Massage Seat Cushion with Heat By Relaxzen 10-Motor
Massage Seat Cushion with Heat By Relaxzen 10-Motor

Massage Seat Cushion with Heat By Relaxzen 10-Motor

Massage Seat Cushion By Relaxzen is one of the best selling massagers in the market today. Its highs, as well as thousands of positive feedback, make us believe we have achieved a bonus when putting it on our shortlist. This is a versatile massage chair that is not limited to where you are. Wherever you feel comfortable with the massage experience, attach the massage pad to the chair. Relaxzen Massage Seat Cushion can focus on most areas of the body, reducing muscle tension from the neck, upper and lower back, waist and thighs. Consumers drove ahead knowing that these areas were most prone to stress while spending too much time sitting.


Massage Seat Cushion with Heat By Relaxzen 10-Motor
Massage Seat Cushion with Heat By Relaxzen 10-Motor

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Note: This is not a Shiatsu kneading massager with rolling balls; this is a vibration massager only

Soft black polyester fabric with thickly padded neck rest and lumbar support pads

10 invigorating vibration massage motors with variable speeds and independent massage zones

Soothing heat treatment and Memory foam in neck rest and lumbar support pads

AC and DC adaptors for home, office and auto with variable

Things To Know About Relaxzen Massage Seat Cushion

Relaxzen Massage Seat Cushion has a set of 10 massage motors spread throughout the area for a wider massage path. When using a car massage chair, you will enjoy even the whole body massage experience without leaving any body parts unattended. The massage motors target different areas including your thighs with strong vibration and warmth. If you have ever suffered a muscle strain or been tied up in a stress, you will not have a reason to make yourself feel down again. This car massage chair can do miracles!

The benefits of Relaxzen Massage Seat Cushion are impressive and this is something we do not dare to doubt. Massagers with a backlit remote control are convenient to use because all the settings are clearly visible on the screen during the day and at night. So all you need to do is choose between 5 massage modes (extraction, up and down, wave, all motors, random) and relaxing break. You can also specify a body area to focus on. Relaxzen Massage Seat Cushion helps soothe the neck and waist, thighs, lower back and back. You can actually switch to full body massages for a maximum efficiency. While driving, it is very convenient to put the length of your massage experience to the right end of the time when you reach the destination. Massage Seat Cushion of Relaxzen allows you to choose from 10 minutes.

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Q & A

Qwhere does the power plug in on the pad?

ACharger plug end is attached to female plug on the right side of the pad at the joint between the seat and the upright portion of the pad.

Qis this the vibrating massage or the kneading?

AIt’s a combination of both, some levels have a higher intensity, I prefer the up and down, or the all motors, and the wave, these offers all body massage at once, make sure you control your intensity level.

Q: can it be used lying down?

AYes, can be used lying down or sitting up

Top Reviews

This is a 10 star product!

My christmas shopping list this year will have several of these on it for my family and friends. In the past, being in the car for extendeed periods of time has been hard; driving has been especailly difficult. Now, I can’t wait to try it on my next trip! I believe it will make a big difference with this heavenly health tool. If you want a good massage tool, to improve chronic pain or quality of life by reducing pain, Please try this.

Exactly what my chair needed… almost

This is installed on an office chair where it gets sat on for 8+ hour intervals whether it’s on or not, so comfort plays a big role in my opinion here, and this thing doesn’t disappoint… I replaced a worn-out Homedics model with this one and it’s much better – no giant hard lumps in the seating surface and it seems to actually add to the cushion of the chair.


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