Choice Panasonic ES LA93 K Arc4 Electric Razor For Men

Panasonic ES LA93 K Arc4 Electric Razor uses leaves and a four-blade cutting system. It features a wireless long run, a precision trimmer and a featherlike weight. In addition to its small number of convenient features, this razor is easy to clean and offer a great shave.

Choice Panasonic ES LA93 K Arc4 Electric Razor For Men
Choice Panasonic ES LA93 K Arc4 Electric Razor For Men

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Shaving Performance

In our test, this Panasonic ES LA93 K Arc4 electric razor for men provide a great shave. It was a close shave so, in fact, we feel we have shaved with a razor in his hand. To get shaved recently, we only scraped in the same area two or three times maximum, so it is quick shave.

We also found to be very smooth shave. The leaf does not irritate face or hair pulling in all of our tests. While many electric shaver makes it difficult to shave the chin or jaw line, this provides comprehensive results without any difficulties.

This electric shavers have a two-engine system. While you shave, a motor running in a motion from side to side and a second motor makes the propellers running up and down. Two engines allow you to get razor overall.

We have tested the possibility of using this razor’s dry, but you can also shave cream or even in the bathroom with it. You can immerse it in water without any problems, which makes shaving in the shower and clean it simple.

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Razor Design

This Panasonic ES LA93 K Arc4 Electric Razor sleek overall design. It measures 6.5 x 2.7 x 2.2 inches and weighs in at just 0.44 ounces, which is feather light. We found in our testing that razor comfortable and natural to hold. Moreover, all the controls are simple to access as you hold it.

The shaver comes with just about all of the standard features for an electric razor, including a precision trimmer, a wireless option, and a battery indicator so you always know how much power is remaining before you need to recharge. You also get an LCD screen on this unit, displaying battery status, cleaning reminders and other icons to help you keep your razor in tip-top condition.

We were disappointed, however, to see that this razor without a fast charge option. This will allow you to plug in razor in just a few minutes to get enough water for a shave. This option is convenient if you need to shave on the road and the battery was dead, instead of waiting an hour for it to fully charge or plug it into the power cord to shave.


Panasonic ES LA93 K Arc4 electric razor for men includes a charging dock and a cleaning station in one, but we want to see. This dock lets you set vertical shaver when it is not used instead of lying down on the desk to plug in a power cord, and it cleaned and dried at the same time unit.

You can just wash the razor under running water to clean faster. It also features a vibration mode clean sound, which is much facial hair and debris off the unit while you rinse it under the tap.

Warranty & Support

You get the standard two-year warranty with this Panasonic shaver foil. Panasonic is available for assistance via telephone and a live chat option on their websites. You can also refer to some frequently asked questions on its website useful.

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Panasonic ES LA93 K Arc4 electric razor for men provides an extremely close shave and smooth – you’ll feel like you’re shaving with a razor in his hand. It has a long running time 42 minutes Wireless and provides the ability to use both wet and dry. You also get some nifty features to it, including a docking and charging station cleaning.

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