How Smart Cooking Programs Work

Instant Pot Cooking achieve the best results with a set of smart cooking Programs. The program is stored in and executed by a processor chip inside advanced Instant Pot panel. These programs were selected after extensive testing in our laboratories with different food content.

The smart cooking Programs cooking process control with four parameters: the heating intensity, temperature, pressure and time.

  • Heating intensity is the amount of heat generated by the heating elements. The main reason to control the heating intensity is to manage the temperature at the bottom of the cooking pot, mostly to avoid burning food content below. For example, heating is slower and gradual in the “Soup” as fast and hard in the “Steam” (food knows no contact with the bottom of the cooking pot). Heating intensity control is also used for bathing, such as in function Multigrain. IP-CSG60 Instant Pot with a heating element with a power rating of 1000W. The heat output of the heating element is controlled by turning power on and off in different time.
  • Temperature is the temperature in the cooking pot cooking during cooking. Peak working temperature is 115 ° Instant Pot C ~ 118 ° C or 239 ° F ~ 244 ° F. However, the smart cooking Programs is not always maintained at a high temperature. In the program “Multigrain”, to soften the grains, the food contents are heated to 60 ° C for 50 minutes in warm soak before cooking begins.
  • Pressure: when the liquid content in the portal cook to boiling point naturally, which changes depending on the altitude of your location, water vapor accumulates in the cooking pots and pressure is created. Thermodynamics of Engineering pointed out that in the ideal case is the product of pressure and volume of a gas is proportional to the temperature. Due to the volume of the cooking pot is a constant, we can consider the application is linearly related to the temperature of the gas, and to a large extent (with delayed effects) to the temperature of the internal liquid solution. Working pressure of 10.15 ~ Instant Pot is 11.6 psi (pound-force per square inch).
  • Cooking time is the time when the content of food being cooked. Changes cooking time depends on the amount of food content. For example, to cook 2 cups of rice, it takes about 14 minutes (8 minutes retention time pressure). More than 2 drinks, it takes about 28 minutes (10 minute retention time pressure). Additional pressure retention period to ensure the rice is cooked all about volume. The default time has been tested in our lab works well in most cases. However, in situations when food needs to be done well or less cooked, the cooking time can be adjusted by using the “Adjust”.

The smart cooking programs can be better understood with temperature charts / visual pressure in relation to the cooking time. Here are the rankings temperature / pressure of the “Bean / Chili”, “Meat / Stew”, “Soup”, “Porridge” and the cooking show “Multigrain”.


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