Sleep Innovations 12″ Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Sleep Innovations 12″ Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Sleep Innovations 12″ Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations 12″ Skylar is a new gel memory foam mattress released late last year. Skylar features 2.5-inch gel foam and 2.5-inch air channel foam, which are 0.5-inch thicker than 12-inch Taylor. It has the thickest gel foam among all members of the Sleep Innovations family. That being said, it’s the mattress retaining least heat in the whole Sleep Innovations series. If you decide on this brand and need the maximum cooling ability, this one is what you can find. Skylar is made in the USA and meets all US standards for mattress manufacturing like all other Sleep Innovations models. That ensures a high pass rate and stability you cant experience from China made foam. It’s not a soft bed and people weighing below average shouldn’t expect feeling like sleeping in a cloud. On the whole, Skylar is decent mattress for firm mattress shoppers and big persons will love it.

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Sleep Innovations 12″ Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress Features

Firmness grade: 8 (1-10 softest to firmest)

Sleep Innovations hardly produce soft or plush mattress and all their models are on the firm side. 12-inch Skylar is firm but slightly molds to your body. You will not feel sinking in very much not mention to bottoming out. That also means it creates a shallow rut where you sleep so you can easily change your sleep position without any extra effort. It’s a plus for people who have trouble getting in or out of the bed.

The product description shows Skylar is medium firm but close to firm is more accurate. Firm mattress is better suited for big or heavy people as their weight makes them sink in more to get needed support. Skinny persons who weigh below average tend to feel like sleeping on the floor as they can’t sink a bit. Owner reports have the same result. If you weigh not much, Skylar isn’t an ideal choice.

Cooling features

Skylar has the thickest gel foam and air channel foam in the family to prevent too much body heat from holding up on the bed. Compared to SureTemp models without gel infusion, it improves air and heat circulation in the foam and eliminates excessive heat that will cause temperature rise. People who feel overheating on SureTemp models tend not to on 12-inch Skylar. And those who don’t experience any sleeping hot problem on traditional types of mattresses will not have any problem on it. But it’s not for all. Some still feel warmth gathering on the bed especially hot sleepers. If you sleep hot on the very first day, you should return it.

US made quality

Sleep Innovations Skylar is proudly made in the USA. All materials and manufacturing process comply with US standards. Their mattress is free of all chemicals or materials causing healthy problems since it’s in the manufacturing process like PBDE. Many foams made in China don’t meet all US safety and quality standards. You may not see CertiPur-US seal on Sleep Innovations products but on many brands selling imported China foams. Sleep Innovations don’t need it but those brands do because they need to prove their foam mattress meet US standards. Compared owner reports, we find Sleep Innovations series has much less complaints about quality and stability than brands using Chinese foam. Skylar and other Sleep Innovations mattresses cost about $100 more but it’s very reasonable for a brand made its all products in the USA.

Warranty and free trial

Sleep Innovations doesn’t offer free trial so after you buy the mattress, you can only make a warranty claim if have any problems. But there is way to enjoy 30 day free return. Yes I’m talking about buy from Amazon. Some unsatisfied customers have done it and get their money back. Skylar comes with an average 20 year limited warranty. One thing about warranty most owners may ignore is to get an extra waterproof cover to protect the mattress and its original cover in case you need to apply to warranty claim. No cover may cause your warranty void.

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Sleep Innovations 12″ Skylar Gel Memory Foam Mattress Downside

Too firm

A few owners complain it’s too firm like a rock. As I said before, it’s not an ideal mattress for lightweight persons. But if you still want it, a soft topper would fix it and make the bed a comfy heaven.


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