Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box

Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box
Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box

Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box is No.1 of best-sellers of spring mattresses on Amazon. This mattress features a 2.5-inch pillow top and 8.5-inch support base. Such two layers help ensure a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience. Fantastic price and US made quality makes this mattress a bargain deal. The queen size is only 1/3 the price of inner spring mattresses at local stores. We also find a downside on this bed. It is too heavy for one person to move and set up. When you are going to pull it out the box, make sure you have help.

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Features of Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box

Come in a box

Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box, as the name suggests, is folded in a box and rolled up for delivery. Because the mattress in the box is heavy, the manufacturer puts roller wheels and a handle on it. Such a packaging makes it easy for a single person to move around.

Soft pillow top & supportive base

The Textrade inner spring mattress has a 2.5-inch pillow top layer and 8.5-inch support layer. It’s best-suited for regular size persons who want a supportive yet soft bed. The pillow top offers comfy sleep experience and the thick base provides the body with right support. For back pains, it’s not a magic, but owners still feel the obvious improvement. People who have an above-average weight may not feel soft as 2.5-inch comfort layer can be a little thinner for big guys.

Is it made in USA?

Yes, Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box is made in US. You may have found that quite a lot of bed brands such as Simmons import mattresses from China and other countries outside US. As US has higher production standards, we believe the quality of Textrade mattress in a box is superior to its competition.

Fantastic price

The reasonable price makes owners recommend this bed as an economical choice for anyone. Most inner spring mattresses sold at the local furniture store are over $1000. Textrade queen inner spring mattress is under 1/3 of the price. As owners say, it is worth every penny. If you want a quality innerspring mattress without paying over a thousand, check it out.

Isolating motion transfer

Textrade Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress in a Box can do some help for light sleepers. It minimizes the motion delivery on the bed. That said, when you toss and turn, get into or out the bed, your partner doesn’t feel the movements or wake up.

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Issues of Textrade Inner Spring Mattress in a Box


The only down side many owners mention is it requires excessive force to get the mattress out the box.

Short warranty

Besides that, I personally don’t like the warranty it offers. Textrade only offer limited 5-year warranty, which is very short compared to 10-year or 20-year warranty.

Consumers Reviews

  • “I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for nearly 2 months. It’s still very comfortable. I haven’t experienced the dip in the center of the mattress that some other reviews have described, despite sleeping in the middle of the bed ~95% of the time.” – madameghosts
  • “It was purchased in January 2011 and my wife and I have been sleeping on it every night since. The mattress was comfortable when it was brand new and it still is to this day. It is used on a platform bed and has not developed any sagging.” – David

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Mattress details

  • Available sizes: King, Queen, Twin, Full
  • 11-inch high
  • 2.5-inch pillow top
  • 8.5-inch support base
  • 5 years warranty

FYI: if you are going to buy a bed frame for this bed, go for the Malouf HIGHRISE Folding Metal Bed Frame 14″.


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