South Shore Cosmos Bed Review

My Son is Happy with His Bed

I purchased the South Shore piece of furniture Cosmos assortment Twin Mates Bed for my seven-year-old son. Well, it’s near to time to maneuver him out from his child bed. The bed arrived in time and that i place it up for AN hour therefore. My son precious his new bed.

He is terribly happy to own an even bigger bed of his own with storage drawers for his stuff. He currently looks like a giant boy. i’m extremely happy with the acquisition of this bed box.

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Click To Buying South Shore Cosmos Bed

What I Really Liked About this Bed

PRODUCTION ALSO: After assembly, I looked over the entire South Shore bed and I can say that it is a well-made product. It looks strong in the first place and has kept my son safely for months now. I do not have any worry of falling apart bed with my son on it. It’s a pretty simple bed frame that is reliable and durable. I have a feeling that this will last Doubles through his childhood years.

Drawer PRACTICES: A good feature that I like about this is that the double bed partner drawer. The bed has three drawers excellent which is very practical to use. My son feels great now that he has a place to put your stuff on it can access for their height. He even labeled each drawer – my favorite toys, things to go to school, and my favorite book. The drawer has helped my son become an organization at a young age.

Localizing ASSEMBLY: South Shore mates bed box is the first beds that I have gathered all by myself. I thought I would have a hard time with the assembly, but it turned out pretty simple. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. All parts from largest to smallest are included in the package. It as a great achievement for me as a father.

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Best feature

Bed partners are built from composite wood. It has a certification by the FSC or Forest Stewardship Council.

The South Shore beds require some easy assembly of its arrival. They have a weight of 500 pounds.

bedroom furniture south bank of Shaker Style is part of the collection Cosmos. You can easily coordinate with almost any bedroom furniture.

This fellow has three double bed pull-out drawer with the handle broad brushed nickel. All products under a five-year warranty.

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This South Shore Furniture double bed is really a great product. It has incredible quality. However, I have some doubts about the durability of the bottom of a drawer because they are made from solid pieces of concrete missing.

The good thing is my son put things lightly just inside the drawer. I think they can last for a long time. Overall, I think the South Shore Furniture Twin Bed is really good buy.

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