Powertec Workbench Multi System, WB-MS Reviews

Powertec Workbench Multi System, WB-MS Review

Powertec Workbench Multi System is an ideal choice if you do not want to deal with cables and pulleys, but it size can make it difficult for certain families.

PROSYou can lift up to 500 pounds with this home gym.

CONSIt is large and takes up a lot of space

This Powertec WB-MS Workbench Multi System allows multiple users to work simultaneously. This solution gym at home allows you to perform up to 20 resistance exercises at a weight up to 500 pounds. The machine does not use a stack of weights and cables. Instead, you put the weight on. This allows a higher maximum weight and provide a more durable machine. However, this home gym is a large system requires an ample amount of space.

Powertec Workbench

When using home exercise equipment, you can make up to 20 episodes. These exercises include shoulder presses, tricep extensions and presses, lat pulldowns, chops wood. It also allows the front row as well as tilt and reduce bench presses.

This machine is designed for three people can use it at once. Powertec home gym does not use pulleys and cables. You set the amount of weight you want to improve on. How much weight the machine can handle depends on the type of exercise you perform. However, the maximum weight is 500 pounds.

Best Powertec Workbench - Home Gym

Not many accessories are included with this computer. However, some pieces of optional equipment is available at an additional cost. These options include an accessory pec fly, a storage rack accessories and a 225 pound weight package. One drawback to exercise this home is its large size. This system is one of the gym’s largest home we reviewed. It’s 10 feet long, 6 feet wide and 6.7 feet high. It weighs up to 420 pounds, making it too heavy to move once fully assembled.

Customer representatives are available to answer questions or concerns. Email and phone options available to achieve, the representative, but we want to live chat option is available as well.Powertec Workbench frame on most stations are covered under a lifetime warranty. However, these parts are only two years.

In brief

Powertec Workbench Multi stations allow three individuals to work at once. You can make up to 20 exercises with the machine and lift up to £500 when performing certain exercises. This home gym is much larger than most and requires a lot of space. However, most stations Powertec Workbench helps you perform a full body exercise intensity from your home to a large amount of weight.

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Review of customers about Powertec Workbench

Powertec Workbench Multi System (WB – MS) to 5 big boxes and the total weight is around 500lbs somewhere in the box. Five boxes will fit into a truck nap, but you’ll need some rope to tie it down and help bring some boxes in the weight as 170 adults each and are confused. Anyways, foootprint is slightly larger than the website suggests it may seem. You will need about 12 inches behind the section to do squats squatting properly and have enough room to safely meneuver. Similarly, you’ll want a minimum of 8 – 12 inches on the last bench press as your knees and feet will stick out when doing bench press. My legs really touched my wall that is 8 inches. Just wanted to send a little information here on the WB – MS that I wish was posted when I first bought it. Finally I got it a week ago after a long delay from the supplier Powertec, they seem to really backup. Anyway, it took me about 6 hours to put it casually together taking breaks here and there. It is fairly simple to put together, but it takes your time and make sure you put the bolts in the way they talk (county facing right direction, etc.). Everything was a close match and I had to undo some screws as indicated long grain will block me from sliding next bar. Power tool definitely help, but I did not have

The end leg extension does not require any additional space other than shown, can 1 – 2 inches, but the onsite measurements show the leg extensions when it is expanded so it’s fine. So, now to my review: Quality I totally impressed with WB – MS. The yellow paint is gorgeous and powdercoat steel and welds are very nice, clean and powerful. The basis of the system is very strong as well and there are no rattles or sqweaks or nervous or anything that appears to be lost.

When you put a plate on the end of a 45lb bars, not even moving. I put three 45 plates on each end of the bench press, and it is clear that it can hold no problems at all, very good quality. The system comes with 6 weight clamp to keep the weight on the bar is stainless steel and very good quality. I wish they had been more than 6, but basically they were 2 for each seat, so you need to make some exchanges. But things like ab crisis, without clamping arm actually curved. Powertec only lowered costs to their prices and I got me for stealing of a deal. I bought mine in Canada and pay $1,250 CDN brand new and INCLUDE GST/PST and free shipping, theft of a workout agreement Units 7 only really decent workout that can made on it: Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Lat pulldown Squat Calf Raise ab Crunch Arm Curl You can also do leg extensions, however, I can not make them because they seem to be reserved for a dwarf small 5,8″ person. I’m 6,3″ and the extension legs rolled up close to me knees, making it impossible for them.

Body Nice with Powertec Workbench

But, even if I could make them, I do not, because I see that my quads squats work 10x better than the vacuum extension, basically making them useless. 7 other exercises, however, very good. Compounds four sets Squat, Bench Press, Lat pulldown and shoulders through the highlights of the system. They all work the muscle groups should be set up and they are very good, especially the squat At 6,3″. I heard that squatting is a little different and unaccomodating for tall, but I have found it to be good and only takes a few minutes of practice comes in and out of it. For a 6,6″ or higher, however, it would probably not be a good idea to get this system… the squat safety mechanism just enough work for me.

For anyone higher, it can crush them if they try to go to failure, since keeping the squat bar is very low (even on the same settings). I need to go all the way to the ground to get squat to rest on the bar and then crawl out of it on my knees, but it works very well, and any other way, it will not work. Bench press is very nice and the ability to increase/decrease the bench when needed is great. The shoulder press works the shoulders and triceps like no other exercise Ive ever done, which is great, and my chest hurt from the bench press, the wb-ms is beating the out of me! The lat pulldown is incredible and really work the upper back. According to curl your arms and raise their calves worked great too. Curl is a very strong arm, and I could just barely make it 70lbs on my first visit, compared to 110lbs in the gym. Very nice indeed! Gain increased calf is a calf… nothing special about it, just work as usual. As the crisis ab go, it works very well as long as the position of your hands on the bar as well. Make sure your thumbs are facing outward (palms facing out the back of your head) so you can not use your hands to pull the weight forward, forcing you to use your ab muscles. Great burns! 100lbs do more good for the first time! If you are fortunate to share the room for the system I’ll get it. I know there are many units proposed WB – LS (Workbench Leverage System) on this, however, the WB – MS is not much more expensive units and is WELL worth squat nor should to change things around. I’m also not a big fan of the cable. However, if you have no room for this system then I would definitely recommend WB – LS. Overall I’m very happy, I went with this unit, instead of going for a Bowflex as I had originally planned. Not simply not comparable! For anyone reading this thread if you have any other questions about this system feel free to post here or PM me and I’ll be happy to answer them. I had a lot of trouble finding out information about WB – MS pretty when I was first looking for is one of the reasons I made this post, so hopefully it will end up in google and the people looking for information will find this.

Want Muscle? Move Weight!

You will see thousands of choices out there for weight training equipment. There are many ways to “get in shape”. The question you must ask yourself is what does not “get in shape” mean to you? If your desire is to lose fat, and included six pack muscles in the arms, chest and legs, you need to move aka resistance weight training.

Powertec Workbench Levergym

Check out price WB-MS Check out price for POWERTEC Workbench, Yellow

Resistance training is the only way to put on lean mass significantly throughout the entire body. Resistance training is by definition any training that you work against a force while stressing the musculoskeletal system. There are actually many forms of resistance training; but, in the course of time one has been proven to be most effective in bringing on lean mass. You can guess what type of resistance training that is? It’s weight training. Right! Old School weight training is the most effective way to put on lean mass and body shape you want to create. The other option would be for exercises like pushups or weight pull-ups. Resistance tubes can be used for resistance. manual resistance is a great option, but requires a competent coach or partners proficient in practice. All other options are possible to make more; However, I repeat that NOTHING put on lean mass like weight training.

Convince? Well, you should be! I have over 18 years experience in personal training and weight 8 years of professional experience with the aim of achieving lean muscle Center. I have seen hundreds of people to reinvent themselves by doing something etc, move weight. You are looking to make changes in your body? If you are then get to move some weight carried. I’m not talking about any pansy 2lb dumbbell pink… you need to move some iron. Choose the weight and handling equipment that will become your machine.

If training at home it is good to have an adjustable bench and some adjustable dumbbells for weight movements basic freedoms. However, this can leave us lacking in options for more creative exercises. As well as improve home safety is a major concern and free weights, themselves do not always choose the best. For these reasons the gym using quality home can be extremely advantageous. Providing home gym with the functions and capacity in line with your needs.

After experiencing many home gym I am extremely impressed with the functionality and capabilities of Powertec Line. Especially I like them Workbench and Workbench Levergym multiple systems. Both pieces are very capable. They work through the appropriate range of motion exercises. The power curve of the movement, which combines well with the ability of the body. The machine is powerful and can handle a lot of weight. Depending on the space available and the number of users at a time, chances are that one of the pieces will be a great addition to training your home area. Let’s say that all sounds great, but you are very limited in terms of space … if that’s the case then I will consider the compact gym Levergym. It provides the same functionality in a smaller footprint. All three of these are great choices if you want to MOVE MUSCLE and weight!

Main Function Powertec Workbench Multi System

Powertec Workbench Multisystem

WeightCapacity Max Load (lbs):

Press Arms: 500lbs.

Lat Lever: 400lbs.

Crunch: 100lbs.           

Squat LeverArm: 500 lbs.


Press Arms: 20 lbs.

Lat Lever: 0 lbs.        

Crunch: 15lbs.

Squat Lever Arm: 35 lbs.

Dimension(HxWxL):80.5” x 73.3” x 120.1”

Powertec Workbench Multi System (NewlyDesign WB-MS14) introduces the featuring “Isolateral Arms” forthe Bench Press Station. Now users can exercise each arm independently or lockboth arms together and use it as a Conventional Bench Press.

The Foot Plate on the SquatStation has been redesigned in order to provide a wider surface area andsupport. The system also features a newaccessory support plate located on the inside of the bench frame accessoryreceiver tube, it is designed to secure all Powertec accessories. The newaccessory support plate is an added feature to All Powertec WorkbenchFrames.

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Simultaneous3-Person Use

Improved top clearance allowsfor 3-Person use at the same time. This gym provides multiple user accessopening up a variety of applications from the home to many light commercialsettings. The footprint remains quite compact for a multiple station gym.

IncreasedLat Exercise Options

Added inner lat pull handlesgive you additional exercises. With over 12 single station machines, eachstation is pre-set to provide its own individual exercise machine. The user canmove quickly from station to station with minimal adjustments. The position ofthe shoulder press is changed slightly from the previous model.

IncreasedBack Safety

Back padding on the seat hasbeen repositioned for better lower back support.


Stopper added for yourprotection during exercise.

TheLeverGym™ Advantage

Lever arms drive the exercises.Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever which simply replaces thebarbell thus providing the natural feel and resistance of free weight with thesafety and control of a machine.

Virtually Maintenance Free

The Workbench Multisystem has no cables or pulleys. Allexercises incorporate bearing driven lever arms to provide a smooth and quietoperation.

Optional Accessory:













Calf Raise

Close Grip Bench Press

Close Grip Pull down

High Cable Side Crunch with Handle Attachment

Incline Bench Rows

Incline Leg Lift

Incline Overhead Triceps Extension

Incline Shoulder Press


Overhand Triceps Pushdown

Seated Overhand Grip Lat Pull down

Seated Row

Seated Triceps Pushdown with Bar Handle

Seated Underhand Grip Pull down

Shoulder Press



Triceps Extension

Triceps Press

Underhand Triceps Pushdown


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