Three Generations of Electric Pressure Cooker

Three Generations of Electric Pressure Cooker
Three Generations of Electric Pressure Cooker

Three Generations of Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cooker has evolved significantly since the first patent was filed on January 9, 1991. Based on the ability to control the cooking, we can classified into three electric pressure cooker generation.

1 st Generation: The Schedule

The 1 st generation electric pressure cooker has the pressure sensor and temperature needed. Both sensors act as moderator threshold. When either pressure or temperature threshold is reached, the power to the heating elements are cut. The only control that users can access through the cooking time control mechanics. Mechanical controller provides control expected of cooking time. Inability to cook slowly.

Basic security mechanisms, such as locking the lid under pressure and excess pressure protection, was made in the 1 st Generation kitchen.

1 st generation electric pressure cooker seldom seen in North America. However, in Asia, they are still very popular with consumers the cost of conscience.

1st Generation Electric Pressure Cooker are Fitted with a Mechanical Timer
1st Generation Electric Pressure Cooker are Fitted with a Mechanical Timer

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2nd Generation: Digital Controller

2 nd generation electric pressure cooker is built on top of the ability of the 1 st with a digital controller. Cooking becomes possible delay. Pressure sensors are also connected to the electronic controller, so a count down timer that can be displayed when working pressure is reached.

Safety is also enhanced with additional sensors. Most notably, if the cap is not locked completely, pressure cooking will not start. This avoids the potential risk of blowing up the lid under pressure cooking.

Many of the electric pressure cooker is sold in North America today still 2 nd generation.

2nd Generation Electric Pressure Cooker Use Digital Controller
2nd Generation Electric Pressure Cooker Use Digital Controller

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3rd Generation: Smart Programming

With the advancement in precision pressure sensors and temperature, 3 rd generation electric pressure cooker sophisticate exercises control with digital technology. The two most notable features is the smart programming and enhanced safety. These features significantly improved cooking results, maintaining consistency and enhanced safety.

Every 3 rd generation kitchen is equipped with a microprocessor. With accurate readings from the pressure sensors and temperature, the processor can be programmed to perform complex tasks of cooking. The smart program is tailor made for the specific purpose of cooking by changing the heating intensity, temperature, pressure and cooking time, cook to achieve optimized results and maintain the integrity trousers. A typical example is the multi-grain cooking show where the seeds are soaked in ~ 60C / 86F for a period of time to soften the grains before cooking begins. Please see our article smart programming for more details.

With the processor program, the safety mechanism more complex becomes possible. For example, one common mistake is misplacing release line in the open position while starting cooking. With the release of slightly open, the pressure never builds up in the cooking pot. Kitchen previous generations will continue heating. If the situation is not controlled on time, all the fluid in the cooking pot will evaporate and the food will be lost. The 3 rd generation of pot implement a mechanism called, Leaky guard, where the processor detects pre-heating phase length and prevent excessive warming with an alarm. See more about safety features here.

All models are 3 things Instant Pot generation electric pressure cooker.

Instant Pot Smart Cooker
3rd Generation Electric Pressure Cooker are Equipped with Smart Programming and Enhanced Safety

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