Soft Sleeper 8-inch Memory Foam

Soft Sleeper 8-inch Memory Foam
Soft Sleeper 8-inch Memory Foam

Soft Sleeper 8-inch memory foam is a popular mattress and has few negative feedback or reviews on the internet. There are some features owners mentioned a lot: 1) soft and comfortable 2) best price 3) made in the USA. Soft Sleeper 8-inch memory foam mattress is also one of a few highest rated mattresses on Amazon. Its owners give 4.4 stars and 83% are 4 and 5 stars. The extremely low price and super comfort are the primary reasons why the mattress receives so many rave reviews.

Mattress details:

4-inch soft memory foam layer
4-inch foam base
100 days tryout
10 years warranty

Features of Soft Sleeper 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Soft mattress

As its name suggest, Soft Sleeper 8-inch memory foam mattress is a soft bed. It includes 4-inch memory foam and 4-inch support base. 4-inch soft layer makes it softer and more comfortable than most 8-inch memory foam beds using 2-inch foam. It is the biggest advantage that sets it apart from the competition. Due to thick soft layer, Soft Sleeper 8-inch memory foam strongly conforms to your body and makes you feel like sleeping on a cloud. This mattress is an ideal option for sleepers who prefer a soft bed.

Help bad back of small guys

Thanks to the thin overall thickness and thick soft layer, 8-inch Soft Sleeper is best suited for small people who are looking for a plush mattress. But that doesn’t prevent the mattress from relieving back pain for small guys. It can provide enough contouring support the back need. Big guys will find it too plush and not supportive for them. The bad part is they will sink much into the bed and worsen back pains. If you are a person over $200 and want a firm bed, look at other options. Soft Sleeper memory foam mattress is what light or regular size sleepers do quite well with.

USA made

Soft Sleeper is made in the USA. On my memory, US made products have never made me disappointed. As far as we know, China made products have lower quality standards than US. If you are among people who doubt the reliability of products made in China, this mattress is right for you.

100 night tryout

The mattress offers 100 night tryout. These days, only a few mattress manufacturers offer in home trial. Even the Tempurpedic mattress only gives 90 night tryout. That said, you don’t need to worry about your money when you aren’t satisfied with the bed.

How about the price

If you go to local furniture store, it is very difficult to find a memory foam mattress with 4-inch foam around $300. Soft Sleeper 8-inch memory foam gives such a comfortable and reliable bed at an entry-level price. It sells at a reasonable price on Amazon. (check out price)

Issues of Soft Sleeper 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The smell

When you pull the mattress out the box, you may notice the memory foam smell. You need to let it air out for a few hours. After the smell isn’t noticeable, you can sleep on.

Customer Reviews

  • “The price is the ultimate for the comfort. They are a little “hard” at first, but very soon the mattress softens up and forms to your body. My kids have never slept better!!” – Julianne
  • “The cost is more than reasonable… in fact, now that I have the mattress, I’m shocked at the price for the value. I can’t say anything bad about this mattress.” – Daryl

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Soft Sleeper 8-inch memory foam is a soft  bed that is best-suited for people who like a plush bed. The super thick top layer makes sure your body is cradled perfectly. But if you like a firm bed, you may need to look further.

Available bed sizes: California King, Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL


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