sleeping all night long. This pillow is worth its price and more!

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5. Clevamama Foam Toddler Pillow

Best Toddler Pillow
Clevamama Foam – Best Toddler Pillow

What makes Clevamama unique? This is the only memory foam toddler pillow on this list. This brand of one-block memory foam is a bit longer than the normal toddler pillow. It is also on the thin side, perfect for kids who are tummy sleepers. What I like about this pillow is how it is designed to reduce pressure on your toddler’s growing head, minimizing the possibility that he will have a flat head later on.

Clevamama Clevafoam is made of lightweight and breathable material; there is no need to worry that your child’s head is soaked in sweat all night. This memory foam is ideal for use by kids that are 12 months and older. This is also made of hypoallergenic and toxin-free material so kids with allergies may use this toddler pillow without worries.

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6. Calla Toddler Pillow Soft Organic Cotton

Best Toddler Pillow
Best Toddler Pillow Calla

If you are an environmentally cautious person looking for a toddler pillow produced domestically out of local materials, Calla Toddler Pillow might be just the right choice for you.

This one-of-a-kind USA-made product is filled with hypoallergenic poly cluster filling and covered in soft, skin-friendly 100% organic cotton sateen weave casing. The Cella Company collects the cotton from certified US organic farms and hand-crafts the pillows according to their high standards.

The Cella pillows are not polluted with pesticides, herbicides and flame resistant chemicals that may put your child in danger. Simply said, this toddler pillow is a safe and machine-washable. Its cushioning isn’t too soft or too firm, while the size, standing at 13’’ x 18’’ x 3.5’’ (width x length x height) makes the pillow suitable for traveling, whether by car or by plane.

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7. Toddler/Travel Pillow – No extra Pillowcase/Sham needed-Luxurious 300T Soft Cotton

Best Toddler Pillow
Toddler/Travel Pillow – Best Toddler Pillow

If the support is the most important feature you are looking for in a toddler pillow, then, the Kinder Fluff toddler pillow line might be the right option for you.This light to medium filled pillow gives enough support and comfort to ensure the appropriate alignment of the neck in every position, whether a child is sleeping on side, back or stomach.

Kinder Fluff toddler pillow was designed to be comfortable even without the pillow case. Its premium pillow shell is durable, soft and silky to the touch. Why? The pillow has exceptional 230 thread count that will help you protect the interior filling from impurities responsible for dust and mold allergies.

This soft 100% high-quality cotton shell is not modified with regular processing techniques significant for textile industries. It is free of harmful chemicals and is dust-mite resistant. The 100% premium synthetic polyester cluster interior is hypoallergenic as well.

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8. Disney Minnie Toddler Pillow

Best Toddler Pillow
Disney Minnie – Best Toddler Pillow

Minnie Mouse Toddler Pillow from Disney can be a dream pillow for your kid. This is a fine decorative toddler cushion with a printed applique of Minnie Mouse famous over-sized pink polkadot bow. Your kids are going to love the cozy softness feel of the fabric.

The 12”x16” perfect measured pillow is made of 100% polyester solid coral fleece featured in Minnie’s favorite color Bright Pink. The size is just perfect for naps, daycare, travelling  and sleepovers. This is actually a great addition to your toddler’s bed. And if the bed is Delta Children’s Minnie Mouse 3D Toddler Bed then it’ll be an awesome combination. This combo of Minnie Mouse toddler pillow and bed can be the best option when you are deciding to shift your toddler from crib to bed. Add a pop of pizzazz to your toddlers room with the adorable cheerful Minnie inspired design themed pillow along with the bed.

  • There are five different colors and designs available. So, you can easily choose one for either your baby boy or baby girl.
  • You can wash it easily in the machine with gentle cycle. It is machine washable in cold water with gentle cycle. If any bleaching is ever needed then you can use non-chlorine bleach.

9. Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Toddler Pillow

Best Toddler Pillow
Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam – Best Toddler Pillow

If you are looking for something extra, then Copps Home Goods premium quality memory foam toddler pillow might be your best choice. The pillow is transparent and the foam is also Certipur-US certified.

It is made in USA with 40% Bamboo Viscose Rayon and 60% Polyester. It is perfect for your kid with any sleeping position because it is a custom fit design pillow and can be adjusted as per necessity. The bamboo blend cover has natural thermo regulating properties which ensures comfortable sleeping all the night with a cool feeling. It is measured 14” x 19” which helps to maintain optimal sleeping position and alignment. The pillow is totally machine washable in cold water and you better not use any bleach or fabric softener.

  • The cushion is free from all kinds of harmful chemicals and heavy metals. So, it is totally safe for your kid’s health.
  • The high grade polyester pillow has a superior softness and great longevity. Besides, it is hypoallergenic and dust mites resistant.
  • An amazing feature of this pillow is a 30 night’s sleep trial and if you don’t like the pillow then you’ll get your money back.

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10. SlumberLux Toddler Pillow

Best Toddler Pillow
Best Toddler Pillow SlumberLux 

We have chosen this toddler pillow on the top of our list because of its perfect size and softness. The 13in x 18in perfect sized super soft pillow gives your kids a  sound sleep. Being a perfect sized cushion which is neither too flat nor too fluffy, it provides the exact support to your kid.The small size allows you to carry it wherever you go and great for travelling. It is made in USA with superior quality materials like Korean microfiber polyester. To maintain proper curve between head and neck, it is standardized with the right thickness for kids of 2 years. With a combination of cotton and soft microfiber it has become a great one for toddlers. You won’t find hardness or very firmness even in 6th weeks after a wash. There’s no pillowcase included in it and if you want to use extra cover you are free to purchase it separately.

  • The 100% cotton cover and hypoallergenic microfiber ultra soft filling has made the pillow a special one among thousands in the market.
  • You can easily clean it in machine and if you can handle with proper care the pillow will last longer than the ordinary ones.
  • The manufacturer company is providing 1 year comfort guarantee of this toddler pillow in a friendly price. And if you find any problem with it, you will get your money back with no question asked.


The given reviews of 10 best toddler pillow in this year openly display the positive and negative features of trending toddler pillow lines. We should be aware of the fact that every buyer has different expectations and usage intention. The listed pros and cons may truly be subjective and frankly irrelevant. It is up to every individual to put own parental instinct to use and find a product that would best suit their child’s requirements and needs.

With that being said, the voice of previous customers still cannot be neglected. According to the online feedback and ratings, the title of “Best toddler Pillow of this year” can be awarded to Little One’s Toddler Pillow made of delicate unprocessed organic cotton and unique hypoallergenic fiber filling excellent for toddlers with or without allergies.

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