Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on

Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on
Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on

Wire Ryobi Auto Hammer is designed to drive nails up to 3-1 / 2 “long, operating in tight spaces, and completely eliminates the hammer mark. In fact, Ryobi claims that the new Auto Hammer they, the hammer has never been easier. with a statement like this, we just have to put this tool to check!

To get a detailed view of Ryobi Auto Hammer, check our previous post from when it was first released. Keep reading for the full review, or ignore to see our conclusions.

OVERVIEW Ryobi Auto Hammer

Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on
Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on

$ Auto Hammer Hands-on

When you open the box automatically Hammer, we found a very nice soft case with velcro straps and mesh pockets, similar to the case with the previous evaluation drilling Milwaukee M12. Ryobi includes a single 12V lithium ion battery and a dual chemistry charger with this tool.

Although Auto Hammer is primarily composed of plastic, it feels very solidly built. There are a few smooth surface, but most of the tools are covered with a soft rubber texture allows for a comfortable grip and safety. Overall, based on the form and feel lonely, consider the Auto Hammer is a great start.


Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on
Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on

Before we get to talk about the actual operation of the tool, we want to point out a few important features, mainly oriented magnetic nail and retractable sleeves.

From what we can tell, it really helps keep hands retractable nails when they are being driven, rather than instructions. Because of this, we assume that most people would consider to use guide to help nail from start to mount and nails. For this type of use, the magnetic guidance as a decent job for smaller nails, but nails will turn out great, axes, and then stick to the surface of the retractable sleeve.

LED - Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on
LED – Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on

The receiver hands move in and out relatively smoothly, and shrink beyond the operating position of the hammer anvil to ensure that the nails can be driven flush with the work surface.

There is also a white LED on the trigger and below the anvil that illuminates the work area. The LED emits a very bright beam and wide, but it will not be mistaken for a light work independently or headlights.


The absolute first thing that we noticed is that there is no safety switch, only the trigger. However, after a few presses of the trigger, we realize that the anvil of the hammer will not join unless it is in physical contact with and pushed down on a nail. This feature internal security, combined with the fact that anvil Auto Hammer is concave in the retractable arms ensure that there should not be any normal hammerings unconditionally.

As soon as the battery is charged and ready to go, we decided to push the Auto Hammer to its limits and try to drive 16D 3-1 / 2 “common nail into a stud morning 2 × 4.

The first thing we noticed is that the Auto Hammer is huge, beyond the point at which hearing protection is optional. It is important to note, however, individual strikes the Auto Hammer substantionally not seem to be larger than those using a manual hammer. Instead, it is the rapid success of that effect is almost unbearable without hearing protection. Auto Hammer is rated at 3600 BPM, but we can not verify if this is actually translated into 60 strikes per second.

Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on
Ryobi Auto Hammer Hands-on

We average time it took us to drive a handful of 3-1 / 2 “common nails bright, and it was down to about 40 seconds per nail. Trust us when we say that you probably will not want to drive more nails 3-1 / 2 “continuous. Auto Hammer is relatively light, so when the embryo begins to resist strong nails a big “inside the progression, you will feel the vibrations and forces access in your hands. If you’ve ever use a hammer drill, the more powerful vibration and fatigue.

Given the choice between Auto and nice sized Hammer hammer to drive nails frame big, we’ll go with hammer guiding framework. Yes, this will require greater physical effort, but at least we will be able to work with a more comfortable pace. Our choice could change if the Auto Hammer version 2.0 variable speed trigger.

When driving nails smaller, though, Auto Hammer works pretty well, and is almost a pleasure to use. This tool is still quite large, and we still feel the vibrations transmitted to the hands of us, but to a much lesser extent.

The video above shows Auto Hammer is used to drive a nail few sizes smaller. 2 × 4 wood stud is clamped on one end, but really need to get a better grip. In further tests with a better grip and embryos while testing larger nails, the vibrations are transmitted to and supported throughout the table, and when tested in the vibration is felt in the next room.


There are many things that we liked about Auto Hammer look, feel, and overall quality. It has a great attitude, and with a few small touches we appreciated: bag including software tools, charger with 12V LED indicators and a legend to help diagnose problems and 12V battery charging light thin with its nice grippy bottoms.


Auto Hammer is a tool Ryobi’s also built with exquisite details and features that make it very user friendly, or at least until they try to hammer in some nails pig. We tested the Auto Hammer nails on regular and light ends from 3D (1-1/4″), to 16D (3-1/2″) in size. Logically, smaller or thinner nails proved to be much easier for the Auto Hammer to drive than larger ones.
Although we confirm that statement by Ryobi Auto Hammer can be used to drive 16D (3-1/2 “) common nails, that is not something that anyone likes to do . the efforts to drive conventional nails 16D of our tool and shake that can not be comfortably maintained for too long. this usually starts to happen in the final 3/4” or so with the heavy vibrations or nails have been driven deeper.

We would recommend Auto Hammer Ryobi as a significant option for those looking to predominantly driven nails or nail end is generally less than in the narrow space. For those looking to drive much larger nail, we would instead propose alternatives, such as pneumatic nailers palms or nail guns, power actuated nailers and flour or hose-less .

By no means a bad automated tools Hammer, but it is limited in practical use than we would have liked to have seen.

Ryobi’s father                                   True or false?

Drives up to 3 1/2 inch nails It                      True

Hammer easily in tight spaces It                  True

Eliminate manual hammer                           false?

At $ 59, the Ryobi Auto Hammer is sure to attract more potential customers than at $ 90, and this should also give it an edge in comparison with almost identical Craftsman Auto Hammer.


Construction Tools & Quality: 5/5
Comfort of use: 2/5
Value: 4/5

Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5

Auto Hammer’s Ryobi usually cost $ 90 at Amazon, but it seems to have discounted to $ 59 recently.

We thank you for providing Ryobi Auto Hammer pattern for this assessment.

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