Who can doesnt love a good toast? The way the fabulous blend of a crispy exterior with the soft essential bursts full of flavors with every bite, makes them a popular choice for breakfast too many. These roasted slices of bread are convenient and simple yet healthy. To enjoy some nice, warm toasts at home, you have to need a reliable toaster, and whats better than their 4 slice toaster?

If your household is ordinarily on the larger wall or if you purely eat a lot along with toast, a 4-slice celebrity may be a best fit than the simple 2-slice models. Our recommendations were chosen for the availability of ease of use, ease-of-use of cleaning, and formation. If youre making make in the morning during breakfast, youre probably cooking it before your coffee. And, we firmly hope no one should keep to deal with their frustrating kitchen appliance pre-coffee.

This four slice toaster reviews will let you through the temporal process along with picking the entire best one. So dont worry and so read entirely on. Before you know it, you is able to be enjoying in the entire crispiness of the some toasts of an individuals making!

10 Product Reviews Of Best 4 Slice Toaster

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Cuisinart CPT-142P1 4 Slice Toaster

Outstanding Pick
Cuisinart CPT-142P1 4-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster, White
Price: $$.00 USD

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This 4 slice toaster by Cuisinart measures 10.8 x 50.7 x 7.2 inches. It will make things quite convenient over you because you will be able to save good of space with its compact size. This designed toaster oven has a white plastic build, so it is cute lightweight.

It has a particular 7 setting less sunlit areas control that allows the user as a way to choose from 8 different shades about toast. You finally get the opportunity to independently are applicable two different browning shades at rapidly as with the increase toasting panel.

The slots towards the toaster were as wide just like one and a meaningful half inches, which means you can easily and quickly toast a significant of other food as well, to include bagels, and finally frozen pancakes! A person more great thing that’s about this product is just that it works with a sliding crumb tray for your cleaning consolation.

Along considering the consistent toasting function, it actually has a particular reheat, defrosts, and bagel feature. Currently the bagel option toasts few the upper half in the bagel, leaving families with some crunchy main and a meaningful soft, moistened base.

A significant of toaster ovens get all the toasts caught on the runway inside, technique of cropping up not to mention out linked the toaster after might be done. You must not ought to worry in the region of that who have this design. It has some high pick up lever through which allows families to usually take one particular toaster out of by enhancing the lever high ” up ” and professionals the bread pop along with of currently the slot.

Smeg 4 Slot Toaster Cream TSF03 CRUS

Smeg 4 Slot Toaster Cream TSF03 CRUS
Price: $$$.00 USD

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People who think that a great kitchen appliance should also wind up being beautiful, theres Smeg. Smeg is an Italian brand which usually collaborates with architects and designers for a mid-century 50’s look without sacrificing utility.

A real style statement, this iconic retro four slice toaster oven attributes premium enamelled finish and looked really out in the kitchen. It enters in a range of colours including pink, cream and red but we tested the pastel blue and were infatuadted by its gorgeous understated colour. Its possible to get a whole range of products to match too, including an coffee maker, blender and kettle perhaps fridge and range cooker.

The Smeg 4 slice toaster, which will come in a range of neutral additionally vivid colors, makes great toast. Someone unique feature it offers is independent controls for each set of couple of slots, meaning you can make quite a few slices of toast with two differing brownness settings. It offers six stages of browning, reheat, brown, defrost, and bagel settings, even browning, and removable crumb trays. Its pricier than our further picks, but its a beautiful, beneficial toaster.

Sunbeam Wide Slot 4 Slice Toaster

Budget Pick
Sunbeam Wide Slot 4-Slice Toaster, Black
Price: $$.00 USD

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Consider for a simple 4 slice toaster for your kitchen counter, that shiny, black toaster will be the perfect addition. Our own plastic body of this 4.8-pound toaster makes it quite lightweight. You will find that this product is distinct budget-friendly, but also very efficient in its performance with its numerous features.

First off, this kitchen gadget has four wide spots that can fit a bit of really thick bread. This thick cuts of bagel, frozen waffles, or Speech muffins; this machine really does toast them all.

It contains two unbiased control panels for that be able to cheers two different shades to two slices of bread . This comes in super crafting when serving food people today with different preferences.

The toaster contains a normal toast button, a bagel feature, and a terminate option for when you’ll want to stop toasting midway. So, it is ideal this sort of just looking for a simple toaster without too pretty features.

A lot connected times, crumbs clog up the toaster, can make cleaning difficult. This particular appliance, however, you can’t need to appear worried about that. The slide-out, removable crumb stand helps to spend all the particles out.

For cleaning, additionally you can use a thoroughly cloth to get rid of the exterior among the toaster, and it will be as good basically new.

KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster

By the KRUPS Store
KRUPS KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster with Brushed and Chrome Stainless Steel Housing
Price: $$.00 USD

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Recharged and sized similarly to our top pick, this blown and polished stainless steel model from KRUPS 4 slice toaster looks good, is easy to use, and evaluators who’ve owned it for several years say it toasts evenly day in and day out.

The toaster slots are generously sized to enable thicker sliced bread, bagels, and buns. The slot games are also self-centering to ensure whatever you’re toasting is lined up against the heating elements to ensure even heating and browning. There are 6 charges browning settings to choose from on a switch. It’s also easy to choose a shade and a half according to the hash marks between each browning setting.

There are buttons with regard to select defrost, reheat, or bagel settings and a huge high-lift lever to can be helpful you pull out the particular toast without burning your fingers. There’s also one removable crumb tray in addition built-in cord storage. Anything at all is covered by a huge two-year warranty.

Cuisinart CPT-640 4-Slice Metal Toaster

By the Cuisinart Store
Cuisinart CPT-640 4-Slice Metal Toaster, Stainless Steel
Price: $$.00 USD

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For anyone looking for a 4 slice toaster that always has your back, look no further than the Cuisinart Four-Slice Custom Select Toaster. This stainless-steel beauty will look great on your counter and performs admirably for whichever cheers needs you may have.

Cuisinart designed this with seven browning settings. Theres a single toast setting and a dial to specify so, what youre toasting: bread, waffles, bagels, pastries, or English muffins. With 1.5-inch comprehensive slots, it can handle whatever you are always hoping to toast. Theres a high-rise carriage for no-burn toast retrieval, as well as the crumb tray slides out for easy cleaning. In other words, an ideal toaster.

KitchenAid KMT4203SR Silver 4 Slice Toaster, Automatic

By the KitchenAid Store
KitchenAid KMT4203SR Pro Line Series Sugar Pearl Silver 4-Slice Automatic Toaster
Price: $$$.00 USD

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An individual might know KitchenAid because of its iconic stand mixers and this 4 slice toaster includes some of this particular design features from the brand’s 1937 mixer giving the following a modern but retro look. Watching the make lower and raise automatically can be fun, while chance to raise the bread to check the process obtaining canceling the process will help avoid over-browned waffles.

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The keep-warm setting will automatically activate after 45 mere seconds to make sure your toast will be butter-ready assuming you step out of the kitchen. It continues as a way to activate for three minutes, giving you plenty of moment to get back to the kitchen.

The four slots are wide enough for bagels and other thick pieces of bread, while that self-centering feature ensures that thin bread will speech evenly. When youre toasting a new type attached to bread, you might not know exactly how well it needs, so the a little longer establishing lets you keep toasting without changing your favored setting for your usual bread.

Though the Pro Line Silver Toaster will be expensive, many reviewers said it’s worth currently the cost due to its useful features (particularly the self-centering option and “keep warm” setting) and how evenly it browns their destroyed.

Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

By the Breville Store
Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster, Stainless Steel
Price: $$$.00 USD

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Breville brings you an unique smart 4 slice toaster provides a brushed metal housing. With this high-tech product, you will get perfect toasts in every single session. This product has been constructed with strong die-cast metal and have a brushed finishing.

The wider than usual slot games will hold more than easily your thin cuts of loaves of bread. Craving some pastries, bagels, or french toasts? If you have this machine, all that is just an individual push of a button off of. It has an 1800 Watt heating procedure.

The product includes a couple of the best features the new toaster possess. Along with any standard Toast, Bagel, and thus Cancel option, you perhaps even get an actual Defrost mode, Lift combined with Look feature. The lift and looks feature enables you to a few changes inside course of the toasting process that will give a lot better results.

With just one compel of an actual button, this method motorized alternative raises quite possibly lowers all the slots. Information technology even springs the toast out together with the toaster oven once which the work is performed. Depending on some preference, furthermore there are a variety of different shades you can select from for the purpose of your breads.

After you may be done cooking, there is probably no would need to save money time scrubbing after this kind of. Use the pullout pan to pull off the flakes away. Suitably enough, for you are Caused indicators so let the customer keep out with which the toasting progress.

Once the cycle is probably complete, you will be informed with a beeping tone.

Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal Classic 4 Slice Toaster

By the Cuisinart Store
Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal Classic 4-Slice toaster, Brushed Stainless
Price: $$.00 USD

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This Cuisinart CPT-180P1 4 slice toaster is advertised as two toasters in one, since it has dual control panels. If you much bread more well-done than your significant other does, actuality you to customize different toast settings at the related time.

The toaster slots measure extra-wide throughout 1 1/2 centimetres apiece, which can easily fit thicker bagels and pastries. Number of obvious six browning setting on an easy to operate dial, and moreover buttons for reheating, defrosting (think frozen waffles and toaster pastries), and bagels. An extra-lift lever is standard of all toasters today, making use of this model, assists you remove the particular toasted items obtaining to touch the hot toaster.

It’s housed inside brushed stainless steel, so it features modern with various hints of retro design for merriment. It’s available in other several shade options, including schwarze stainless steel, metallic red, and safari with white embelleshment. A cord wrap helps keep shelves looking tidy as well slide-out crumb crate tray helps keep the particular toaster clean.

A lot of reviewers say this four-slice toaster is easy to use not to mention consistently produces evenly browned slices of both thin not to mention thick-cut bread without drying them out too much.

Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Extra Wide Long Slot Stainless Steel Toaster

By the Hamilton Beach Store
Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster with Keep Warm, Defrost and Bagel Functions, Shade Selector
Price: $$.00 USD

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Some of the Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Toaster Oven is another a person which is low on frills but solid on design. Some of the slots are 1.5 inches wide and over 5 inches tall long, meaning theres plenty of room for your top bread, bagels, and beyond.

This option offers several functions, in particular keep warm (which holds your toasted bread at its temperature for three a whole lot minutes without over toasting), defrost and consequently bagel, plus auto shut-off and terminate. Theres an extra lift, so you dont burn up your fingers when you pull the toast. Theres a very loud beep when your toast is done, might be obnoxious or may be incredibly good if you tend to get busy in other rooms as youre making meals.

Tower T20051MNB Cavaletto 4-Slice Toaster

By the Tower Store
Tower T20051MNB Cavaletto 4-Slice Toaster with Defrost/Reheat, Stainless Steel
Price: ££.00 USD

See Selling Price Only UK

People who at UK prefer a pristine kitchen will adore certain chunky stainless steel 4 slice toaster as its a nice doddle to keep as good as new. There were no awkward ridges for crumbs to gather, the rose platinum levers and dials dont show fingerprints and the external crumb trays are really easy to clean.

It comes in four colours including black, pink as well as a grey but we loved the unusual midnight blue to determine that looked extra-chic on the worktop. There are matching accessories including a kettle and storage jars available. Its a little slow to toast but the six browning settings worked well and never left our toast soggy. Like many, taller slices poke out the top a little but nonetheless , otherwise this is a great choice for standard loaves.

Buyer’s Guide

Recognize all about the features of these great products, comprehend do you pick the right one? If you intend to invest in a new four-slice toaster, you will want the best one.

Benefit Of 4 Slice Toaster

Toaster Ovens are usually a go-to for people in the morning when most people are in a rush to travel to work. Breakfast is the a large number of important meal of the day, nevertheless no matter how late you might probably be getting, you need to result in the house on a full intestine. And this is where an a number of slice toaster comes in.

Saving time: The 4 slices at these toasters are there for you actually to be able to toast at a faster rate and, thus, save a lot from time. If you are preparing nutritional for a number of people, an individual can easily make more than just one particular slice of bread or bagel on once, in less time.

They dont just allow you in work on more bread at any time, but also get each of them toasted with the same flawlessness.

Saving money: You can certainly also clipped down on the your electrical energy cost by means of using an absolute 4 slice toaster or else of some sort of 2 piece toaster. With the help of a three slice toaster, you become four toasts in pair sittings, of which is in no way the occurrence with this toasters.

Less amount of labour to do: This product helps clients do a lesser amount of work through better effects. More toasts with significantly less effort. Generating four slots let my user bread four together with more obviously if thin pieces are used, bread slices in certainly one session.

Features To Consider Before Buying

Durability Of 4 Slice Toaster

The top rated quality of some sort of toaster and how less costly been developed matters. Simply because you are spending a fair amount of money through the product, you will not want everything to fail just after a few engages.

Durability is very important. Look towards a toaster oven that owns been thoroughly constructed by means of materials similarly to stainless metal salt that would make sure any appliance could certainly withstand uneven use to prevent the test of time.


Some 4 slice toaster ovens are much more spacious and thicker than others, so certainly check which against the amount of cost-free of charge space you have relating to your worktop. One space saving understanding is to go for some toaster by means of two long-term slots, sampling two furniture pieces of bread each, when compared to four separate your.

Shade Controls

These shifting settings specify the tone or shade level, and also how carried out your loaf of bread will turn into. These are either evidenced in quantities going-up to seven or 7, indicating your current brownness of the speech (from light and portable brown in which to dark brown) or by minutes including down before the make pops “up”.


Looking to the planning of your current product should be not absolutely necessary. However, if you can are a different person who ponders the check of a functional product important, you may very well like one particular that intending to house.

Do oodles of flab a toaster with some simple, quick look? Or, do well-developed body is stronger a stylish and smooth, retro concept toaster? People should make the decision that you’re on preference, and additionally keeping in mind just what exactly will accompany your kitchen should.


Particular higher-end toaster ovens come by means of a sheet metal top carrier for reheating cakes akin to rolls, pancakes, and croissants, while particular have one specific bread pan for compression setting your bread, with some firm basic to avert food straight from spilling inside of of bread furnace.

Standard Features

Features encountered in the most 4 slice toaster ovens include a great crumb tray, lift handle (allowing you to increase the finished toast much higher to allow them to avoid buying burned), and then width slots, which, based on the how an extensive they are, will everyone to hold and smoothly toast above what just a regular slice of toast, such for the reason that bagels, enthusiastic bread slices, pastries, etc.

Extra Features

Many four-slice toasters simultaneously include extraordinary settings furthermore features that may verify useful hinging on on wants. Examples include defrost, reheat, and then keep-warm settings; a “lift and look” feature which often lets shoppers pause toasting to consult doneness; “a bit more” option where lets most people toast just a little longer if the loaf of bread wasn’t carried out to your good liking; and additionally an automated display.

Ease of most cleaning

This is normally crucial a person’s want one specific toaster that will apply you various of solution. If you are ineffectual to extensively clean it because the device is plenty of of your hassle, any appliance are affected. Not only that, the program may much malfunction.

Many toaster ovens show in place every fingerprint, while other make a major messy occupation of removing the crumb tray, that will you will need regularly dispose of. Make sure your prized toaster is going to be easily wiped clean and then has a strong easy-access stand.

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A entire of times, toasters this are caused of high-quality materials and have significantly more wattage usually tend to be quite really expensive. Not only do these kinds of products look wonderful with personal sleek material exterior, yet they also offer you an awesome performance.

However, this does not mean who a cheaper product does not be high quality. Some may wind up slower gets hotter comes to allow them to toasting, and also may never produce the best color, but people will continually give being successful. Also, there are a lot involved with bread toaster ovens on each list that’s the not only affordable, despite the fact that they much give quantity the major performances.


A long toaster may not be necessary for everyone. However, it’s definitely the perfect type for these two groups of people: artisan bread lovers and morning rushers. After going through these very popular 4 slice toaster ovens, we recommend the Cuisinart CPT-142P1 as the best of the lot.

Every different brand of the toaster has some drawbacks. But Breville toaster has the perfect combination of compulsory and optional features if you need a toaster for long regarding.


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