Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor Review
Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor Review

What Is The Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor

It’s become something of a cliche in the world razer that evolution means adding an extra blade. The Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor follows this trend by packing five blades – and sure enough it effectively shaved to make it a remarkable variety of shavers.

Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor Review
Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor

As befitting a leading electric shaver, it also comes supplied with a cleaning station for washing the fuzz on his face all the wings off in a push button. But there are many other nice features that make this model of wet and dry shaver best available on the market.

DESIGN Of Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor

Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 is mainly, quite understandably, by which the first tongue. The blade profile is designed for mid-length hair, the two sides of it leaves the elevator and trim the hairs lie flat, and the outer leaves is to cut close to the skin.

The head rotate both up and down and from side to side, while the entire assembly is removable foil to easily beat it out. A top guards are provided, for those times you do not want to turn ES LV95 S Arc5 at its cleaning station, and has a faux leather case for travel.

Below is the first on/off button, which is surrounded by a rotating switch to lock it to prevent children from turning the hand your razor on by accident. It is also helpful to make sure you do not turn the ES LV95 S Arc5 out by accident while shaving. A nice touch.

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The LCD screen is one of the best around. It not only displays battery ES LV95 S Arc5 is a percentage – a sign that far more accurate than most – it also tells you how long you have been shaved, in minutes and seconds, when you Power off.

Shaver itself is quite light at 200g and sits comfortably in the hand. The chromed plastic feels a bit cheap, but not too much to take me away.

Return of the head showed a trimmer, was he lifted up with a switch.

Panasonic ES-LV95 declared that there Shaved smart sensors, power should have been adjusted automatically depending on the thickness of your beard.

PERFORMANCE Of Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor

The Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor provide easily the most likely of any shaver I’ve tested. On a single pass, it does an admirable job, especially on the upper lip.

It still requires knowledge about the development direction your beard, to make sure you shave against the grain, but the effectiveness of its cut makes this less of a problem. Whether this is down to five blades, smart sensors Clean or both, I’m not entirely sure, but it certainly helped by the fact that the dual-pivoting head hugging contours of your face better than most.

There are a few minor drawbacks, though. A close shave is so positive on the skin is sensitive, so you may need longer than usual to acclimatise to it. This issue persists even when using it wet – the LV95 is waterproof, so it’s worth experimenting with dry, wet or gel to see what suits you. We’d advise keeping a lot of moisturizer on hand, though.

The other niggle was the noise. Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 it sounds like angry bees inside it. It’s not necessarily any worse than most electric shavers, but it’s certainly not quiet.

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Thanks to clean supply and charging station, as simple as washing tongue clicking a button, although it makes some pretty disturbing noises during the cleaning cycle. Cleaning and drying takes about an hour.

Unlike Braun cleaning systems, it does not require expensive cartridges ready-mixed cleaning solution, but instead of using cheaper packages of detergent. They poured into the reservoir cleaning stations – access via a push button on the left side of the station – which then stood up with tap water. As well as cheaper, the packages are easier to store large quantities.

If you want to go the route and former cleaning brush the tongue – or if you’re traveling and do not want to have with your charging station – the first dismantling is simple enough. Squeeze button to turn on the output sides, exposing the airfoil and cutting, while the other three are still at the top. A baby and a few brishing gentle manipulation will get most of the decorations out.

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Should I buy Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 Electric Razor?

If you can afford it, Panasonic ES LV95 S Arc5 is the best electric razor you can get.

It’s not perfect – if you want a minimum of fuss, you might be better off with the Philips 9000 series, which is quieter and requires less thinking about shaving direction. If you have particularly sensitive skin, we recommend looking at Cooltec CT4s Braun.

However, this Panasonic is still the most comprehensive package shaving.

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The five blades is more than just a upmanship; they provide the most risk around. Add to that a series of touch-friendly and this is leading shaver to beat.


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