Ridgid JobMax Cordless Tools

By now you’ve probably heard all about the new modular Ridgid JobMax Cordless Tools system. With a universal handle and the head of interchangeable tools, systems designed JobMax flexible and affordable. But how do the tools to perform the function?

Ridgid JobMax Cordless
Ridgid JobMax Cordless

$ Ridgid JobMax Cordless kit

We have reviewed the system JobMax a while, and have come to a conclusion – it’s pretty darn awesome. Not only do these tools is usually performed as well as the individual elements other brands they are extremely flexible. This review summarizes our general view of the system and will pedal JobMax on individual assessment later.

POWER BASE HANDLE Ridgid JobMax Cordless

Ridgid JobMax Cordless

The heart of the system is cordless tools JobMax Handle Base Power, which houses the battery, motor and variable speed trigger.

individual tool heads can be connected to the processor power base straight on, or turn in 90 °, 180 ° and 270 ° angle. We have really appreciated the first 4 positions direction when working in tight areas or clutter.

The status of the processing power base is pretty good and can reverse variable speed trigger is large and easy to convert. Without a tool head attached to the handle power base, its activation, electric sewer prevent accidents during transport or storage.

There is a noticeable shift in the balance when the tool head is attached to the handle power base metals due to the weight of the actuator cover, tool box heads’. One-handed operation is so, not perfect, but it can be done.


Ridgid JobMax Cordless

Technically this is not a part of the system JobMax, but is packed with the general purpose of the RIDGID JobMax Combo. The driver is a bit chunky and heavy, but is quite balanced with a slight tendency to lean forward.

It features a “chuck 3/8, a 2-speed gearbox (0-320 and 0-1300 RPM), and 17 clutch settings + drill mode. The adjustment of the clutch is a pleasure to use with positive numerical advantage clicking in each set.

Overall drill / driver is a general-purpose workhorse impressive and outputs a whopping 240 pounds of power, but it lacks the compact size and behavior of the drill / driver current generation.


Ridgid JobMax Cordless

RIDGID first oscillating tool is just right. It comes with some sanding and cutting accessories to get you started, and there is a near universal acceptance adapter accessory Bosch and Dremel brand. It is balanced, relatively compact and lightweight. Along with the top 4 corners processing power base and variable speed trigger, which is a tool that can be JobMax easily deal with the multi-functional tool toxic competitors.


Ridgid JobMax Cordless

RIDGID version of the automatic hammer is very bulky and a bit larger than other automatic hammer on the market. It also seems to be a bit stronger than the other versions when it comes to driving larger nails, but it is just as big.


Ridgid JobMax Cordless

RIDGID was going for “ultra-compact” when they designed this drill beginning corner. It features a 0-550 RPM gearbox and no clutch adjustment. The drilling work quite well, but it can not quite match the drill Milwaukee’s RA which offers greater speed (0-800 RPM) and a clutch.


Ridgid JobMax Cordless

This is the first tool designed JobMax that moderate RIDGID. It looks a little cumbersome, but it’s actually quite compact and does not have too much trouble with in narrow areas. The ratchet is driven at 0-220 rpm, and I was surprised at how versatile tool. This is an easy way to attach favorite JobMax my stuff.


Ridgid JobMax Cordless

One-hand operation of this tool is not only the weight of the tool head. I have not used the drivers perpendicular impact too much, but from what I’ve seen so far it is a VERY nice drivers. While most of the other tool head features a nice textured grip, this one has a soft rubber sleeve that is even more comfortable. Best of all, the driver impacts RA is extremely compact.

The common goals and combined right corner kits are still there, and we have noticed a complete selection of the head of personal tools available at Home Depot for those who want to build combined kits own.

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