Choice An Best Perfume For Men (Update Reviews 2018)

We want to know which flowers make you feel confident, because that is what makes any perfume scent best for you. Choose your favorite scent from the 10 best perfume for men list below and go exploring our elections so we can spread charity and helping others feel the same assurance.

Best Perfume For Men Reviews

The following products were selected by Jason Nik, a psychologist aroma on their way to becoming the leading perfume viewers worldwide.

1. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

best perfume for men reviews
Best perfume for men by Jean Paul Gaultier Popeye Eau Fraiche

Best perfume for men by Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male was released flankers since early 1995 has become such a big hit. Until recent years, the flankers were mostly minor variations of the original, but Popeye Eau Fraiche has a big step in a new direction.

What makes Popeye Eau Fraiche notable not only that it’s a new direction for Le Nam, but also a new direction for the fresh aroma. It is not simply fresh citrus, neroli although adds a citrus aspect. It is not just fresh herbs, although the mint and sage add an herbal note. And it is not simply fresh out of the shower, soap clean, although it has a sweet soap Convention prevails with it. It is an evolution of all these things – to create the perfect blend of all-new freshness to the senses.

Finally, the image of Popeye iconic Sailor Man (Jean Paul Gaultier brand wearing striped shirt) featured on the bottle is a great representation of masculine strength and Le Male Eau Fraiche provided Popeye.

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2. Amen Pure Tonka 3.4 Oz Edt

Best perfume for men reviews
Best perfume for men from Amen Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler

In 2016, Thierry Mugler introduced a win for Amen Pure line of flankers: Pure Tonka. This time, the fragrance comes in a glossy black bottle, set it apart from the average more rubber is wrapped in nó predecessor. The bold new bottle design is suitable, như DNA-like fragrance keeps the original Amen Pure fragrance but create a chia and Dangerously beautiful.

Amen Pure Tonka opened with a strong note of roasted tonka, mà, like the original Amen, and can catch you is Harsh off guard if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the top notes. Only one patient discover the true value sẽ of this perfume, what happened after the rigors vì are nothing short of magical. Lavender Softening agents roasted. Then, notes of coffee and vanilla come out, mixing with tonka Easily to create a spice coffee and cream. Finally, as the notes dry down, cocoa stand out. This is a pure cocoa đó, blended with tonka, coffee and vanilla, chocolate bring a sexy vibe. The Protest replied to with a base Amen Pure crude smoothing a Prominent aroma Tonka.

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Best perfume for men reviews
Best perfume for men by TOM FORD

Wrapped in a green bottle with gold plate Viridian has carved its name, Neroli Portofino Forte is a new addition to add to the private collection by Tom Ford. The complexity and depth of this scent is evident from the initial injection. Opening with a floral accord crisp citrus aroma is clearly more powerful than its predecessor, Neroli Portofino. The neroli in the Forte is far more dense, add a rare confidence to a fragrance category.

Replacing the notes of tangerine and orange light bitterness that solve quietly in the original is a blood orange notes creates a sharp contrast and white balance to the scent. Neroli Portofino While Tom Ford Forte illustrate the spring freshness of a vacation on the coast of Italy, the richness of its aroma makes it suitable all year round – this perfume is right for the position of it as a showcase of this year scent.

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4. Imaginary Authors Slow Explosions

Best perfume for men reviews 3
Best perfume for men by Imaginary Authors Slow Explosions

As the name implies Imaginary Authors, ticking is about storytelling. This story is very much different from those told by the fragrances that came before it. Even when you look at the presentation of the perfume, you’ll realize why this product under this list. The bottle was placed in a box built to look like a book. In the box, the bottle itself looks like a book with fuzzy fake book covers.

Inside the “book,” scent introduced a bright saffron note, an absolute rare in the mainstream market and a reason this fragrance is a highlight in this year. Soon, a rose markedly flowers make its presence, and thanks to the mix of green apple, creating the essence of chilled wine. Apple is not evident on its own in the early stages, only lending a light signature sweet and sour scent very soon. As the hours pass, the skin becomes prominent and finally, when the settlement notes, green apple over, transforming what was once a red vino into a citrus scents like leather.

It is typical for a citrus scent to open and flower dry down, but the characteristics of inverse transformation ticking ‘scent makes it a not to be missed.

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5. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Ultime Eau De Parfum Spray For Men

Best perfume for men reviews 4
Best perfume for men by Yves Saint Laurent

L’Homme With Ultime, best perfume for men by Yves Saint Laurent introduced a unique new take on the original release 10 years ago. Like L’Homme original became the standard-bearer of the scent of a man should smell like 2006, Ultime grasp the same criteria, but this time a decade later for children modern humans.

L’Ultime Homme opens with a juicy grapefruit ginger round mild and very aromatic with spicy notes of cardamom, with a deep rose note is not too far behind. This is far from a rose flower, but it captures the essence of the note in the mixing gently with sage and geranium. It is here in the heart that rose to capture the attention of those around men wearing Ultime. Rose held until the end, when it finally softening behind the cedar and vetiver woody notes. While it is not a risk taker, L’Homme Ultime is definitely a process that is not only worthy of its predecessors, but replace them.

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6. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive

Best perfume for men reviews
Best perfume for men by Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive

Best perfume for men from 1 Million Prive, like all Paco Rabanne scent, a fragrance that makes a statement. Content with a wild edge and cool with flair, Prive is a departure from the original 1 million to build, while still managing to keep his position firmly in 1 million homes. Not only the prominent aroma compared to the previous version, but the average of all switches to mark golden yellow on a copper base, make one perfume bottle most recognizable more prominent.

Cinnamon and retain the original blood, opening with an intense, juicy quality desserts like it. Tobacco and myrrh make an appearance halfway through, adding quality perfumes really rich. This combination holds through all the scents only soften in the last hours. What really set 1 Million Prive is one of the best scents in this year is the use of it. This is not 1 million which made waves in the club, but instead of a new breed that find themselves making a splash in the high-end bar.

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7. Tom Ford Private Soleil Blanc

Best perfume for men reviews 6
Best perfume for men by Tom Ford Private Soleil Blanc

With this version, Tom Ford has introduced a scent that is remarkable and commendable. When planning to bring a beach scent, Soleil Blanc may not be the first thing you think of, but arrested inside ivory bottles are the perfect essence of life on the beach. It accomplishes the rare period of a tropical scent without citrus. This practice ensures the wearer will stand out from other beachgoers. Shortly after being sprayed with water, clouds the air with the scent of tuberose notes and coconut. It is reminiscent of sunscreen, except you would really like to wear this.

Best perfume for men from Soleil Blanc is soft, smooth and seductive. As the hours pass, a subtle sweet note of ylang ylang-make its presence felt, in addition to the fullness of the fragrance. Powerful aroma and long, but not overbearing or overpowering. While the scent does not shout, it makes a statement without requiring attention. There is a certain poise that assert themselves with kind attention and reinforces the value of Soleil Blanc.

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8. Armani Code Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Best perfume for men reviews 7
Best perfume for men by Armani Code

When the original Armani Code was released, the sleek black bottle with a matt graphite started quickly became a huge success. Soon, flankers will hit the market, each building off of the original DNA. Then, in 2016, Giorgio Armani Armani Code introduced Profumo in a stylish, light black to copper bottle with polished brass caps. The packaging immediately made it stand out from previous versions.

And the contrast with striking differences not only in the bottle. With new citruses like the skin on the basis of the original tonka, Armani Code introduced Profumo nutmeg and tonka amps up, create a sweet scent from outside iteration.The amber than this extra warmth, while bring spice cardamom. Although Profumo revisit Armani Code, it does not look back, but instead brings a new twist to the fragrance glamor, creating a desirable scent perfect for today’s men.

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9. Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua Eau de Toilette Spray

Best perfume for men reviews
Best perfume for men by Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua


When Invictus original was released, no one could predict that a seafood aroma with sweet notes and commanding sea finally only light will be very loved by men and women alike. It is bold and distinctive for its fragrance category, a contrast from the sea water has to dominate people to expect. Paco Rabanne risk paid off and Invictus is a warm successful.

With the launch earlier this year, Invictus Aqua again challenging expectations and far exceeded them, thereby establishing its position as one of the best fragrances of the year. Keep the original motif champion and houses the perfumes in bottles shaped trophy, Invictus remains true to its original version, but the notes completely flip the script. Here the notes Command create a personal profile ocean sea salt and sweetness take a back seat. However, the sweetness does not go unnoticed, as it is mixed in a perfect harmony of the notes in a fragrance worthy of a trophy.

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10. Robert Graham Fortitude Decanter 250ml

Best perfume for men reviews 9
Best perfume for men by Robert Graham Fortitude

No other fragrance will be noticeable in the closet smells like Fortitude Robert Graham of you. This big bottle emblazoned with the signature of Robert Graham bottom, but the most memorable was the first bottle, which features a ram’s head adorned with green eyes and Swarovski crystals the word “truth. Understanding. Wisdom.” Hark just below it. The man likes to display a collection of her perfume and make a statement should look no further than Fortitude. This is easily one of the best bottle design is not only this year, but in all the time.

Equally impressive as the design of the perfume bottle itself. Tobacco is a common note in perfume many modern men, but some blend it well to put a spotlight on tobacco but do not let it get overbearing. Fortitude is one of the few. An ideal balance of the notes for this fragrance is the essence of a cigarette without smoke and sweetness without sugar. With only three notes of tobacco, patchouli and tonka bean, best perfume for men by Robert Graham Fortitude is a rich cream plant that calls for the attention it deserves.

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