Rainy Day Indoor Net Swing

Rainy Day Indoor Net Swing – Rope Swing for the Family Family swings can be set up for casual indoor use too. It’s best to find one sturdily constructed for years of use. Relaxing family swings need to consider color and style to best match the home and surroundings. Here’s a Unique High Quality Elastic Hammock Swing To Consider. It stretches so don’t set it too low!

Rainy Day Indoor net swing
Rainy Day Indoor Net Swing
  • Stretches to fit any child
  • Use in prone or sitting position
  • Supportive design keeps child safe and provides sense of security
  • Attaches securely to Rainy Day™ Indoor Support Bar with steel pelican hooks
  • Rainy Day™ Indoor Support Bar Sold Separately. Item Number: 90904
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About Rainy Day Indoor Net Swing

The Therapy Net Swings is the solution to calming a restless child. This net swing is a great therapy tool that stretches to fit any child or adult. It can be used in a prone position like a hammock or a sitting position Enveloping a child’s whole body as they swing back and forth, the movement stimulates the vestibular system, linear movement?and also provides ample proprioception (pressure to the joints) so it is calming and comforting for kids who seek that type of pressure. Many kids with autism and special needs love to relax in the net swing but it is also a good place for them to read a book or do homework with clipboard or hard surface on their lap.For kids that are apraxic or suffer from other types of speech disorders doing speech therapy exercises while in a net swing can keep them alert and motivated for longer periods of time. It cradles a child so they surface on their lap.like a typical swing. Kids will feel safe and secure while stimulating their vestibular system.?Indoor net swing is made to be used with the indoor? support bar. Supports up to 175lbs.

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Q & A

Q: My son will want to spin this swings, and swing high. Is this safe in a doorway, or will he bang into it?

A: Probaly no

Q: Is this for real swinging or lounging? How much clearance is needed (front & back) to swing average height 4 year old?

A: My 3 year old is autistic and puts that thing to the test he swings and spins in it!!

Q: Is Rainy day indoor swing come with bar or not

A: No. You need to order the bar

Q: What is the weight limit?
A: 170lbd

Top Reviews

Excellant Swing for an Autisitic Child

My 11 year old son who has autism has been using this swing every day for the past 3 years and loves it. The net portion is made well and does not show of any wear after 3 years.

Son is living with autism and his occasional therapist recommended this swing

My son is living with autism and his occasional therapist recommended this swings. This is one of the best purchases on Amazon ever!! He uses it daily and it’s perfect for when the weather is so agreeable.

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