Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser Car

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser car by Playhut

Age Range: 4-15 years old

For children who are fond of Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Rafael, and Donatello, they will definitely play with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Raiser car. This 54 inches long, 52 inches tall, 34 inches wide and colorful fabrics beautifully designed to mimic famous Turtle Shell Raiser of TMN. It has a lot of openings and walkways to help children optimize their ninja training. Shell Raiser also has several tunnel port can be connected to other similar structures from Playhut. The flame resistance Shell Raiser can be easily opened for use immediately.

What we like about it – colorful design is sure to be loved by children. Scalability is also worth mentioning. This will be a great addition to any room playset in your child’s play or right in your own backyard. Excellent for stimulating children’s imagination and enhance their mental skills.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser car by Playhut
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser car by Playhut
  • Get behind the wheel of the awesome Shell Raiser vehicle!
  • Multiple openings let the little ones practice their ninja turtle skills!
  • Flame Resistant
  • Tunnel ports connect to other Playhut structures

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About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraiser car

Only Playhut structures provide children with hours of interactive adventure. EZ Twist technology allows for instant setup and quick fold-down, make our products portable and EZ to store. Children can imagine themselves playing with their favorite characters.

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Q & A

Q: What type of material is this made of?

A: The playhut tents are made of a durable, stain resistant synthetic fabric. I believe it’s polyester. They are easy to clean and wipe down, and liquid beads up on them. They are for indoor use only and are not water proof, but are tough and last well.

Q: Does this playhut have a bottom? Just wondering if I’d be able to throw some plastic play balls in without them ending up everywhere.
A: No

Q: What is the dimensions of the box this tent was shipped in? need an average size of the shipping box. Thanks

A: I don’t remember exactly but I would say 3’x2’x6″ thick

Q: Are there covers for the tunnels holes, since it does not come with tunnel?
A: Yes there are covers it is great fun and folds up easy and it pops right up

Top Reviews

Shellraiser tent
This is a fun tent that sets up quickly. My 4 year old son fit inside with another child of similar age with room to spare. The tunnels attach only on 3 sides however, so they are not secure on the top.
Also, the door attaches with velcro, and comes off easily. I can never get things like this to roll up properly, so we just fold it flat and store it under the bed. We had it put up at this birthday party, and the kids had a blast jumping around in it.

Big enough for two four year olds and a 60 pound dog as long as they are all not laying down.
I was tired of our living room looking like a tornado hit it when the kiddos wanted to build a fort with the couch cushions, this is a perfect solution! The kiddo loves it and was super excited to get into it right away. The only drawback is that she wants the top to close. There is no flap for the opening in the roof so we have used a lightweight blanket to do the job.

My kids absolutely love this tent

My kids absolutely love this tent! We haven’t had any problems with it, except for when the kids get a little too rough and a wire ends up twisted somewhere, but it’s always an easy fix. They get hours of fun in this thing!

By Besthomeshoppingreviews

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