Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite HD Electric Wheelchair Review
Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite HD Electric Wheelchair Review

Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite HD is the ideal electric wheelchair for heavier riders and those who do not plan to travel far in a day.

ADVANTAGES / The Jazzy Elite HD with a maximum weight of 450 pounds.

DISADVANTAGES / electric wheelchair can only go about 9.8 miles on a single battery charge, one of the shortest range for electric wheelchairs in our product line

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About The Jazzy Elite HD Electric Wheelchair

Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite HD boasts a number of outstanding features, including a maximum capacity of 450 pounds of weight, a 3-inch ground clearance and two color choices. It also features a five-year warranty on the frame of the electric wheelchair. However, although this product has many remarkable features, we also noted other areas where improvements could be made, such as a short battery life, which hinder this model from a higher ranking on our product line.

Pride Mobility Jazzy Elite HD electric wheelchair has a maximum speed of 4 mph, which is average for an electric wheelchair. It also has a 24-inch turning radius, allowing for a very tight turn. Moreover, this product will be able to clear the ground of up to 3 inches, which makes it easier to use outdoors and when you are driving on the rough and rocky terrain.

Battery life of this model is lacking compared to the best electric wheelchair. It can only travel 9.8 miles on a single battery charge, one of the shortest battery life we recorded. Good motorized wheelchairs can travel 15 miles on at least a single battery charge, while the best that can go up to 20 miles.

The Jazzy Elite HD with a maximum weight of 450 pounds. Most electric wheelchairs, in contrast, have a 300-pound weight limit. Additionally, you can choose between red fenders or blue, and the wheelchair comes with a lot of cushions on the seat, backrest and head rest. However, the wheelchair is quite heavy, weighing about 225 pounds, it is one of the power-operated wheelchair heaviest on our product line.

This electric wheelchair by Pride Mobility comes with a manufacturer warranty of five years the seat frame. It also includes a 13-month warranty on electrical components and motor drives. This is one of the best guarantees we have seen on this type of device.


The Jazzy Elite HD offers heavy-duty construction, a 450 lbs. weight capacity, and excellent performance in a stylish, highly maneuverable package. Features & Benefits Enhanced 450 lbs. weight capacity Front-wheel drive design for excellent maneuverability 14″ knobby tires and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction Larger foot platform 60 amp controller Extended 13-month limited warranty.

  • Specifications Model: Jazzy Elite HD
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.*
  • Turning Radius: 24″
  • Width: 24.5″
  • Length: 35.5″
  • Maximum Speed*: Up to 4 mph
  • Ground Clearance: 3″
  • Front Wheels: 3″ solid anti-tips
  • Drive Wheels: 14″ solid
  • Rear Wheels: 6″ Solid casters
  • Drivetrain: Two-motor, front-wheel drive
  • Braking System: Regenerative and electro-mechanical
  • Suspension Type: LimitedHigh-Back
  • Seating: 24″W x 24″D High-Back
  • Seat-to-Floor Range: 0″ – 22″
  • Synergy Seating: 24″W x 24″D
  • Synergy Seat-to-Floor Range: 15.75″ – 17.75″
  • Standard Electronics: 60A, Dynamic Battery Size: 12 volt, NF-22 Standard Battery Charger: 5A, off-board
  • Per-Charge Range*: Up to 9.8 miles
  • Battery Weight: 37 lbs. each
  • Base Weight: 89 lbs.
  • Standard Seat Weight: 51.5 lbs. (high-back)
  • Standard Seat Size: 20″ x 18″-20″ Medicare Code Coverage: Group 2: Heavy Duty (K0824/K0825)

Color Options: Red or Blue Maximum weight capacity is reduced to 400 lbs. (181 kg) on 18″ deep seat configurations. *Speed & range vary with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition and tire pressure. Warranty 5-year limited warranty on frame 13-month limited warranty on electronics 13-month limited warranty on drive motors.

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The Jazzy Elite HD is one of the best options for an electric wheelchair for heavier riders. It weighs 450 pounds and more padding. However, the battery life of this wheelchair is shorter than the other models, plus it is a heavy product, which makes transport difficult stool. Despite the limitations of this wheelchair, for heavier riders, this electric wheelchair is one of the best options available.


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