In the city gathered at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday (22/10), Republican candidate Donald Trump announced plans for his first 100 days if elected president.

Plan first 100 days as president of Donald Trump
Plan first 100 days as president of Donald Trump

Here extracted verbatim translation of his speech before supporters:

“During my first days in the White House, my administration will immediately implement the following 6 measures to clean up corruption and manipulation of the privileged group in Washington DC:

One, proposed a constitutional amendment to impose term limits for all members of Parliament;

Two, the entire contract freezes federal officials to reduce the number of salaried labor budget by reducing payroll (excluding the military, public safety and health);

Three, set out the requirement that in order to give a new federal regulations, which must be canceled two provisions already exist;

Four, White House officials banned and Congress became lobbyists during the five years after leaving office;

Years, a permanent ban White House officials become lobbyists for foreign governments;

Friday, banning foreign athletes who raise funds for the elections in the US.

Also on the first day, I would do the following 7 to protect American workers:

One, I will announce plans to renegotiate NAFTA agreement, or withdraw from the agreement under Article 2205;

Two, I will inform the US withdrawal from TPP agreement;

Three, I will assign paralysis Treasurer China currency manipulator;

Four, I will instruct the ministers of trade and office US Trade Representative identifies all countries abusing trade activities, unfair impact on American workers and requested they use all the tools available in the United States and international law to stop these acts immediately;

Five, I’ll remove limits are placed on energy production industry from resource reserves of 50 trillion dollars worth of us, thereby creating more jobs;

Friday, removing barriers from Obama-Clinton administration, enabling infrastructure projects vital energy, such as the Keystone Pipeline project, which was implemented;

Seven or cancel the payment of billions of dollars for climate change programs of the United Nations, to use this money to repair environmental infrastructure and clean water in the United States;

In addition, on the first day, I will perform the following years in order to restore security and the rule of law under our Constitution:

One, canceling all executive orders, memoranda and unconstitutional ordinance by President Obama to direct;

Two, start choosing a judge of the Supreme replace Judge Scalia in the list of 20 people that I proposed. This person must be to protect and conserve the spirit of the US Constitution;

Three, to cancel all federal funding for the city shelter (Sanctuary Cities);

Four, start the deportation of 2 million illegal immigrants and visa canceled countries do not recognize the person;

Five, stopped receiving immigrants from areas with high risk of terrorism, which can not secure the background checks. Complete the verification is done extremely strict;

Next, I will work with Congress to give greater legal measures and request through this measure in the first 100 days under the new government:

Middle flow streamlining tax law: the economic plan to achieve growth rate of 4% economy and create at least 25 million jobs through large-scale streamlining of tax, associated with trade reforms, simple regulations and removal of the limit for the US energy sector. The middle class will be the most tax breaks. A middle-class family with two children will be reduced 35% tax. Number of tax brackets (tax bracket) current will decrease from 7 to 3, and tax forms are also greatly simplified. Interest rates also fell from 35 now to 15%, and the thousands of billions of dollars of US companies abroad are allowed to bring domestic with only 10% tax.

Offshoring Code Termination Act (use of foreign resources) and set up tariff barriers to limit US companies laid off workers in the country, moving jobs abroad and then bring products for consumption in countries that enjoy zero tax rate;

Law Infrastructure & Energy: balancing of public – private and private investment through tax incentives, to achieve packet infrastructure investment 1 trillion dollars over 10 years. This project neutralizing income (Revenue neutral);

Law Educational Opportunities and Choices school: reorienting education budget to allow parents the option to send their children get to school public, private, exceptional schools, magnet schools, religious schools or educational old. Termination of Education General Standard, for local communities the right to supervise the teaching. This law expanded technical education and vocational training, help with the cost of higher tertiary cheaper 2 and 4 years.

Annul and replace Obamacare Act: Completely remove and replace Obamacare Health Savings Accounts Act – allowing health insurance to all state and state-run insurance fund. Other changes include removing bureaucratic procedures at the FDA: more than 4,000 drugs awaiting approval, we need especially to speed up testing of drugs save lives.

Law on child care and elderly low cost: Allows Americans to deduct the cost of child care and elderly people on taxation, to encourage employers babysitting up near workplaces and create savings account no tax for dependent children and dependent elderly, substantial help for low-income families.

Termination of anti-immigration law illegally: Build walls southern border and Mexico will pay for these costs; Minimum 2 years imprisonment on federal if deported back US illegally, and 5 years in prison for the crime, repeatedly violating regulations or were expelled from two or more times; Besides reforming visa regulations, severe penalties than those who deliberately overstayed and ensure the creation of new jobs for American priorities first.

Restore the Community Safety Act: Reducing the amount of crime, drugs and violence are increasing rapidly with the establishment of a force handling violent crime and increased funding for training programs, supporting local police Phoenix; increased resources for law enforcement agencies and federal prosecutors to strengthen eliminate criminal gangs and extort violent offenders in jail.

Restore the National Security Law: Reconstruction our troops by removing existing defense isolation, increase military investment; supporting veterans so they can choose the treatment in public or private establishments; protect critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks; establish screening procedures to ensure that new entry to the country who support people and our values.

Washington handled Corruption Law: Innovation sets issued guidelines to conduct marsh smoker apartment (corruption) and limits the impact of manipulation of the privileged group in our politics

On the day of 8/11, Americans will vote for the 100-day plan of mine, to restore prosperity to the economy and security for communities and honesty for our government.

This is my commitment to you “- Donald Trump

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