Sleep Studio 2-Inch ViscO2 Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Sleep Studio 2-Inch ViscO2 Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Sleep Studio 2-Inch ViscO2 Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Sleep Studio 2-Inch ViscO2 Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper has a super high customer satisfaction. 90% owners like it and only 10% think it’s just ok or not good. The green tea feature works as advertised. It gives off mint ice cream smell instead of chemical odor. Besides the feature really keeps the sleeping temperature at a comfortable degree and no one complain it’s overheating or overly warm. This Sleep Studio 2-Inch ViscO2 topper is on the softer side, which offers sleeping on a cloud experience. Considering it’s made in USA, it’s really a great deal. For big guys, this one may be not supportive.

Features of Sleep Studio 2-Inch ViscO2 Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Does it feel firmer or softer?

This topper is on the soft side. If you haven’t watched the customer video review from an owner on Amazon, you can click here to watch it. You will know how soft the topper is from the video. Sleep Studio has a regular version of this topper, 2-inch 3lb Visco2 memory foam mattress topper without green tea feature. The regular one is firmer than this one and its color is white, not green (check out the white one). Persons who prefer more support will find the firm regular one better.

Is your wife and husband a light sleeper?

Light sleepers always find it very hard to fall asleep and very easy to be disturbed by any noise or movement at night. Sleep Studio 2-inch visco2 green tea memory foam mattress topper absorbs pressure and movements, and delivers down to the bed rather than makes noises and transfers movements to the other. Your wife or husband doesn’t feel you move or get out of bed.

Not suitable for big guys

This topper is only 2 inches high so it doesn’t have enough support for heavy or large sized persons. The body of big guys will squash the memory foam flat. You don’t experience any support or comfort, not to mention feeling like sleeping on a cloud. It’s not a right choice for big guys.

Not stink

If you do some research online, you will find many people complain that memory foam products stink. It smells more like chemical odor and bad for people who have a sensitive nose. This Sleep Studio topper is pale minty green. The manufacturer adds natural green tea additive to the memory foam to give off mint smell, which is the green tea feature as advertised. Nearly every owner mentions its smell and all reviews are positive. Actually, this topper smells like mint ice cream rather than green tea, which is much better than chemical odor. And the mint smell fades very quickly.

Some people said this memory foam topper didn’t have memory and it only held the impression for a few seconds. What they tell is truth. But you can’t ask more from only 2 inch 3 pounds memory foam at such a cheap price.

You may want to know whether it’s overheating as the review doesn’t cover the topic. The green tea feature works and 99% customers are happy with the sleeping temperature. Only one owner mentioned she got warm but it was still fine, not overheating.

Last but not least, this topper is made in USA. It’s good news for people who don’t like made in China.

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