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Evolution Tools RAGE3

Evolution Tools RAGE3
Evolution Tools RAGE3

A reader wrote in yesterday asking about evolution Tools. There are two circular saws Evolution Tools sale at Woot, and readers asking about our general feelings about the company.

“Woot has two Evolution circular saws on special – one is a 9″ which is actually pretty appealing from a cut perspective.

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What are your thoughts on this brand? (whose brand is it?) what are your thoughts or potential pitfalls for a 9″ circular saw (blade availability?) – Mike

Evolution is not a very well-known companies, so here’s a few of my thoughts on the brand overall. Remember that my opinion is not as developed as the Bosch or other brands that I have much experience with.


Evolution Tools as a separate company that makes special circular saw and metal cutting saws cut that seems to be designed around multi-blade cutting their material. These blades are designed to cut materials steel, aluminum, plastic and wood. Need to cut through a wooden table what is full of nails? That is the kind of application of saws and saw blades sharp at.

One of the main selling points of the saw blades as they cut Evolution and dry without abrasion. You can cut steel abrasive debris or sparks flying everywhere.


I own an evolutionary Rage 7-1 / 4 “cut mark and had used it lightly for a few years now. Initially I bought it to cut through aluminum profiles in the case of a 10” metal saws with blades color was too cumbersome or inconvenient to set.

Machine quality is pretty good, but nothing to write songs about. Based on my experience with the saw, I would purchase it again.


I do not think I would trust saws Evolution hat. One of the oil is hard to get wrong, but a hat saws can be difficult to get right. I see evolution as more of a blade manufacturer that builds the basic tools to fit their tongue. Perhaps this is an unfair way of looking at it, but not much can be done about it.

Amazon user reviews for Rage 10″ Saw has soured my feelings for sawing Rage hats. Besides, it is always possible to add a color to the metal blade 10″ aluminum Saws plastic, and there are many affordable tight dry abrasion, cut and chipped in 8 “to 14” range.


Just take pictures of products, I would think Evolution circular saw blades are designed quite well and probably also built. Large buttons and thick shoes is usually the first thing I look at jigsaws.


The Rage230 have a “multi-material cutting blade can make vertical cuts up to 3-1 / 4” deep 9. This may seem impressive, and great cutting ability is the only reason I would consider 9 “This sawing.

The downside is 9″ blade is very hard to find. There are several 9” blade are available through Amazon, but I have a feeling the wing is designed for 9-year-old “table saws and may not be strong enough 10” saws. So if you buy Rage230, you’re limited to only using 9 “blade pluralism building materials in general, or their 9” Evolution of diamond blades for building materials.

3rd party blades can fit, but it’ll have to be careful to match the size tree and maximum speed.

If I needed a multi-material or light metal cutting circular saw with big cutting power, Rage230 can be at the top of my list, but only if the alternatives tongue is not so much limited of a potential problem.


MK Morse would probably be one of my top choices for pluralism saws or portable metal cutting. Makita will also be at the top of my list, but do not ask me why. I can not explain it, but Makita is the brand that sticks out in my mind as a top choice for metal cutting saws.

Do you have any questions, experience or feedback on the brand, or the additional place to comment on? Please share!

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