Smell of Mattress Toppers & How To Control It

Memory foam topper owners are really satisfied with their purchase generally speaking, because of the comfort it provides. But there is a very common complaint amongst them, which is the unpleasant smell produced by the topper. For some, that smell may become unbearable because of its chemical nature. Don’t worry though, the smell is not really harmful and there are even some solutions to controlling the odor of such toppers.

Reason of Odor and Related Health Issues

Memory foam toppers are manufactured using chemicals such as polyurethane, so it isn’t surprising that it emits an unpleasant odor. Even if some other material is used, they still have to be treated with flame-retardants comply with the federal standards concerning flammability of toppers. These compounds are called volatile organic compounds. This off gassing is a well-documented property of the toppers and mattresses. Mostly, the fumes released by these toppers compare to the smell experienced in a freshly painted room.

Also, it is completely natural to wonder if there are health issues related to this off gassing of toppers. On that topic, most people have reported that they didn’t face any health issues due to their usage of memory foam toppers but a minority of people reported the contrary. Nausea, headaches and allergic reactions to the material were among the reported. Keep in mind that most of these problems are temporary, and fade away with the smell. Still, it is best to consult a doctor if faced with some issue.


Airing it Out – First of all, remove all the plastic packaging surrounding the topper. Place it outdoors for a few hours on a non humid and dry day if possible. A porch will suffice if you prefer not to leave it out in the open. If you are unable to take it outside at all, just prop it up in a well ventilated room against a chair so that it releases the smell from all sides. Open all windows and turn the fan on. This will help in reducing the smell by speeding up the release process.

Baking Soda – You may even use baking powder, a common household agent, to remove the smell. Use the same type used for the deodorizing of a refrigerator. That will help in de-fuming the topper. After airing out, sprinkle baking soda all over the topper. Let it sit for a few hours. Be patient, this will take time. Afterwards, clean the baking soda by a vacuum or any other cleaning product. For the best results, apply the powder directly on the topper instead of using a sheet of some sort.

Smell of Mattress Toppers & How To Control It
Smell of Mattress Toppers & How To Control It

Keeping it Clean – Try to keep the topper clean at all times. It may absorb sweat as time passes, which may worsen the smell. In order to prevent this from happening, let the topper air out for a while when it is washing time.

Room Refresher – Memory foam toppers may make the room smell for a few days. Using vinegar as a deodorizing agent helps greatly in this process. Even more if you don’t care about the smell of vinegar itself. Place a bowl of vinegar in the room while you are away. This will help absorb the odors.

Patience – The best thing about all this is that, even if you are facing a smell, rest assured that it won’t last long. The smell may sustain for some days, after which it will discover completely. Still, this depends upon the finishing of the product, the type of foam, the room ventilation or the sensitivity of the person. As it can be clearly seen, many factors play their part in this, so it can’t be effectively determined how long the odor may last.

Final Words

Above mentioned tips and tricks would be useful enough to help you carry away the awful smell of your new mattress topper. Though it fades away after some time, but in order to rectify the process you can use the above mentioned methods and it will help you feel relaxed worry free about the bad smell issues.


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