We like the look of friendly Oster Versa, more speed, and shorter average, but we were really impressed by Cleanblend same price. A relative newcomer to the blender scene high-powered company only started in 2016 with an engine the Cleanblend 3HP 1800 Watt Blender impressive horsepower, and in some of our tests it blend Oster better than the Versa, and even Vitamix.

Runner-up Blender With Cleanblend 3HP 1800 Watt Review

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Stronger Pace But Little Nuances With Cleanblend 3HP 1800 Watt

The Cleanblend 3HP 1800 Watt is one of the best at making smoothies really smoothly in our tests. There are virtually no remaining raspberry varieties in our fine mesh sieve; blender only did better than Blendtec. The second well Cleanblend 3HP 1800 Watt, after Blendtec, piña colada mix in really smooth. We’re talking every mixed drinks deserve here.

However, some of its features (or lack of) bumped it from the number one slot of us. jar of Cleanblend feel really chintzy and light compared to the Oster (both are Tritan). We can see the average crack easily, or crack over time, although we did not have any problems during our testing. We also found that the average mixing tends twist on the basis of the engine. Plastic handles are pleasant to live and not to grip that, unlike handle on Oster, including a smooth rubber handle cover. Cleanblend high jar of a blender makes 2 inches higher, so it’s more difficult to store on the counter under the cabinets.


Cleanblend controller looks almost like the Vitamix. In fact, the design of closely Cleanblend model looks after Vitamix. It comes with only a variable speed dial, and two levers to switch from on / off and pulse. The dial is smaller than the variable rotation speed on Oster. Overall, we just feel combo of speed changes and presets, and greater than its variable speed rotation of Oster, making it easier to use than the small dial and lever of Cleanblend.

The Cleanblend not have a wide range of speeds. We can not say much about the difference between slow and high settings. Blender really kicked in high gear, even at 1 installed, which sends hot liquid shooting up to cover in our testing soup. And the engine also seems to produce a lot of heat. Mayonnaise is getting warmer.

Unlike our other picks, the Cleanblend 3HP not come with a recipe book. We have found the blender considered on several blogs, including specialist blender, but not in the editorial evaluation comparison.

Care & Maintenance For Cleanblend 3HP 1800 Watt

Both Tess and Julie Morris Masters told us that keeping a blender on the counter is the best motivation to use it. We also found that the equipment hidden in cabinets rarely used more than if they were sitting ready on the counter. Vitamix Masters retain her on the counter, but the average store mix in a cupboard. This seems like a good compromise.

If you find the blender has a hard time processing component, is not afraid to be aggressive (within reason!) For those scrambling to get the mixture moving around the tongue. Also make sure the blender jar is filled at least 25 percent full. Although high-speed processor helps smooth mixture, when components are not just move then reduced speed can also help them begin to circulate. When following a recipe, it is also possible to add ingredients in the order listed. Recipes books Blender tend sequence specific (Vitamix, for example, often listed as the final component tape).

To limit the risk of hot liquid shot out from the top of a vial preparation, always start on a low setting and slowly increase the speed (presets often do this automatically for you). Never fill the jar filled with hot liquid through the line, and for good measure out a dish towel over the lid with your hand holding the lid down definitely, when you combine to limit the risk of popping off the cap.

In our testing, we found that the best way to clean a blender jar using a scrub brush or broom. Water treatment and a little soap to the blender will help loosen rigid components such as peanut butter, and brush should do the rest. You can use a toothbrush to get the gunk out of the driver as Tess Masters not.

Wash hands with warm water mixing jar, soap rather than running it through the dishwasher. This will help extend the life of the average.


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