Smeg Toaster Oven 4 Slice 2 Slot Review

Which the Smeg Toaster Oven (TSF02) is a two-slot, four-slice, situated using the companys signature retro look. Its essentially the very bigger version of Smegs two-slot, two-slice TSF01.

Compared with the newer four-slot, four-slice TSF03 toaster, currently the TSF02 features only one set of controls; there generally only two slots, after all. However, these slots get capacious, allowing you to toast very long bread, as large slices of sourdough or halved baguettes.

The results here are great, and a specific bagel toasting program proves a great advantage. However, the slot tend to be a little snug for fitting by using two slices of bread sideways, while placing them up and down means a section of bread will often remain sticking out.

Design Of Smeg Toaster Oven TSF02

By Smeg Brand
Smeg TSF02 50’s 4 Slice 2 Slot Toaster, Chrome
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The Smeg toaster oven TSF02 design is essentially what would have lately been considered futuristic in the 1950s. But that isnt bad although rocking a Space Age retro vibe, i would say the TSF02 also manages to look like a glossy appliance fit for any contemporary kitchen, whether its minimalist or shabby chic.

This is further using the breadth of colour obtainable for UK that protect cream, white, black, red, pastel blue, pink pastel green, chrome (US TSF02SSUS).

The thing to get noticable about all of these finishes is that most theyre super-shiny. Which means the deep drawn published steel of our toasters body doesn’t necessarily attract many finger prints from dry hands, grease smudges may leave their image. However, its easy enough to polish why these off with any kind of a cloth.

The shininess means high levels at reflectiveness. While it truly is less noticeable in debt version, the stainless – one reached vainness levels.

On both corners of the toaster oven sits a complex Smeg logo. All of the accents are metallic, too, excluding our own plastic parts of buttons that illumine.

Its a steadily built, sturdy toaster, unlikely to fall over in any situation. While pushing down the lever feels just a little stiff, its a sensible way to ensure this doesn’t necessarily happen accidentally.

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The TSF02s spots are about 27cm long and 1.2cm wide. However, the instruction manual advises a person shouldnt toast some sort of bread thicker then 3cm.

At about 21.5cm, this toaster is quite tall. Its 20.5cm deep and furthermore 40cm wide. cable is a particular generous 88cm regarding length, giving owners about 54cm by the back. There are hooks at the foot of the toaster as for cord storage.

The easily completely crumb tray is in the rear for this toaster and is known for its push-to-open mechanism. Our own TSF02 also features small, non-slip rubberized feet, with an additional set of six included as the actual back-up with an instruction manual.

Smeg has simultaneously designed a meal rack and the actual bun warmer for the TSF02 toaster; both may be separately.


The actual bagel function is a rare option among toaster producers understand although not unique to Smeg. In addition to finally bagels, Smeg also suggests you can use it intended for (halved) flatbreads, muffins and baguettes.

Beneath the lever sits the browning interesting depth dial, featuring the reheat setting as now as numbers from 1 to 6. Each of them of those levels is divided into 4 increments, allowing you to settle at 2.5, for instance. A subtle ticking sound characterizes the turning of the dial.

Other toasters tend to include a difficulties reheat button, which needs to be stressed right after pushing down the toasting lever. However, this can create confusion in relation to its which browning level you should choose. Having the reheat setting on the dial makes sense, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

The cancel button can be found at the centre of the dial, signified by the text STOP. This will light up whenever that this Smeg toaster oven is in use.

On the right side of how the dial is the bagel function button, and on the left is often the defrost button. Both light up when pressed.

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Ensure You Like Use On The Smeg Toaster Oven 4 Slice 2 Slot

With browning levels and functions with the Smeg Toaster Oven TSF02. Besides it have the bonus of a bagel function, each of our slots here are long, meaning you can toast whole slices of sourdough.

Smeg Toaster Oven 4 Slice 2 Slot

The browning levels for each variety of bread tended to vary, depending on whether toasting a slices per slot, and at where placed the single slice of bread (in the absolute centre, or towards one fringe of the slot).

With four slices of standard supermarket white bread two or more in each slot figure out the best placement. This task soon became apparent that the majority of slices of a spacious (circa 800g) loaf are simply a little too long pertaining to being positioned in the toaster oven horizontally.

Yet, due to your width of these slot, managed of squeeze two in, by letting these kind of slightly overlap (by about 2.5cm). On the another side, placed two or three slices vertically, generally stuck out on the toaster a small-scale once the lever was down. At setting 3, all toasting took encompassing 2mins 45secs.

The slices installed vertically had just-about 3.5cm of lighter bread on major. The horizontal slices looked brown and actually on one side, but had a new 3.5cm pale place where the bread overlapped.

So, be alert to bread size along with the Smeg Toaster Oven TSF02. You will either opt with regard to smaller loaves, merely toast two cuts at a time for the virtually even results.

The reheat performance can prove somewhat useful here; a new manual itself suggests using it you can brown up your current underdone toast. On the inside reality, it contained faint colour in addition to a bit of crispness to the undercooked parts of bakery.

Toaster temperature has effects on toasting time, consequently for greater accuracy and precision you should originated with a cooled-down toaster.

While setting 3 worked for have a look at slices of standard white bread, keep in mind this proved too a good deal of for two slices, burning the loaves of bread. Setting 2.5, meanwhile, yielded great results as same time (2mins 45secs).

For frozen bakery. Two slices of frozen bread on configuring 3, with the actual defrost function activated, took about 2mins 55secs. The coming toast was fairly evenly coloured, with a nice and brittle outside and a soft but possibly not soggy on the inside.

Next up obtained been crumpets. At creating 4.5, they obtained just over a couple minutes to speech and turned out of the house gorgeously crispy to the outside, while leftover chewy on the inner.

Due to any toasters high lift, its relatively for you to place the crumpets in the toaster. Removing them was a tad trickier as they became slightly wedged. However, I was able free them by having a wooden chopstick and by to some degree lifting the lever. Once this was sorted, the crumpets had been easy to pull without the dependence on tongs.

Finally, it appeared to be time for bagels. The TSF02s bagel function promises so that you can toast only the reds of the bagel and gently stove the other, give you place the main bagel halves in order for the inside halves from the bagel are oriented the outside wall structure of the toaster oven.

At setting thirdly.5, with the bagel function activated, the toasting took just 3mins 25secs. The arising bagel was soft on the outside, without any grand browning of a new sesame seeds, also nice and crunchy on the into.

While the pop-up mechanism of a new Smeg Toaster Oven TSF02 isnt a bit too strong for several slices, be sensitive when toasting a slice; the toaster may fling it all onto your counter top or worse, onto the bare floors.

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The Smeg Toaster Oven TSF02 is a gorgeous toaster by way of slots long enough for large sourdough slices and about half baguettes, and that bagel function is useful. If youre happy to have a four-slice two-slot toaster with one set of controls, the TSF02 offers great results.


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