Why look at mediocre steaming irons when you can get a great one with all the best features at an affordable price? Because of the wide variety of steaming irons available in the market, you are no longer a slave to your price restrictions and can easily go for the best steam irons without compromising on quality and price.

After going through our steam irons reviews and buying guide, you would be able to get the best clothing iron that not only meets your requirements but also gives you a host of other advanced features like drip free steaming, retractable cord and self cleaning system. All this would be done keeping your own personal requirements in mind since every steam irons user is different.

Different Kinds of Steam Irons Available

Conventional Steam Irons

Best Steam Irons
Best Steam Irons

In a conventional steam ironing system, a little amount of steam is released on the clothes when you iron it. As a result, the time spent in getting a perfectly ironed fabric is reduced and, at the same time, the creases in the clothes disappear quickly.

The modern conventional models come equipped with features such as self cleaning, auto shutoff, vertical steaming and steaming amount control. Even features like the ability to use the water directly delivered by the tap have been included in these conventional irons, thanks to a new filtering feature called anti-calc valve.

It should be mentioned that these feature are not a luxury in modern conventional irons, they are the norm.

Steam Generator Irons

The best clothing irons fall under the category of professional steam iron system and are for those people who have expensive clothes and want the very best results from their steam iron. There are two types of steam generator irons:

Non-pressurised Generator Irons

The steam generated by non-pressurised generator irons is almost twice of what is offered by conventional models. However, there is no pressure behind that steam.

Pressurised Generator Irons

Pressurised generator irons are the best rated steam irons since they generate a lot of steam but with added pressure (5 bar in expensive models) so that the steam can permeate the fabric that is being ironed. This gives crisp and wrinkle-free results.

Cordless Irons

A lot of users desire mobility from their steam iron system. They want the unit to be moveable from one place to another. With traditional irons, this was not possible since the movement was restricted to how long the power cord was. Now, however, there are cordless irons that do not come with a cord. They can be taken from one room to another easily and without any hassles.

They work using a technology similar to cordless phones – there is a charging base that comes with the steam iron and the cord is retractable. Common features of these cordless irons include temperature setting, multiple heat/steam settings, self cleaning, vertical cleaning and electronic/digital controls.

Best Steam Irons in the US, UK Market

On this website we like our top 10 lists. We hope that it saves you doing a whole lot of research. We have tried to do the hard work for you. So how do we do our reviews and how do we rate our lists. We look at those that sell well on Amazon and those that have the highest ratings. Plenty of reviews and high ratings by actual buyers means that you are buying a very good product.

We show very clearly those that get the highest and most consistent ratings. That way you know that these are the best currently on the market. We also include the average price over at Amazon on the US, UK. Please note these prices can change on a daily basis, so always make sure to check before making your purchase.

Top 10 Best Steam Irons Comparation

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1. Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

Best Steam Irons
Rowenta DW5080 Steam Irons

This is a German made iron that comes in taupe. It is the most popular Rowenta brands under the $100 mark and is among the top highest rated steam irons. The iron combines ergonomic controls that are easily readable and adjustable. It has been designed to offer ultimate precision and maximum control. It has outstanding steam generation capability unavailable to brands with less than 400 micro holes.


  • It is very effective. The 400 micro holes allow it to produce a lot of steam. It also boasts a powerful 100g/min burst of steam to remove tough wrinkles.
  • 1700 watts power.This high power allows it to heat up very quickly and iron faster.
  • a unique precision tip to reach difficult areas.
  • an enhanced anti drip system that prevents water drops.
  • self clean and anti calc function to auto remove impurities and increase lifespan.
  • stable on its heel.
  • vertical steam capability to straighten hanging clothes.
  • auto steam feature that adjusts the steam output to match the temperature of the sole plate.
  • auto off function.


  • Relatively heavy weighing 3.4lbs
  • It exhausts the tank quickly during ironing due to the large amount of steam it produces

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2. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

Best Steam Irons
Rowenta DW8080 Steam Irons

This is a professional grade German made iron that comes with a comfort grip handle and an extra large water tank. It has one of the most powerful short of steam feature available in the market that melts creases effortlessly on any fabric. It is very similar to the DW5080 but comes at a cheaper price.


  • Excellent steam generation combining 400 micro holes with 1700 watts of power and therefore very effective.
  • Powerful vertical steam feature and burst of steam at 200g/min.
  • 12.7 ounce water tank that is one of the largest and does not deplete quickly.
  • Self clean and ant calc function that flashes out accumulated deposits and prevents furring
  • 1 year manufacturer guarantee.
  • 3 way power auto off for safety.
  • Stainless steel precision tip allows it to glide smoothly while ironing and reach tricky areas.
  • Variable steam feature that allows control of steam output depending on the fabric.


  • Relatively heavy and can be tiresome over a long period of use.
  • It’s water tank is poorly labelled and water level not visible.
  • The cord is only 7 foot and therefore relatively short

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3. Rowenta DW5197 Partner of Fashion Focus Steam

Best Steam Irons
Rowenta DW5197 Steam Irons

This German made iron offers powerful performance; combining high power and very generous steam generation thanks to the Rowenta technology. It is a very reliable iron crafted for the special needs of designers and tailors. Unlike many other irons, it does not go off even after long period of stationary use making it appropriate for tasks like embossing or pleating. It also comes with an ergonomic thermostat knob for heat precision.


  • 1725 watts of power. This is high power that allows the iron to heat up quickly and clear up creases more easily.
  • Excellent steam generation combining high power and 400 micro holes.
  • Highly effective and specifically suited for professional use.
  • Stainless steel precision tip for durability and ease of reach to difficult garment sections.
  • Auto steam function that matches the steam output to the sole temperature for ease of ironing.
  • Powerful burst of steam 180g/min that removes creases easily.
  • Self clean and ant calc function that increases efficiency and lifespan.
  • Anti drip feature to protect delicate garments.
  • Vertical steam feature that allows straightening of hanging garments.


  • It lacks auto power off which can lead to fires if left on accidentally.
  • Its tank is only 10 oz and requires frequent refills during ironing.

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4. Rowenta DW9280 Steam Force

Best Steam Irons
Rowenta DW9280 Steam Irons

This is one of the most aesthetically appealing Rowenta models combining high power, ultra modern technology and brilliant performance. This German make, though costing close to $150 delivers professional results in considerably short time. It combines LED indicators and a steam motion sensor for efficiency. It also comes with a one touch controls and a digital LED display for ease of use.


  • A very high power iron with 1800 watts which allows it to heat very fast and this reduces the time required for ironing.
  • Steam force technology which delivers a lot of steam through the 400 micro steam holes and produces very high quality results.
  • An integrated electronic steam pump that delivers a very powerful burst of steam at 210g/min. This burst which is 30% more than what irons without electronic pump produces, straightens even the toughest creases there can be on any fabric.
  • Smart steam motion sensor for efficiency and in conserving power and water.
  • Stainless steel sole plate with ultra thin silicate coating for non stick and superior gliding capability.
  • A digital LED display for easy reading.
  • Auto power shut off.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • It requires frequent refills because the high amount of steam produced exhausts the tank very quickly.
  • Slightly heavy.

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5. Panasonic NI-E660SR Adjustable Steam Iron

Best Steam Irons
Panasonic NI-E660SR Steam Irons

The most outstanding feature about this model is that it has a U shaped base and has a curved sole plate. When ironing, pressure is concentrated at the center of the plate rather than the tip allowing easier movement and less strain.It also allows less tugging. This model also functions as both a steam and dry iron with steam level settings.


  • A curved and non stick stainless steel sole plate which allows easy glide.
  • A u shape for distribution of steam for more effectiveness.
  • Both steam and dry iron settings.
  • A clear water tank.


  • It comes with only 1200 watts of power which is relatively low.
  • No anti drip system.

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6. BLACK+DECKER Allure Professional D3030 Steam Iron

Best Steam Irons
BLACK+DECKER D3030 Steam Irons

Even though this model has its manufacturing China, Black and Decker is an An American brand that has been respected over many years.The D3030 combines high power and dynamic steam technology and promises high quality results. It comes with a comfort grip handle with ergonomic features for comfort and ease of use.


  • A wide stainless steel sole plate which is durable and easy to glide.
  • 1600 watts of power.
  • Dynamic steam technology that enables it to produce up to 30% more steam than other models in its price range
  • Wider sprout at the tank for easy refilling.
  • A separate steam and temperature control feature for best results.
  • Burst of steam and spray mist functions to straighten tough creases.
  • Auto off for power


  • No on and off button and relies on the automatic off function.
  • No self clean or anti calc system.
  • The sole plate is uncoated and has no anti stick properties.
  • The tank is poorly calibrated.

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7. SINGER Expert Finish 1700 Watt Anti-Drip Steam Iron

Best Steam Irons
SINGER Expert Steam Irons

Singer is one of the world’s most trusted brands. This iron has not gained the many positive ratings and reviews for nothing. It combines excellent power and innovative steam features to combat even stubborn wrinkles. A break from the rest, it possesses an open tip that is very effective in ironing button areas or pleats. It comes with a limited 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • 1700 watts of power that produces a generous amount of steam achieving high quality results.
  • An intelligent LCD display that guides on 9 different fabric choice.
  • Vertical and burst of steam feature that is very effective in removing creases.
  • Automatic power off.
  • Anti clean and anti calc features.
  • Stainless steel sole with an open tip which allows ease of ironing in tricky spots.


  • Relatively heavy and can be tiresome over long use.
  • Leaks occasionally.
  • The cord is only 8ft long.

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8. Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201-FFP

Best Steam Irons
Sunbeam Steam Irons

This is an American brand that is relatively low priced possibly because it is manufactured in China. It nonetheless delivers good results even though it does not incorporate high end features. For easier removal of creases, It has a dual spray mist button. It also comes with a large water tank and 1400 watts of power. To enhance its looks and increase durability, It has a chrome finish.


  • A stainless steel sole plate with non stick properties.
  • 15 steam macro holes in its sole plate for release of steam during ironing and removes creases faster.
  • Shot of steam that helps in tackling more difficult creases and helps in vertical steaming.A very efficient anti drip system that prevents damage to delicate fabrics.
  • A 8 foot and retractable cord.
  • Variable steam that has 4 different settings.
  • Light in weight.
  • Self clean and anti calc feature increases efficiency and lifespan.


  • The macro holes do not deliver as much steam as micro holes.
  • The burst of steam is not as powerful as in other models.

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9. Russell Hobbs 23061 Supreme Steam Traditional Iron

Best Steam Irons
Russell Hobbs 23061 Steam Irons

As you can see the number one steam iron, according to buyer’s rating is the Russell Hobbs 23061 Supreme Steam Traditional Iron. For well under $63, 

this one is hard to beat for sheer value for money. It is a basic steam iron but a very good one.

This one has a 2 metre cord length (about 6.5 feet long) and has a stainless steel soleplate for smooth and snag free ironing.

It can deliver around 40 grams of continuous steam, and when required a shot of steam at 110 grams from 2,400 watts of power.

It weighs around 1.3 Kg (​2.8 lbs) and measures 29.4 x 15.8 x 12.8 cm

Overall this iron is without any doubt the best value steam iron on the market.

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10. Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W 

Best Steam Irons
Russell Hobbs Steam Irons

This one has over just 150 buyer reviews and this is the most powerful of the 5 irons listed here.

This Is a very stylish iron that heats up quickly. It is also, according to buyers, a very easy iron to manoeuvre.

It can deliver around 45 grams of continuous steam, and when required a shot of steam at 210 grams from 3,100 watts of power. (takes about 2 minutes to heat up)

It weighs around 1.6 Kg (​3.5 lbs) and measures 30.5 x 17 x 12.2 cm

This one uses the very popular and effective ceramic soleplate. The soleplate is tapered and that allows you to easily get into awkward places.

This one has a a slightly larger 350 ml water tank.

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Features To Consider When Buying Steam Irons

Safety Features

You should always make safety features your top priority when you choose a steam iron. This is because an iron is a device that runs on electricity and a steam iron has the added hazard of scalding or burning off your fabrics if you are not careful. Thankfully, all the steam iron brands understand this requirement of their customers and put in some safety features that prevent any accidents and problems.

Here are two vital safety features found in modern and top steam irons – anti drip and auto shut off. These are both essential features to look for in steam iron reviews –

Anti-drip – This feature ensures that that there is no spillage or leakage by controlling the steam vents and preventing water from dripping. Thanks to this feature, the iron doesn’t leak, even when it is operated at low temperature.

Auto-shut off – If the iron is idle, gets knocked over or is not being used, the auto shut off feature shuts it down to prevent burnt clothes and overheating. In home models, it is usually under 10 minutes while higher end models made for sewing have the auto shut off kick in at 30 minutes.

Usage and Maintenance Features

The manual is a good place to start for finding out about the best ways to maintain your iron and ensure a long life. A lot depends on how the iron is used and how the features are being utilized as well.

Anti-scale – Limescale can get deposited on the steam iron and with this function, it is continuously removed and there is no need to use special products for the same. This feature also goes by the name “Anti Calc”.

Capacity – A normal steam iron can hold a set amount of water which would decide how long the unit can be used before the tank is refilled. Usually, home steam irons have a capacity of under 10 oz. while steam generator irons have a capacity of as much as 33 oz.

Self-cleaning system – The vents of the iron can sometimes get mineral deposits and this feature helps to flush those out. Most irons come with a self cleaning function but there is another option for models that don’t have it. The burst steam function can be used for cleaning the vents in such models.

Convenient controls – The controls of the steam iron should be simple to understand with fabric guides, easy to read temperature dial, and convenient placement of the buttons at the front. Some models come with indicator lights that blink when the iron is ready to be used.

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Cord Related Features

The cord of the steam iron has one extremely simple function – it makes the iron as mobile as possible. Of course, there are cordless models out there are well but apart from Panasonic, no other brand has nailed down the concept of cordless irons. The cord should ideally be long enough so that big fabrics can be easily ironed without any obstructions. However, if you are used to just steaming and pressing clothes, you don’t need the extra long cord feature.

Here are the two important factors to watch out for in this area – cord length and retractable cord.

Cord length – Long cords can be around 8 feet and extra long cords are usually around 12 feet to ensure that the iron is maneuvered easily. Some models have a spooling feature in the handle of their iron to ensure that the cord doesn’t cause any mishaps.

Retractable cord – A retractable cord can be retracted and spools around the handle or base unit when released, depending on the steam iron type. It is most common with cordless irons from higher end brands.

Soleplate Related Features

The quality and efficiency of the soleplate decides how good the steam iron would be. As such, this factor should be carefully considered before going for an iron, particularly cheaper models where brands tend to skimp in this area. The most expensive models would have ceramic soleplate because it is simply the best and comes with all the great features. Some soleplates have a satin finish on top of them for improved smoothness.

The soleplate should glide easily on top of the fabric and its shape should be ergonomic so as to prevent any snagging of clothes. It should smooth over wrinkles effortlessly and not get stuck. There are 4 common kinds of soleplates available – aluminum, ceramic, non stick, and stainless steel.

Aluminium – Aluminum soleplates are basic in nature and found in the cheapest of steam irons. They are a bit difficult to clean and extremely prone to scratches, so you have to be careful while using them.

Ceramic – Ceramic soleplates are loved in all steam iron reviews because they are of the best quality and distribute the steam evenly, leading to wrinkle free results.

Non-stick Coated – These are scratch proof and easy to clean, plus they don’t stick to the fabric. Non-stick coating is also common in affordable irons.

Stainless steel – This is the most commonly used soleplate material for medium budget steam irons. However, you have to be careful while ironing over buttons with these because they are prone to scratches. Some stainless steel soleplates have scratch resistant capability.

Steam Related Features

There are a number of steam related features in steam irons that allow you to control the amount of steam and shoot a burst of steam on fabrics. Professional and commercial users need higher steam output. An important factor is steam output. Other factors include steam shot, vertical steam and steam gauge.

Steam output – Steam output is measured in grams/min and higher it is, the shorter ironing time would be. In case of pressurised steam generators, it is measured in bars. In non-pressurised models, the average output is around 80 to 108 g/min and the same in pressurised generators is 100 to 120 g/min with 3 to 5 bars of pressure.

Steam shot and Burst-Of-Steam Button – With this feature, a shot of steam can be delivered on to the fabric for wrinkles that are particularly stubborn. It can be activated using a burst of steam button and is measured in grams/min.

Vertical steam – If the fabric or clothes are hanging, this feature would help to steam them without laying them out on the iron board. It makes the steam iron act exactly like a steamer for steaming clothes.

Steam gauge – The arrow of the steam gauge allows steam adjustment, depending on the fabric, and also has a shutting off feature.

Wattage Related Features

High wattage ensures that heating up is quick and performance is improved of the steam iron. It is a much desired feature in best steam irons reviews of higher end models. On an average, home users do not need upwards of 1800W to get great and efficient results. So, if that is your purpose, you don’t need to spend extra just to get higher wattage.

Anything less than 1000W is too less because your iron will keep cooling quickly and you would have to set it aside to allow it to heat up again. This can be a tiring process. Another thing is that if the wattage is too low, the iron might not be able to deal with thicker fabrics and tough wrinkles because it simply doesn’t have the power in it.

If the wattage is appropriate for the purpose, it would take you less time to iron clothes. If you try to be stingy in this area and think that lower wattage irons will save you power, you would be spending twice the time on every fabric, negating all the benefits and adding to the hassles.

Water Related Features 

The water is held in a water tank or water reservoir that comes with the storage iron. It can be attached to the iron and this is common practice for most home use steam irons. For professional users and higher capacity models, the water tank is detachable from the iron for ease of use. Some models are designed in such a way that the water tank is transparent. An inlet with cover is provided for you to fill the water. Continuous fill technology ensures that you save time during refills.

Removable Water Reservoir – This convenient feature allows the water tank to be detached for easy filling under the tap without carrying the entire unit. If the capacity of the water reservoir is more, you would be thankful for this feature.

Transparent Water Reservoir – A transparent water tank ensures that it is easy to see when the water is up to the maximum level. Some water tanks are not just transparent but also come with readings and markings.

Water fill-hole Cover – This is the cover of the inlet through which water is filled into the steam iron.

Continuous Fill – This feature is there for the ease of the user. There is no need to turn off the steam iron or reheat it before filling the tank, it can be done continuously. It also saves a lot of time.

Tips on Choosing the Best Steam Iron

Here are some tips to keep in mind while going through steam irons reviews to buy the best clothes iron:

Keep Your Common Clothing Fabrics In Mind – If you use natural fabrics such as cotton or linen or want to buy the steam iron for pressing denim and other hard fabrics, look for a steam iron that would come with spray and steam burst feature to take care of pesky wrinkles. For wool, you would need a steam iron with dry ironing feature. Thus, keep your requirements in mind when you choose a steam iron.

Try It Out Before Buying – The iron should be easy to lift for you and must have a comfortable feel in your hand. This is why you should try it out before you decide to purchase it. You might make your purchase online but you can walk into a store and test drive it in advance. Also look for the positioning of buttons and whether they are convenient for you to use.

Take A Look At Available Features – If there are many advanced features that you will not use, why invest in such an iron and pay the extra money? Only go for features that would be useful to you.

Read The Manual – The manual can often be extremely complicated for certain models. You should be able to understand how your iron works and how individual controls would be used. Also, the manual can prevent mishaps in the future by letting you know about essential maintenance pointers like using tap water vs. distilled water.

Read The Reviews – Finally, read the reviews of the iron thoroughly and then make a decision. You can have a shortlist of steam irons or compare steam irons using our list before you make the purchase.


Ironing is a chore that not many people enjoy. However, choosing a good iron can at least add some efficiency in the equation and ensure that the job is finished quickly.

Are you waiting to find out about the best iron to buy for Steam Irons? There is no such thing as one great have-it-all device because there are different irons out there for different requirements. Home users need something different from commercial and professional users. Thus, when you make your decision, keep your personal requirements in mind.

Make a list of steam irons that seem to be the best to you and then, check out our steam irons reviews. You can also use our detailed review list for pros and cons of some top models of steam irons. Don’t forget that you can choose to go for a great iron and treat it as an investment or you can go for a cheap one and be forced to replace it in a couple of years.

Also trust the top brands for a reliable steam iron that wouldn’t disappoint you. These brands have spent years perfecting the steam ironing technology and even have some patented features.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your favorite online store right now and buy your chosen steam iron on a discount, with the assurance that your homework will pay off.