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How to order from Amazon shop with a coupon?

After the selection of items from the store Instant Pot, you can enter your coupon mentions the right image. You can pay for purchases with all major credit cards or PayPal.

Where is the best place for me to buy my Instant Pot?

There are many different sales channels on the internet and some retail locations offer a wide range of supply and price range. Perform due diligence when shopping for your Instant Pot because we are not responsible for the proposed price or volatility.

What is the difference between you IPLUX 50/ IP-DUO 50 and IP-LUX 60 / IP-DUO 60 model?

The only difference between these two models is the size. IP-LUX50 / IP-DUO50 5Qt and has a capacity of 900W heating element, and IP-LUX 60 / IP-DUO 60 a capacity of 6 Qt and 1000W heating element. Amount external dimension to the IP-LUX 60 / IP-DUO 60 is about 2 cm (3/4 in) higher than the IP-LUX 50/IP-DUO 50. Otherwise, there is no difference in functionality.

For more technical details on both models please visit:

How long is the warranty on your Instant Pot?

Service is our warranty for up to one year from date of purchase. The warranty period and our procedures are exactly the same no matter where you purchase Instant Pot. For more details about the warranty, you can go to

What can you tell me about the quality of the stainless steel inner pot?

Instant Pot pot is made of stainless steel 18/8 (Food 304) in line with FDA standards. Instant Pot lids are made from 18/8 stainless steel.

If someone gives you 18/10 stainless steel pot to lower prices in Instant Pot, you should request a certificate or proof of steel. There are also a lot of electric pressure cooker which uses 202 class, a new cheaper stainless steel that is less rust resistant.

Our inner basin is designed to last as long as any stainless steel sink top quality cooking utensils and other flatware.

For those who prefer a non-stick pot inside or want a non-stick inner pot, now we have them available at Amazon

How is Instant Pot cooking pot made?

Instant Pot cooker is first made with a sheet of grade 304 stainless steel food 18/8. Then, an aluminum plate and a bottom plate, stainless steel caps were mixed. The aluminum plate is not in contact with food or without. The process of fusing leave few welding seams on the inside of the cooker. The welding seams are polished away to create an inner surface highly polished, make little stick cooking pot and food easier to clean. then the cooking pot is sprayed with mineral oil for better presentation.

No metal coating on the surface of the crucible.

In the manual, we require users to clean the inner pot and lid inside with warm soapy water thoroughly before first use.

Instant Pot Why not operating at 15psi?

The choice of a low pressure working in Instant Pot is a tradeoff of functionality and cost. Pressure cooker industry safety standards ANSI / UL-136 with a stress test cases that do not require leak at 5 times the working pressure. For 15psi kitchen, this is 75psi; for Instant 11.6psi Pot, this is 58psi. Differences in material and construction are enormous. We can build an Instant Pot that operates at 15psi, but not below $ 150. It will be more like $ 300 ~ 500 degrees and our research indicates that most people do not willing to buy in the price range.

On the other hand, operates at 10:15 ~ 11.6 psi results in an increase of 7 ~ 15% of the cooking time, about 3 minutes of cooking 30 minutes. With the convenience set and forget, cooking is more than decent. Moreover, thanks to the insulation plant, maintain pressure for more time consuming very little power. Our research shows that using Instant Pot is less than half the amount of electricity compared with a stove-top on a variety of power, the length of time taken.

What is the size of your instant pot?

What temperature does not operate in the Instant Pot for different settings?

All specifications that you could possibly need can be found at

I could do with Instant Pot canned?

There are two kinds of canned foods: canned boiled water at 100 ° C / 212 ° F (for citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles and jelly products) and canned pressure at 121 ° C ~ 115 / 240 ~ 250 ° F (low acid vegetables, meats and poultry). Please refer to the “USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning,” for more details.

Instant Pot can be used to boil water, canned. However, Instant Pot untested food safety in USDA canning pressures. Due to the fact that the programs of IP-CSG Instant Pot, IP-DUO and IP-LUX series are adjusted by a pressure sensor instead of a thermometer, the altitude of your location can affect actual cooking temperature. For now, we would not recommend using Instant Pot for pressure canning purposes. Please note that this adjustment to the incorrect information on our head.

Instant Pot Why preserve the shape of the food pretty good clip?

This is because the pressure cooking pot is implemented immediately. Immediately after cooking pressure is reached in the inner pot, the cooking show Instant Pot intelligent temperature dropped to just maintain the pressure and temperature. Inside the pot, the temperature fluctuated around the boiling point of water under a pressure of about 11 PSI, at 115 ° C ~ 118 ° C or 239 ° F ~ 244 ° F. So no exciting force to break the food sector, although they are fully implemented. This is one of the reasons why the Instant Pot dishes keep food form the perfect piece for better presentation.

In some cases, users may want a more syrupy consistency. When food is cooked completely, it can be easily broken by stirring or pressing.

How Instant Pot cooking program working smart? How is the temperature and pressure control?

Please refer to our article Smart cooking program.

Is there any way I can fried / brown meat on stainless steel cooking pot before I close it to pressure cook?

former CSG models we do not have the ability to do this. However, Instant Pot new IP-LUX series browning function build-in called “fry”. It can be used to brown meat before cooking to thicken sauces or after cooking. You can choose from three set so low, medium and high by clicking the button “Adjustment”.

When using the “fried” function,, unused cap at all as you do not want to build pressure on the set. Our glass lids can be used with the “fried” and is available at Amazon

Instant Pot How often will keep food warm?

Once cooked, Instant Pot automatic keep warm function is started and lasted for up to 10 hours.

How to “Slow Cook” function work?

Slow cook function IP CSG Instant Pot slow cookers other simulation series. It can be set to 1 ~ 10 hours to cook. Operating temperature is 88-93 ° C (190-200 ° F). You need to set up vapor release handle to “vent” position for slow cooking. Otherwise, a low pressure can build up in the pot.

The LUX series IP controlled temperature more sophisticated, you can choose the “Less”, “normal” and “More” with the “Adjust”. These correspond to low, medium and high popularity in slow cooker. Operating temperature is 88-99 ° C (190-210 ° F), and it can be set to 1 ~ 10 hours to cook. You need to set up vapor release handle to “vent” position for slow cooking.

How to Control Instant Pot pressure cooking stage without steam leak?

Illustration of Instant Pot working pressure curve

Instant Pot is equipped with a pressure sensor under the heating element. When working pressure is reached, the heating stopped. When the pressure is lower than the desired working pressure, restart the heating system. This maintains pressure in a certain range, see the attached diagram. This pressure is not strong enough to lift the handle release steam, hence, there is no steam coming out during cooking.

Instant Pot cases do?

Instant Pot designed by Canadians specifically for North American consumers. It is made in China by the manufacturer electric pressure cooker No. 1 who has produced and sold more than 30 million units of household use worldwide.

I can use Instant Pot in a country with a 220V electrical system?

The version USA / Canada Instant Pot model is designed to work only with 110 ~ 120v. It does not work with 220v without a voltage converter. Some users have tried it and reported that the cooker works well, the UK, Italy, Australia and Malaysia with a suitable voltage converter that can accommodate up to 1,500 Watts. We also produce 220 ~ 240V models sold in the UK. Please look on amazon

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