It can be difficult to buy an best handheld game console. You want something that will keep you entertained for a long time, not hung up a television and something that offers good quality games that you are really interested in playing.

Deciding what kind of games you like to play can really help narrow down your console choices in the market. Make sure you set a budget and stick with it. There are a ton of handheld consoles in the market and unless you will use your console on a regular basis you probably do not want to break the bank by buying one.

It is extremely important to take a look at the company’s warranty on the handheld game console you are looking at, to get an idea of what kind of insurance you have.

Warranty is also a great way to check and ensure that the product is of high quality; Another way to test quality is to check the customer’s rating on the product and see what people think of it.

If you really have your options narrowed, you can also check the manufacturer’s specifications on the device to see if there are any features that really appeal to you.

How To Choose An The Best Handheld Game Console?

Once you have decided your budget and have a few ideas in mind for your consoles that you may be interested in buying then there are a few other ways that you can narrow down your search. It’s best to talk to your friends and see what devices they play.

If no one has the device you are looking at, then it’s one of two new or old and outdated products. Knowing the consoles gaming friends is important because all the latest systems offer co-op games and multiplayer games and this is a lot more fun than the usual games.

If you love to travel long distances you might even want to charge battery life; or if a mobile charger is available for the device.

Depending on the type of gaming experience you want, you should consider the screen resolution, the speaker sound, and the location of the buttons. If you still have difficulty selecting the control panel, you can also view the games available on each control panel.

A good way to choose a device is to pick out your top 5 games and rank them from 1-10. Add your results and then you will have a better idea of what games you would like to play more and control of which games belong.

You should also include the release date of the console into your account as it can make a huge difference in the availability of the game as well as the graphics quality that the console can display.

Some other negative to buy an handheld game console older is that they are often vulnerable to damage or breakage and it is difficult to find a person who can repair the system at a reasonable cost.

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Who Should Buy An Best Handheld Game Console?

Anyone who travels long distances, drives long cars or does not always enjoy watching TV should buy an best handheld game console.

Another great reason to buy a handheld console is to always be attached to your television as you can easily store a handheld console; While a panel is still placed will only need more wires and complex configuration to set up your TV.

Best handheld game console is ideal for power outages as well as being able to play games of a battery for hours depending on your settings. Unlike conventional non-portable consoles, when power is off, your game will continue and you will not lose progress and have to start again.

Having a handheld game console is much better than a fixed panel because you can carry it around the room with you and even walk around your house and interact with people while enjoying your gameplay. These are great communication tools and allow you to stay closer to friends.

You may wish to be able to chat online, play multiplayer games or collaborate and some consoles even allow use of some social media platforms to enjoy even more and even can boast about their gaming experience.

Best handheld game console are also great for lazy people. With the handheld console, you do not have to turn things off when leaving the room.

Things you will not have to worry about are things like TVs, speaker systems, gaming consoles and controllers. All you have to do is save your game then power off your handset; You are free to continue with whatever you care about.

Top 10 Best Handheld Game Console Comparation

ImagesProduct's NameRatingPriceReviews
Best handheld game consolePlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System - Piano Black4.1$$$Quick view
Best handheld game consoleNVIDIA SHIELD K1 8" Tablet - Black4.0$$$Quick view
Best handheld game consoleI'm Game 120 Games Handheld Player with 2.7-Inch Color Display3.9$$Quick view
Best handheld game consolePlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle4.0$$$Quick view
Best handheld game consoleNintendo New 3DS XL - Galaxy Style4.3$$$Quick view
Best handheld game consoleSuper Mario Maker Console Deluxe Set - Nintendo Wii U4.5$$$Quick view
Best handheld game console 6GPD XD by DroidBOX Gaming Handheld 5" Touchscreen Android$$$Quick view
Best handheld game consoleArchos Gamepad 8 GB Tablet 7 Inch3.3$$$Quick view
Best handheld game consoleNintendo New 2DS XL + Turquoise4.4$$$Quick view
Best handheld game consoleHandheld Portable Arcade iWawa Retro Pocket 150+ Games3.7$$Quick view

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1. PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System – Piano Black

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by Sony

PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System is the best-selling product on Amazon. This best handheld game console system has more features than a normal gaming system should have. You can listen to mp3 songs watching movies in this device. Moreover, it has a Wifi connection that allows you to access the internet and it has an excellent bright screen built into the microphone. This handheld gaming system is equipped with a lot of games like football, puzzles, adventure, etc. You have to mount a memory stick Pro Duo into it which you can buy online or any store which is authorized by SONY.

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2. NVIDIA SHIELD K1 8″ Tablet – Black

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by NVIDIA

NVIDIA SHIELD K1 is an extremely versatile handheld gaming device and second in the list of best handheld game console. With this purchase, you get an 8-inch tablet device and Nvidia Shield controller. The kit is small enough to carry in a small box but is designed for games on the board. The tablet itself is a solid piece of hardware. For the specs of NVIDIA Shield you get a 2.2GHz quad-core CPU and an NVIDIA Kelper 192 Core GPU.

It is set to play live games from your PC so you can enjoy some of the top titles on the handset. The controller feels good in the hand and is very similar to the XBOX 360.

NVIDIA Shield K1 is not only a great handheld game console device but also a great media center. It’s unique on a tabletop and its screen is 4K Ultra HD Ready. With the MicroSD expansion slot a little wider at 128GB, you have more space to store your movies and music collection. You can connect the device to the TV using the provided HDMI port or stream to the NVIDIA Shield Android TV.

The NVIDIA Shield K1 is a great device! If you want to have a tablet, handheld game console and media center, this device will actually break all the boxes.

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3. I’m Game 120 Games Handheld Player with 2.7-Inch Color Display

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by I’m Game

Game 120 players have put it on the list of best handheld game console in 2018 because of the many fun and challenging games that provide entertainment for kids of all ages. There are puzzle, adventure and sports games available in this pocket-sized gaming machine. It sports a 2.7 inch screen which is very bright and displays clear images.

This small gaming device is portable and can fit in a pocket or bag. Measuring just 7.6 × 6.5 x 1.7 inches is one of the smallest handheld gaming devices. Its small shape is great for kids, because their tiny hands can reach all the nodes needed for gaming.

It has a clear 2.7 inch screen with bright colors, making it fun and easy to enjoy every game available. The navigation key is on the left side of the controller while task buttons A and B are on the right. And the power and volume controls are featured on the top of the device.

I’m Game 120 Games Handheld Player has a built-in speaker, which can be found at the bottom of the device, but it also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, so players can enjoy the sound effects without affecting the people around them.

When browsing through 120 games, you will notice that there are many different types available. Some games have been created for learning purposes to help with logic, math, and memory. While other games are only for entertainment purposes, such as adventure games, sports, action, racing and puzzle games.

It has three different colors; black, red, and blue. It also has a USB cable or AV adapter to play at home, though portable music players need AAA batteries and a wrist strap for easy carrying.

Another advantage of I’m Game device is that it has an AV output, so you can plug it into a TV or monitor for greater display.

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4. PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Bundle

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by Sony

Sony has released a relatively new handheld game console, The PlayStation Vita. Although it seems to be designed very much like the Play Station Portable when it comes to looks. Vita has many upgrades bringing it into the field of this handheld gaming.

Designed with a durable, rugged exterior, the PlayStation Vita feels solid, even at 3.3 x 7.2 x 7.7 inches and weighs just 9.8 ounces. This small and lightweight gaming system is great for on-the-go gaming.

The top of the gaming device holds the game card while at the bottom of the device is the memory card slot. While Vita only comes with 3G memory, these cards are removable and can be replaced, so you can buy a larger memory card separately.

With Wi-Fi capability, you can download games directly to this device without having to purchase a game card. But with a small memory card you can just keep a limited amount of games.

Wi-Fi capability also provides a means for Bluetooth compatibility. This compatibility allows you to hook up any Bluetooth speaker or headset to maximize your gaming potential.

The 5-inch OLED touchscreen with a resolution of 960 x 544 pixels produces a clear high definition screen and is perfect for gaming. The touch screen feature allows you to zoom in on a web browser or in games, which can bring you more advantages than other gamers.

Great for creating video games or just to have an additional device with your mobile gaming device. While the lightweight features of this gaming system make it easy to keep, there are also two rubber grips that provide comfort to the rest of the finger while playing the game.

In addition to the comfortable stay unit, this device has two shoulder buttons, two analog rods, volume controls and four face buttons for special moves in your game.

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5. Nintendo New 3DS XL – Galaxy Style

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by Nintendo

With two screens and a shell shape, this is one of the best handheld game console systems on the market. Nintendo has produced one of the original handhelds, the Game Boy.

After many upgrades to the Game Boy Nintendo DS release, and now is making their way through upgrades to handheld gaming devices.

Nintendo New 3DS XL has many upgrades make up the Nintendo DS. With color-coded action buttons and now two identical scroll bars with the precision to control your character, the Nintendo New 3DS XL game has become a lot easier.

The new analog stick added, called the same slider, is not compatible with Game Boy or Game Boy Advanced because there is no way to move your character in any direction in these classic games.

The main screen next to the button is a 3-inch touch screen, you can use the stylus. The New 3DS XL comes with a pen that can be found on the back side of the cartridge slot. The screen above is a parallax 3D 3.5 inch diagonal (diagonal) screen and 800 x 240 pixels, which makes the image particularly clear.

And the best part about 3D functionality is that you can see the 3D images without glasses without glasses because the screen is integrated in the lens.

But with that you get the best look if you keep the screen about 12 inches away from your face, any closer or further may mess with the way you view the screen. If you do not want to strain your eyes to see the 3D effect, there is a gray slider on the side of the device that can enhance or reduce the 3D effect.

The most important aspect of any best handheld game console is the battery life. Unfortunately, not only the life of the Nintendo New 3DS XL battery does not last very long, about 3-4 hours, but it also does not come with a charger! Which source is very strange for any technology device that you buy in the market today.

So, when buying Nintendo New 3DS XL, also remember to buy your charger.

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6. Super Mario Maker Console Deluxe Set – Nintendo Wii U

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has done it again with the Nintendo Wii U. It incorporates the availability of a handheld game console with a gaming console at home. It can act as both a controller for a Wii gaming system that uses your TV as a monitor and can be a tablet-style game when the TV is in use.

The Wii Game Pad has a 6.2-inch touch screen with a resolution of 854 × 480 pixels, creating an excellent high-definition screen for handheld gaming.

With two analog stickers for your character, plus a navigation button, and X, Y, A, and B action buttons, the speaker, microphone, camera, and stylus of Game Pad make any The game is fun and easy. But because the Game Pad is a bit bulky, it can be a little big for small hands.

But you can also use the Wii Game Pad as the controller to play Wii Games on the TV screen. Typically, the Wii Game Pad is used as a touch screen controller that acts as a map in games for a player.

When playing Nintendo Wii U you will need a Wii U console to be connected and turned on, even if you are playing on the Wii U Game Pad. And when you play the Wii U console on your TV, you can use many of the old Wii Console controls for versatile players.

And if you can play video games on both the Game Pad and the Wii U on your TV it’s not enough, you can also connect to Wi-Fi and watch movies through Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or other streaming streams of web pages.

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7. GPD XD by DroidBOX Gaming Handheld 5″ Touchscreen Android 4.4.4

Best handheld game console 6
Best handheld game console by DroidBOX

GPD XD by DroidBOX is a small gaming device on android that looks like a compact laptop of a Nintendo DS, but with just one monitor. You can use the DroidBox to play games and stream videos with Netflix, Kodi or other streaming sites.

And although DroidBox is not as popular as other handheld gaming devices, it’s high quality and stands up to most other handheld gaming devices on the market.

The one great thing about DroidBOX Game Pad is that you can play almost any game of any company. You can play different games using something called a simulation.

The emulator is a software downloaded to DroidBOX that allows the device to act as a gaming device. With Reicast Emulator, you can play any Dreamcast game, such as audio.

Using the Nintendo 64 emulator, called Mupen64 Plus, lets you play most of Nintendo’s games, including Mario Kart. There is also Mame Emulator that gives you access to games like Street Fighter 3, and PSP emulator that allow you to play games like God of War.

Owning a DroidBOX is the equivalent of owning all the best handheld game console, but in a compact unit.

As far as hardware in and on the device, it compares to most other handheld devices. With two similar buttons, a navigation button and task buttons, plus a start button and a select button. The controls on DroidBOX are compatible to play games from many different devices.

There is an HDMI output on the back of the device that allows you to display your games on the monitor or TV screen. In addition, this device has a battery life of about 5-8 hours, depending on the device you are using, such as online movies that can kill batteries faster than normal games.

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8. Archos Gamepad 8 GB Tablet 7 Inch

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by Archos Gamepad

Archos Gamepad is similar to Ipega but improves screen sharpness and brightness. The specs of the device are similar to the 1.6GHz quad Cortex-A9 processor, quad-mali-400 GPU and 2GB DDR3 memory. On the product side, the Archos Game Pad reviews have surpassed Ipega, but they cost significantly more. If you want value for money then get Ipega.

The Archos Gamepad has a nice view with it. They have improved significantly on the original Gamepad with slicker design and matte finish. Archos marketed the Archos Gamepad as a gaming device and a tablet in one and you can expect all the features to come with a standard Android tablet. Gaming experience is good. The controls are well positioned and some of the games require more running without problems. Archos stands at number eight on the list of best handheld game console and although the price is quite high, you get a decent multipurpose device.

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9. Nintendo New 2DS XL + Turquoise

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by Nintendo New 2DS XL

The New Nintendo 2DS XL is the mid-range option in the Nintendo 3DS lineup, delivering higher performance and clamshell design of the new 3DS XL but ignoring 3D features at a lower price. Like the New 3DS XL, the New 2DS XL features a C-Stick and two extra shoulder buttons and can play all 3DS and DS titles in addition to a handful of new exclusive 3DS products. The New 2DS XL bumps the screen size from a 3.5 inch screen and a 3 inch bottom screen with a 4.8 inch bottom screen and a 4.1 inch bottom screen, which means it’s sized. The screen looks like New 3DS XL but in a smaller design.

The new clamshell design of the New 2DS XL is not suitable for young children, but the supersleek form factor and low price make this device a really attractive choice for those who are not interested in 3D.

Nintendo can easily release a 3DS XL with a 2D screen, but it has gone much further, making small tweaks and various tweaking combinations to make a difference.

First off, you may not notice, but Nintendo has moved the home button and front camera to frame the screen around two much smaller screens, leaving the device about 7mm shorter than the 3DS XL. This means the New 2DS XL not only looks more stylish but the smaller body means it’s lighter.

A total of about 70g lighter than the 3DS XL, and almost exactly the same as the original 2DS, at 260g. This not only helps to make the game longer, but especially when you hold it with a stylus in other games like Hey! Pikmin.

One of the important design changes is that the game box and microSD memory card slot are now hidden under a front edge, meaning that they no longer face the risk of breaking into the game.

The downside of the course is it takes a bit more time to solve the game, but since you will only do it every hour and then in fact the price is not too great.

Oh, and as with other recent DS models, the New 2DS XL comes with a 4GB microSD included to store games, save data and other files – you will see it installed in the machine when it arrives, In case you are having trouble finding it in the box!

In terms of buttons, the New 2DS XL has all the features from a 3DS model, including a C Stick and shoulder buttons (ZL / ZR).

Built-in speakers have also been moved – now they’re on the front, where you can also find the power button, LED light, headphone jack and stylus slot.

At launch, New 2DS XL is available in two matching colors: Black + Turquoise and White + Orange. There is a good possibility that Nintendo will release more versions one day, so do not worry if none of them entice you.

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10. Handheld Portable Arcade Video Game Console iWawa Retro Pocket 150+ Games for Kids

Best handheld game console
Best handheld game console by iWawa Retro Pocket

The iWaWa Retro Pocket is perfect for busy kids for hours. With 150 Game fun and challenging games, this device is the lightest handheld game console available on the market.

The majority of games loaded into this device are illegal games from arcade games since ancient times. Some of the most popular games on iWaWa Retro Pocket are “Catch Chicken”, “Mut Maze”, “Connect Four” and “Kill Zombies.” There are many simple, retro, arcade games available for play.

This handheld game console is extremely cheap, but feels solid to last. It comes with a small screwdriver to open the battery compartment, and lanyards to keep your device on your wrist.

IWawa Retro Pocket uses AAA batteries but not included, but the battery lasts a lot longer because the games are only 8-bit and do not require much power to play.

Unfortunately, there is no audio jack or volume control so the music that comes out is what you get. There is no way to plug the device into a TV or monitor to have a larger screen and no power cord, so the battery is the only way to keep the device charged.

All games offered on iWawa Retro Pocket are mini games that can be completed within minutes. There is no saving option for any game, if you turn it off or if your battery dies during the game, you will have to start again.

The controls on iWawa Retro Pocket are simple, with a navigation key and a action button A and B you can play through any of these games easily. Because the game and the controls are very simple, it may not hold a teenager or adult for hours, but it will bring a sense of nostalgia to the table for at least a few minutes.

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Buying an the best handheld game console will not be easy. Make sure you do the right research and stay within your budget.

If something exceeds your budget and you still want to buy it, just make sure you are positive it is worth the extra money and that you will get good use on the console. By moving, you not only save money on water and electricity but also give your body a break by allowing it to play in any position you feel comfortable with.

A handheld game console allows you to maintain good posture, or lie down and do some games wherever you please. If you are gaming all hours of the day and night, almost all handheld game console in the market allow you to still play on the console while it is charging.


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