Ogawa Massage Chair with Advanced Roller Technology Review
Ogawa Massage Chair with Advanced Roller Technology Review

Ogawa Massage Chair with Advanced Roller Technology Review

As a full body massage chair recliner, the Ogawa Massage Chair has so many features and functions incorporated into the engineering. For instance, it has multiple recline angles, including two zero gravity positions that alleviate pressure on your spine and pelvis for a feeling of weightlessness. Furthermore, this is the only massage chair where the back can recline independently. One of the other unique features of this particular chair is the SuperTrac technology. This technology provides an extended massage track that is able to reach from the neck, past the tail bone, and down to the glutes.

Ogawa Massage Chair with Advanced Roller Technology Review
Ogawa Massage Chair with Advanced Roller Technology Review

Choosing a perfect massage chair is by no means an easy task. It certainly helps if you have a site that’s looking out for your best interest by providing you valuable information to help you make an educated decision. After all, massage chairs are not cheap; they are an investment in your health and wellbeing. Certain models have specific features that target areas of the body that promote circulation, back pain relief like sciatica, or stimulate those aching feet and calves after a long day. If you know what you’re looking for and what your needs are, then you’ll be able to pinpoint that exact chair that fits your requirements. One of the massage chairs that we feel deserve to be mentioned is the Ogawa massage chair. It’s one of the top models available and with this Ogawa massage chair you’ll receive all the details you could ever want to determine whether or not this massage chair is right for you.


We’re not really sure what this is, so we have to learn more about this technology. In fact, it is one of the latest technologies available in a massage chair. The song of the rollers in such a way that it matches the curve of the spine S to provide a more accurate massage. A lot of the stress that you feel is in the neck, and with this particular road the massage rollers really special concern to cervical region of the neck. Upright, Roller Supertrac technology provides a neck and back massage area, and then when the chair is placed in a reclining position, roller stretching all the way down, under the seat, and thigh area. One really cool aspect of this chair is also designed with quad roller technology, which means they can shape and act as human hands provide a professional massage penetrating type. They browse through specific targeting acupressure points.


Prior to receiving your massage the body scan feature calculates the size and width of your body so that the rollers can give a precise massage that has been customized to you.


This chair allows you to achieve a zero gravity position that relaxes your body and takes the stress off your spine, neck, and hips to get a better massage. Also, the zero gravity position elevates your knees above your heart and helps with breathing because of the improved lung capacity. In addition, this chair will also recline to a full layout bed position to receive a full foot massage. Each position cradles the body perfectly. The Ogawa massage chair has 2 stages of recline that are controlled with a touch of a button.


Yes, with the Ogawa massage chair you also get a foot massage. There are dual action foot rollers incorporated into this chair, plus it has air compression that squeezes away tension in the feet caused by overuse.  Also, the roller effectively kneads the bottom of your feet with a reflexology technique.


There are six massage techniques available with this chair, they include:

  • Swedish
  • Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu
  • Tapping
  • Clapping and Rolling

They can be selected in manual mode, as well as a spot feature to target certain areas.


If you want a chair that has several auto programs this is it.  The Ogawa has a total of nine auto programs that use a combination of techniques for a balanced massage, plus there are a two stretching programs available as well.  These massage programs are:

  • Relax
  • Gentle
  • Vigorous
  • Demo
  • UNIQ 1
  • UNIQ 2
  • Full Air
  • Stretching – stretching program
  • Therapy – stretching program


We like the fact that you can customize your massage to your own personal likes. You can add some heat to your massage that is located in the lumbar and seat region of the chair.  Easily adjust the strength and speed of the massage, or even target specific areas. The remote makes it possible to work these programs with just a button. Furthermore, there are also three width adjustments to accommodate the size of your back.


  • There are so many options to choose from with this massage chair, you’re really getting the whole experience.
  • Numerous auto programs available
  • Supertrac Roller Technology is pretty awesome. Having the rollers conform to your back with the S shape is certainly a plus.
  • This chair was made for people who need that extra attention for their body that this chair provides. It would be a great physical therapy chair for someone who has suffered an accident or has had surgery and needs some healing benefits.


  • Rather high priced, however, you are getting the Cadillac of massage chairs.
  • This chair weighs 250 lbs. so you should have help when moving it.

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The positive review Ogawa massage chair proved that this chair is basically equipped with everything you could want in a massage chair. We could not find anything that they spent. With this chair, you are getting the complete package; a full body massage, zero gravity, some programs, various settings, plus the head of the line technology. This chair is not for the casual user, it is for someone who is serious about massage or their treatment. Frankly, this chair will be ideal for business use. As we mentioned in Part I of this review, it is quite expensive and is a serious investment. Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information for you to decide if the Ogawa massage chair enter for you. Remember, we are not trying to sell you a product, so our reviews are totally honest and informative. There is not another site out there that will let you know how it is without candy coating it. If the product is not good, we simply will not list it and waste your time. We only list the top quality massage chairs that have established a good reputation, and then give you more details.


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