If you are looking for a high-powered, wheelchair-friendly wheelchair, it is not too difficult for your wallet, the Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair can be exactly what you are looking for.

Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair Review
Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair

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The best thing about Shoprider Jimmie is its maneuverability that comes from the extremely tight 15.5 “turn radius.
It can be dismantled into three relatively light parts.

Does not come with any storage space or cart.
Unable to remove the battery from the front frame to insert / remove / Storage lighter.

About The Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair

Jimmie Power Chair is built and designed by Shoprider and is one of the most reliable electric wheelchairs. The driving distance of up to 10 miles, the Shoprider Jimmie power chair can hold a weight of 250 lbs. Driving on 10 “puncture proof tires, the Jimmie power wheelchair has a rear-wheel drive that can go as fast as 3.75 mph with a radius of 25.5”. The Jimmie electric car is well suited to perform the turning point. Overall Jimmie is an electric wheelchair that can be driven around high-end homes, shopping centers, parks, and harsh terrain to offer an idea.

Features of Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair

Perhaps the best thing about Shoprider Jimmie is its maneuverability comes from an extremely tight 15.5 “turn radius, the rear-drive wheels have 9” flat-free tires and there are two anti-tip wheels in the back, which helps solve the problem of small bathrooms that can make the restaurant so difficult. It’s also handy in the elevator or on tight turns in the aisle of your favorite clothing store!

It can be dismantled into three relatively light parts, making it easy to store in the body of the car to travel. Seat (24 lbs.), Front chassis (with 52 lbs battery – 20 lbs.) And rear chassis (with 30 lbs. Drive). Total weight is only 106 lbs. The maximum recommended user weight is 250 lbs and the maximum speed is 3.75 mph.

With a driving range of 10 miles from two 12v 12Ah (SLA – Sealed Lead Acid) batteries, it can take up to 12 hours to charge, this seat gives impressive service. The charging port under the joystick / controller and the controller can be fitted to right or left handed users.

Although the driver’s seat (18 “width) does not rotate it up and forward, saving space for the trunk or wardrobe. The seat knob, located to the left of the wheelchair under the handrail, adjusts the seat from 1″ to 3” step by step. Good padded armrests can be adjusted for width, height and angle, which can be large footplates. Safety seats are also adjustable. The ground clearance of 2.25” really helps when crossing grass or uneven ground.

Like most Shoprider units, the controller can be locked to avoid unauthorized use. Locking / unlocking is done through a series of keypresses and joystick movements.

Warranty for Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair

Jimmie Power Chair honors Shoprider’s warranty. The seller’s warranty includes any material and workmanship errors of one year from the date of original purchase.

Warranty is valid for products purchased in the United States by a dealer and supplier SHOPRIDER competent.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable in any way.

This warranty is for replacement parts to repair under the approval of SHOPRIDER Inc.

All warranty replacement parts are guaranteed from the original purchase date, not from the date of replacement. Purchase vouchers are required for warranty coverage. Bring your mobile device to the nearest Shoprider service center.

Parts are warranted for one year, including electronic components, power cord, voltage, speed, braking (electrical components only), and other types of components. The mechanical part of the mobile device is also warranted for 12 months including, engine, gearbox and brakes.

Shoprider offers a 6 month warranty on batteries supplied with scooters or electric wheelchairs. If the battery is considered defective by an authorized store supplier, Shoprider will replace it. Please read your user manual for more details about your specific warranty product.

A few drawbacks need to be considered

Although it seems small, but a pity I have to do is wheelchair does not have any store or basket. It is also not possible to remove the battery pack from the front bezel for mounting / removal. In addition, the seat may feel uncomfortable after you sit in it for some time.

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In my opinion, if you are looking for lightweight portable shipping, you really need to be a perfectionist to look for anything other than the small flaws in Shoprider Jimmie power chair. I can find anything wrong with this unit. Shoprider is a brand that you can not be wrong. All of their products are thought-out, friendly, and are known to be very reliable. And at retail prices it’s because I think it’s a really good investment.

Q & A

QDoes seat swivel – easy in and out? Range before needing recharge? Reliable?

ANo, the seat don,t swivel . I can use about 2 or 3 days before charging.and it is easy in and out.

QI just placed a order for this, does it come with batteries? And do you just plug it in to charge?

AYes to both. Bill Keene 954-421-3169

Qwhat’s the maximum weight capacity?

AShoprider says 250 pounds.

QWhat is the warranty on this product?

ATop Mobility offers a 1 year in Home Parts and Labor warranty on this Power chair for the first year.

Factory warranty:
3 Year Warranty on Frame
1 Year on Electronics, Motor, Transaxle, Brakes
6 months on the batteries

Top Reviews

I love this wheel chair

I love this wheel chair. It is very smooth and goes pretty fast. It turns on a dime. Much more comfortable than the other Power Chair I had . You can adjust the back of the seat to slightly recline making it easier on-your back the controller is very nice and easy to control


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