Shaving Tips
Shaving Tips

The Secret To The Perfect Shave

If you are trying to learn how to improve your quality of shaving, the internet will only confuse you. Not only is the advice offered often contradictory, but the array of products that the different sources of the proposal is confusing and not available for inspection.

Shaving Tips
The Secret To The Perfect Shave

All the same, I’ve tried almost everything over the years. Like most guys, I started out with a can of Edge gel, then a can of Barbasol. As I got older, I tried branching out, the first time bought more expensive cans, then graduate to more expensive tub and ointment tubes. The problem with all this is that there is no obvious difference in my quality of shaving. That is, until I took the simple advice anyone gave me: Use a bar of soap and brush.

Shaving Basics

Before you shave, you need to know the basic rules of the game. They go like this:

1. You need a good razor sharp blade with a fresh. The multi-blade razor cartridges are great, but you can still get a great shave with a time if you do it right.

2. You need a shave brush, preferably made of badger hair, because that thread will carry water from the sink up to your face to give you the best foam.

3. You need hot water, which you apply to your face for a while before you start shaving. The best way to do this is to wash your face in the bathroom, then soak your face with a facecloth hot, moist for one or two minutes before shaving. You also need a bowl of hot water to refresh your razor as you go.

4. You need to shave strokes with particles in short no more than one or two inches, between you wet razor in hot water.

5. You need to make sure to reduce friction between your razor and your face as much as possible. Although you should never keep your razor hard against your face, the best shaving will leave you feeling like a razor was sliding easily on your hair follicles – like a Lawn- Boy rather than a push lawn mowers. This final rule explains why we use shaving cream, but it also explains why most shaving creams, foams and ointments let us down. If you can feel the razor rubbing your face, your shaving cream has failed in its special mission – to lubricate your skin.

The answer as to how to get the best shave is, in my experience, counterintuitive.

It is the cheapest method, but it still is for me the most reliable. Even as every year I experimented with a new cream or gel to see if I can improve it, nothing exceeds the old reliable. my magic bullet? An Ivory soap. Other soaps work well, too. According to my experience, they each offer a high shaving, because soaps, by nature, is smooth as hell, and if you want to shave quality, you need catfish.

To shaving with soap, you need to follow the basic rules (see page one). When you come to the mirror, your face is wet and your follicles must be soaked. brush and your razor, meanwhile, has been soaking in a tub filled with a few minutes in hot water (I fill my kitchen sink before I get in the bathroom).

From here, the instructions are very simple:

1. Wet soap in hot water and let it soften for a while.

2. Rub a wet bar of soap in your beard against the grain to your face with a thin layer buildup of soap.

3. Brush this layer of soap with your brush, dunking it regularly to ensure that your face is as wet as possible. Immediately, you’ll notice that it is a warm, wet foam than you gain from shaving cream and that it is not easy to wipe clean. This is precisely what makes it effective: It stays on your skin, continuous lubrication.

4. Clean, easy to enjoy surfing your razor on your face.

The foam from a bar of soap is different from what you have experienced with shaving cream. It is no less smooth or full (you get the Santa Claus effect), but it is heavy and will run down your neck and chest if you leave it too long. The reason for this is that it is based on the country, which also means that it warms and softens your hair as it goes.

This is simple advice, but in the seven years since I received it, it has completely changed my shaving experience. Every time I try a new type of shaving cream (finally a European ointment tube, I spent too much money on), I was surprised that it could not compete with the foam from a simple bar of soap. At this point, I decided to abandon the competition sampling. I have found the route to the best shave – and it is also the most simple.

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