Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing Perfect Replacement

Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing – Materials and ConstructioniA one inch rope has a working load of well over 800 pounds. This is a big rope, easy to hold onto and safe, and makes a great climbing rope too. The higher and longer the rope the bigger the ride. With a 16 inch disc seat, even big kids (adults) can ride. Some single-rope swings only offer a 3/8th to 1/2 inch rope and there made of nylon, plastic or cotton and they stretch. Also, kids have difficulty holding the smaller ropes. This Skateboard Swing is well-made and provides an unusual sideways motion not found in normal swings.

Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA – The most fun swing ever! Handmade in California.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Comes ready to hang! Weight limit – 200 lbs. Fun for kids and adults
  • Built superman strong, using the highest quality materials to ensure safety!
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE – Fun for ages 2 years and up! Boys, Girls, Parents – Everyone loves this swing! Warning this swing will attract neighborhood kids
  • READY TO HANG – 84″ tall – built for either swing-sets or to hang from a tree! Simply clip in to your swing-set or hang from a tree!

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About Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing

100% Handmade Skateboard Swing. From our yard to yours! Perfect for swingsets, tree swings etc. We custom make every swing using the highest quality materials. We are happy to present to you one of the funnest toys to be built in recent years.

If you are looking to get your kids off computers, TV and outside playing – the Sk8Swing is the answer. If you are hanging from a swingset the swings are ready to hang – literally just remove your old swing and clip in the Sk8Swing and your done! If you are hanging from a tree – average hang time is approximately 15 minutes.

Our Skateboards are made from 100% Canadian Maple. We use superman strong rope and accessories. Quality and attention to detail go into every swing. If you have any questions – please message us and we will respond fast!


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Q & A

Q: How do you hang from celling?

A: You would have to hang it from swing hangers attached to beams in the ceiling. The top of the ropes have “S” hooks on them to attach to swing hangers. Then you would just have to adjust the height of the board by re-knotting the rope under the board, and you’d be all set.

Q: We live in Florida with lots of humidity and rain. Can you recommend something to coat it with to withstand the elements longer?
A: We bought it for our grandchildren in NC with similar elements. I’m sure it has weather resistant costing but you may want to check with the manufacturer.

Q: How much rope is included with this swing?

A: Without measuring specifically I would say the manufacture took approximately 10 feet of rope, doubled it over and then placed a handle and hook on each side of the board. You have to purchase extra rope if you’re going to hang it on a large tree as we did. Hope this helps.

Top Reviews

Fun swing.

My 8 year old loves it. Added a 4 foot swing extension strap from another vendor for my 11 foot high branch and it was set. Very well made product. Good times ahead. The vendor claims he does a happy dance for every review. Let’s see a pic.

Only thing that keeps the kids outside!

This thing is so fun! I saw one of these at a friend’s child’s birthday and all the kids were obsessed with it. I ordered one for my niece and now she forces me to watch her “skate into oblivion” every time I come over. I think it puts a unique spin on a playground experience and makes the idea of skateboarding cool for little girls.

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