Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress Review

Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress Review
Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress Review

Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is an economical bed featuring 2.5-inch soft layer and 7.5-inch support base. It uses denser memory foam than its competition and does better to bad back. If you check out other 10-inch memory foam mattresses, you will find those beds are using 3lb foam as the top layer. In addition the price is another advantage of Sarah Peyton mattress. It costs a fraction of the price of the name brand so that anyone can afford it. But there is definitely room for this 10-inch mattress to improve. Let me explain in detail.

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Which do you like, soft or firm?

Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has two comfort models: Firm Support version and Soft Support version. Two models have no difference at all except the comfort scale.

Features of Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Firm and comfortable

This Sarah Peyton is a firm and supportive memory foam mattress. The mattress is firm, not over-firm, when you first lie on. But after a few minutes, it starts to get used to your whole body and conforms to the contour of your body. Although it doesn’t feel super comfortable like sleeping on the cloud, you won’t complain about it for such cheap price.

Foam density has much to do with pain relief

Sarah Peyton 10″ memory foam mattress uses 4lb memory foam layer. The density of top layer decides the performance of pain relief to some extent. That said, the mattress is more helpful to bad back compared to other 10” mattresses using 3lb memory foam. If you are suffering from pain and aches, give it a shot.

Where is it made?

As I mentioned in the previous review, all Sarah Peyton mattresses including this 10-inch model are made in China. For some people, it’s a bad news because they don’t like China made products. Many people believe mattresses made in China aren’t as reliable as made in USA, while many others don’t. If don’t care it’s made in China, it’s still a great deal.

Nice price

When it comes to the price, this  10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is priced fairly. The queen size is under $370 at the time of this writing (check out the price). It is a great choice for people who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a bed.

No overheated

Sarah Peyton has an improved feature that outperforms the thinner model. It doesn’t trap much heat. Few users in user reviews mention the sleeping hot issue that happen on 8-inch and other memory foam mattresses.

Two pillows included

10″ Sarah Peyton comes with 2 memory foam pillows. If you go to the store, two pillows will cost you about $40. It saves extra $40 for you. But one thing you should know that pillows are small, not regular size.

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Issues of Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Memory Foam Firm Support Mattress

This bed has a downside that bothers me, which is short warranty. It only provides 30 days warranty. Yes, 30 days, not 30 years. I’ve never seen such a short warranty. Although owners’ Sarah Peyton 10-inch mattresses last for years, I still think it is necessary for a mattress to offer 5 or 10 year warranty.

Customer Reviews of Sarah Peyton 10-inch mattress

“Very firm but wonderful! Extremely comfortable, alleviates all of my back and hip pain.” – kmon

“This is exactly the bed I needed. It is very firm and supportive without hurting me (I’m very bony and a lot of beds end up hurting my joints). I also couldn’t afford a more expensive bed. I’m so glad I got it!” – H. Chapin

Mattress details

  • Available bed sizes (firm model): Queen, Twin
  • Available bed sizes (soft model): Queen, King, Full, Twin, Cal king
  • 2.5-inch 4lb memory foam
  • 7.5-inch foam base

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