Serta 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Serta 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Serta 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Serta 10-inch gel memory foam mattress is a quality mattress. You don’t need to worry about the longevity because it’s made in the USA. US made quality ensures every feature the mattress has more reliable. Serta 10-inch is firm and comfortable. When you sleep on the bed, it cradles your body perfectly and puts every part at the comfortable place. No odor lingering is another great feature that owners mention. A new pain odor comes out when you pull the bed out of box but it dissipates quickly. As a gel memory foam mattress, Serta 10-inch mattress has a great performance on regularizing sleep temperature. It always keeps the temperature at a comfortable level.

Features of Serta 10-inch gel memory foam mattress

Comfortable for both big guys and slender guys

Serta 10-Inch Gel Foam 3-Layer Mattress is a comfortable mattress for both big guys and slender guys. It doesn’t feel as hard as a rock but a little firm when you lay in it. After a while the memory foam layer conforms to your body perfectly. For big guys, Serta 10-inch doesn’t allow your body to sink in too much like other memory foam mattresses do. The first and second layers give your body enough support. You don’t need to worry about sinking.

Firmness: In terms of the firmness, Serta 10-inch gel mattress is medium firm according to customer reviews. When you first lie on the bed you will feel too firm, but it will become soft over time. In my opinion, whether it’s firm or soft depends on personal preference. The best way is to test drive a medium firm memory foam mattress at the local store. Or try Serta iComfort series which have nearly the same firmness level.

US made quality: Quite a few customers buy Serta 10-inch mattress for its superior quality. One thing you should know is this Serta mattress is manufactured by Sleep Innovations. The mattress is made in US, which sets it apart from most mattresses made in China. That said, the quality is more reliable.

No odor lingering: Most memory foam mattresses sold on the market are influenced by odor issue and it bothers users too much. However, users of Serta 10-inch gel memory foam mattress tell it has a slight odor that can be found in any new product and it will dissipate quickly. People who have a sensitive nose don’t need to worry about the odor lingering.

No heat trapping: Another impressive feature Serta 10-inch gel mattress has is no-heat retention. Like many memory foam mattresses, Serta uses gel foam to solve the heat retention issue and it works very well. Those hot sleepers among users have proven the effectiveness and commend it isn’t over warm in the hot days.

Warranty: Serta 10-inch mattress offers a 20-year warranty. Many brands online give the same warranty, which is long enough and much better than only 5 or 10 year warranty some beds include. You don’t need to worry about repair and replacement as the manufacturer stands behind the product.

Have you owned memory foam mattress before?

If you haven’t and sleep on other types of mattresses for years, your body may have a learning curve and need time to get used to the new bed. As some owner report, you may feel like hit by a car and wake up with sore and aches in the morning. After a few days, aches and discomfort will disappear because your body adjusts to the bed.

Issues of Serta 10-inch gel memory foam mattress

Heavy: Some owners complained it was too heavy for a single person to move it. When you buy this mattress, find some help if you are not strong.

Too firm: An owner told it was too firm for her. If you aren’t sure, go to the local store for a test drive.

Customer Reviews:

  • “I really am into sleep. I mean, really into sleep.”
  • “I’ve had the mattress for about five months, and I’m still in love with it. I haven’t noticed any sinking spots anywhere, and it still cradles where it’s supposed to.”
  • “Today is the first day I woke up with no shoulder, back, or leg pain.”

Video Review

Serta 10-inch gel memory foam mattress isn’t as cheap as other mattresses of online brands like LUCID and Dynasty Mattress. But it still costs much less than those beds sold at local store. Considering its quality and brand reputation, it is worth the extra money.

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