Plow & Hearth Rope Tree Swing

Rope Tree Swing – Seat Design Considerations The example above next to “Materials” shows a swing with a single-knot seat. One rope fastened between the legs. This is simple and provides more variations to the ride – it can go in any direction. The design just above has actually two ropes with stabilizers – each rope fastens to the seat both front and rear, essentially keeping the seat in a fixed position relative to the rope. And this one to the left is just in between – two ropes without any stabilizers. It’s simpler, and as long as the girl holds on there shouldn’t be any issues.

Rope Tree Swing
  • Wooden swing seat is a nostalgic blast from the past!
  • Made in the classic style of outdoor swings for adults and kids alike
  • Sturdy rope swing for trees; mounting hardware not included
  • Wooden garden swing allows you to make the most of a peaceful outdoor spot
  • Rope tree swing with wooden seat is comfortably oversized; seat measures 24″L x 15″W and includes 11’6″ rope
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About Plow & Hearth Rope Tree Swing

Plow & Hearth Exclusive – Swing back in time with our nostalgic rope tree swing! Take a seat and you’ll be instantly transformed back in time to days of lemonade, bare feet and carefree games.  Our Rope Tree Swing With Wooden Seat has a generously sized seat and sturdy thick rope. Hang it from a tree and enjoy the carefree feeling. Distressed red paint adds to the nostalgic feel. Mounting hardware not included. Size: 24″L x 15″W seat; 11’6″ rope

Premium 23.5″4 Hole Wooden Rope Tree Swing Kid Adult

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Premium 46″ Double Wooden Rope Tree Swing

Q & A

Q: What kind of mounting hardware is necessary?

A: We bought a tree swing hanging kit for $46. It included two 3′ straps and hardware. It made hanging the swing a lot easier and will be gentler on the tree limb.

Q: Are you saying that two ropes 11′ 6″ come with this swing?

A: This swing does include to ropes that are 11’6″ in length. I hope this information is helpful.

Q: What kind of wood?

A: The seat is made out of rubber wood. I hope you find this information helpful.

Top Reviews

Swinging from the Treetops

My Beautiful Wife of 30+ years has always wanted a tree swing. She was so happy with this swing, both with the looks and the usability. And it is strong enough that even a full size man like me can swing.

The seat is wide enough that I can swing two of my granddaughters at one time. The family loves the swing

Truly is a nice swing. The rope is big around

I didn’t read the dimensions of the wooden part and was worried it was too big for my 4-year-old granddaughter. She got right up on it and was very “athletic” on it!! It really, truly is a nice swing. The rope is big around. I love swinging on it, too. I’m going to take photos of brides on it! I hold weddings here at my place. Great swing!! I also bought the swing hanging kit for the tree. Awesome too.

Beautiful and sturdy swing!

It is beautiful and exactly what we want. The trouble is the directions are not very specific. The best way to hang it is with two eye bolts and nuts, and two carabiners. We will revise and add a picture after we hang it!


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