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As a meticulously picky, it’s not often that I find a product that I like. It’s even harder for me to be satisfied after going through a series of products that perform similar tasks, but are very different of performance, quality, and feel. This is especially true with a knife – so it comes as a surprise that I would find myself wholeheartedly recommend a knife set from Saber Kitchen Knives.

I should start at the beginning of the story of the knife. Inventor and entrepreneur, Richard Menefee decided to stage (without pay in the hope of learning the trade) for six months in the kitchen of Michael’s On Main in soquel, California to improve their cooking skills (in much the same way Bill Buford did together before writing temperature). From this experience, Menefee learned a few hard truths – cooking in commercial kitchens are one of the hardest work and most demanding surroundings and those who choose to do so are often not good compensation often. Menefee found that most chefs and cooks can make their rent and daily skills needed much less save for high-quality tools of their trade. After his time at the restaurant, Rich decided to thank the people that he worked with and learned from by doing what he does best. He designed a pocket knife safety, comfort, and strong, then produced a small number that he gave out as gifts. The bag was a hit so that everyone has a start offering feedback on how to make them better. After several revisions, Menefee felt he had a product that culinary students, chefs and cooks can buy.

Menefee took his bag for the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to see if they’d be interested in the bag. CIA loves them, but told Rich that they receive free from the pocket knife manufacturers. The bags are provided by the manufacturers knife was not nearly as nice, helpful, or safe, but it’s hard to beat free. It was then that the words: “Richard … you should put the same level of dedication and caring into a pocket knife to fit your lovely” is uttered and Menefee began a 18-month project which resulted in his collection is sold under the brand name Saber.

Kitchen Knives

As is true of all the products, with a target audience. The MAC knives and knives I use my wife Global use is expensive and aimed at those who have income, executive chef, and the cognoscenti. They are sharp, hold an edge extremely well, and not only look beautiful, but feel great when using them. They also are about $100 each. The most popular German knives are in the same ballpark – $80 to $100 for each knife, but different design. Generally, they are heavier and less refined. The thicker blade is unfit to hold an edge with a narrow angle as the blade of the Japanese, but the weight of the knife to help cut through the razor-sharp impossible. Again, students and chefs, it’s a high price to ask for a quality tool. (Just a few months ago, I met a man selling fish at Whole Foods headquarters in Austin had saved for a year to buy their Shun knife – wait until you feel like you were old enough to care an expensive knife and beautiful. a Shun) have a place for the expensive stuff – sometimes you have to pay for quality – but what if you can not afford it? you’re stuck with inferior products (such as the chef’s Mate from the grocery store or Henckels International J.A. sold as an affordable alternative to expensive world famous J.A. Zwilling Henckels line)? For years, I’ve told people that have high performance kitchen knives are available to the public with Chef’s Knife of FORSCHNER is one of my favorites. This is the market segment – affordable but high quality – that Saber Kitchen Knives are trying to meet.

Saber Kitchen Knives Kit
Saber Kitchen Knives Kit

In the past few months, I have had the opportunity to test the hot reduced and completely fake Saber Kitchen Knives Menefee, and I am happy to say that this is an affordable knife that performs as the more expensive of it. I ran it through the same test battery that I made in equipment & our gear: Posts Knives Chef’s assessment and found it to be around the realization cut like Wusthof. There are some differences though. Each of Saber Kitchen Knives have an edge granton (divots are cut into the side of the blade to reduce the surface area of food such as potatoes and cucumbers can stick). It’s every single knife (except bread knife) – even the trim and utility knives. Why? I think that’s a problem, “why not”. Granton edge work in reducing jams, and it certainly does not hurt on small knife. The Santoku is a little larger than most santokus we’ve tested, but it is the first one that Tina was like on the curvature and how it moves when she cut her hand. That is saying a lot given that we tried a half dozen santokus – some as expensive as $350.

Bag of Saber Kitchen Knives
Bag of Saber Kitchen Knives

Bags that box is really a magnificent pocket knife. I used a bag Dexter-Russell $40 for the past few years and the design allows the blade sliding around during transport. There is a Velcro strip that is supposed to do something, but I’m not sure it works, except in being annoying. I had to resort to buying protection knife blade ($2- $5 per depending on the material and size) for every knife I carry in my pocket so I do not end up cutting myself. My bag is also soft and flexible which means I have to lie it lies flat knife or risk slipping out of the sleeves and their pool at the bottom of the bag (knocking together as I picked up the bag once again). It’s ridiculous, but there’s nothing better … until I opened the bag’s Menefee. your bag is compact (but keep twelve knives, a knife, honing steel, and a small pocket for other small tools), made of durable nylon (reinforced with cardboard), stores blade snugly and securely, with heavy-duty zipper, and comfortable handheld (as well as a shoulder strap is removable without the need to be unclipped to open bags Dexter-Russell is like my pocket).

Saber Kitchen Knives Kit For Home Cook

Saber Kitchen Knives Kit For Home Cook
Saber Kitchen Knives Kit For Home Cook

Saber Kitchen Knives Kit For Home Cook

Don’t miss, check out price

Pocket of Saber kitchen knife works differently than most other pocket knife – the blade is inserted into the sleeve tight (instead of falling into the bag handles), a lot of the blade is covered and the rest of the edges are held snugly against the side of the bag. In addition, magnets embedded near undetectable under the tongue to help keep the knife sleeve in place in normal traffic conditions. When I get pocket knife form, it went half across the country via UPS. Box struck beaten and dirty (I live in a rural area right now and things seem to always go after being reduced in some dirt and dust). When I opened it, only a few knife had slipped out of its sheath, but the bag remains completely safe protected by the selvage (the Velcro to fit). Normal use, I have not experienced any slipping or sliding of the tongue.

Saber kitchen knives are made of a blend of German steel and manufactured in China (the blade cuts completely fake hot – no soldering of components forged or stamped or other funny stuff). Lots of tools manufactured in China are of low quality, but there are a lot of things that are of high quality (often coming out of the same factory). Ultimately, it depends on how much you want to pay for your manufactured good – Chinese people are happy to accommodate. Although the knife much more expensive than other production is done in China, Menefee felt that he could keep the total cost down by keeping its employees lean (he does not have a separate secretariat and write her), only produce two product lines (a set with pocket for professionals and a chef with a block for the house – hold down inventory and packaging costs), and sacrifice a little advantage your profit. In an e-mail interview that I had with Menefee, he struck me as a man with a mission – to focus from his time in the restaurant kitchen work together with those who are less fortunate financial main. During our conversation, he keeps coming back with the tools needed for affordable but quality. your current goals? A street price of around $ 300 for one of the two sets.

At $300, the chef himself will have a unique wooden block (designed so you can see what you are about to draw the tongue), kitchen shears, honing steel, and knives. As of my last letter, a variety of vendors will be practice as production ramps in the coming months. As supplier commitments and the details become available, I’ll either update this article or post a comment with the information.

The knife Saber is a deal and perfect for anyone starting a culinary career, Getting into their first apartment, just learning to cook, or avid cook never got around to receive a high quality outfit. The set costs half as much as the same quality knives (the only thing you do not get the right to brag about getting to know the German company name and place of the General Production), Which makes them perfect for individuals who are associated better in terms of performance, practicality, and cost on the prestige and position.

The Saber Kitchen Knives is a deal and perfect for anyone starting a culinary career, Getting into their first apartment, just learning to cook, or avid cook never got around to receive a high quality outfit. The set costs half as much as the same quality knives (the only thing you do not get the right to brag about getting to know the German company name and place of the General Production), Which makes them perfect for individuals who are associated better in terms of performance, practicality, and cost on the prestige and position.

The set for the home will most likely include:

Saber Kitchen Knives Kit
Saber Kitchen Knives Kit with Wood block

Wood block
Two 3.5-in. paring knives
4.5-in. paring knife
5-in. French boning knife
5-in. tomato knife
6-in. utility knife
8-in. serrated bread knife
7-in. santoku
8-in. chef’s knife

The professional/student set will most likely include:

Best Saber Kitchen Knives Kit
Best Saber Kitchen Knives Kit

Knife bag For Saber Kitchen Knives
3.5-in. paring
4.5-in. paring
5-in. French boning
6-in. utility
7-in. santoku
8-in. chef’s knife
8-in. serrated bread
8-in. slicer
10-in. ham slicer
10-in. chef’s knife

The knives should be available on in a few days. Click to go to the Amazon listing for the professional Saber Knives.

Update (December 7, 2009): began selling Saber Kitchen Knives Professional Knife Bag. At the time of this writing, it is $ 55, which I think is a great price for how much pocket knife cost and how much other better this works.

Rich Menefee is so confident in his knife that he now offered to send a knife and free for anyone from the continental United States (due to transportation costs), the requester. Just send an email to [email protected] theme “Paring Knife Free”, to mention you read about suggestions on cooking for engineers, and include your name and address. He says he will not trouble you with surveys or stuff like that – he just wants you to have a chance to try out the knife and decide for yourself.

Update (December 12, 2009): He Menefee has informed me that after making something like a hundred knives, he must stop the free promotional knife. The rest of his stock paring knives are dedicated to be packaged with every bag sold at Costco knife (starting this week). Therefore, you can no longer get a free knife by emailing Saber Kitchen Knives.

Update (January 11, 2009): Saber Kitchen Knives have established an online store for people to direct order from. They also offer individual knives at $ 7 inches (to knife an 8-in chef’s would cost $ 56). Also, if you order directly from them through this link, a portion of the sale will be offered to cook for engineers to help with the upkeep of the site and similar articles again. Saber Knives store

Update (March 9, 2010): Since the abuse of Costco return policy (who bought pocket knife paring knife, holding the knife, and returned the bag to amazon – amazon is not fluent enough staff at Direct their merchandise line to claim the knife back – which results in eating Saber-related costs of goods returned an addition to the loss of a knife), free paring knife is no longer available for the pocket knife. Buy a knife directly from Saber Kitchen Knives are the best way to try one out if you do not want to commit to a set.

Update (April 2, 2010): now sells a knife set from Saber for $ 199 that comes with a block of knives, chef’s knife, bread knife, utility, Santoku , tomato knife, paring knife, and eight steak knives. There is also a grinding is cleverly hidden and held in place by magnets in the bottom of the knife block.

Reader’s comment

On October 08, 2009  Rich Menefee (guest) said…

Subject: Saber Knives responds

Hello all, this is Rich Menefee, founder and creator of Saber Knives.

I wanted to take this opportunity to address something that ” Dilbert ” mentioned in his constructive criticism of my block.

Dilbert, you are absolutely correct on your observations on the limitation of my block. I know this because I discovered it early on in the prototype stages.

There are hundreds of block designs currently on the market. In my humble opinion they are all roughly the same. Slightly different shapes, colors, materials…but basically a sloped / slotted hunk of wood that prevents you from seeing the desired blade, holes that fill up with all manner of debris, and are stationary.

I felt there were ample options for consumers who wanted a block that was traditional and common.

My goal was to do something completely different.

Is it for everyone? Obviously not.

I have one of these blocks on my counter top, ( I’m not just the founder, I’m a customer ) and I have cabinets that hang down and prevent me full access to the block.

This is what I have done. I have placed one side of the base against the side of my stove top. I have then moved it just far enough away from the tile back splash so it rotates freely on its lazy Susan base.

It is high enough off the counter so it clears my stove top, and I simply rotate the device towards the stove top where there is ample room for me to pull the biggest knife out without interference under the range hood.

This process is very simple as I can not only see what blade I wish to pull, but can easily rotate into position.

I look forward to answering any questions you might have about my product and encourage any of you who have ideas on how to improve upon any of my products to please contact me.

Nothing would make me happier then to listen to the people who buy these things on how to make them better.

You have my word on it.


Rich Menefee

On October 10, 2009 Michael Chu said…

 It looks like has a seller pricing the set at $350. I’ve received a couple emails asking me if I really do recommend these knives at $300 (and I guess, now at $350) and to be honest, I didn’t know the price would rise so high. When I started testing the knives I thought the set would have a street price of around $200-$250, but since then (apparently due to market forces and economics of the retail world) the price has jumped 50%. I still think these are a great alternative to Henckels and Wusthof, but I’d probably opt for a set of Forschner or a few Japanese knives now that we’re talking $350. I know that day in and day out, I use an 8-in chef’s and a paring and that’s pretty much it. In my block, those are the two that are “expensive” and the rest (bread knife, boning, etc.) are fine quality, but low cost (nothing over $20). However, if you are new to cooking and want to have a full set so you can experiment with what knives feel best for different tasks or you like to have a set of high quality matching knives, then purchasing a set isn’t a bad idea – and this is a good quality full set that is still a really good price. Unfortunately, at $350, I can’t recommend the set to everyone. (At $200, it was easy to make that recommendation – at $300 when I published the article it was a harder – at $350, I felt it was necessary to write this comment.)

On November 13, 2009 an anonymous reader said…
Subject: Block design

After Shopping around for a 5 piece Shun knife set for $300, the 11 pc Saber look very tempting.

Anyhow, I was wondering about the wood block design. My current cheap knife block has vertical slits (angled for easy withdrawal) but the knives cut the block taking the knife in and out. The wood is cut worst on the slits for my steak knives because the blade is jagged.

The Saber knife block has great ideas but it has the same flaw that my knife block has. I know that Rachel Ray’s furi set and Shun rotated the slits 90 degrees to accommodate withdrawal. This is one thing that would prevent me from buying a set like this. If my girlfriend or friends mishandle came over and mishandled my knifes just a few times, not only will the blades dull faster, but the block will be cut up.

Also, it doesn’t mention anywhere if the blade resembled Global/Shun 15-16 degrees angle or the 20 degree German angle. I’m guessing 20 degrees since its more comparable to German Knifes.

I wish i had a use for the knife bag, but i don’t. It sure looks like the bag to get.


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