Night Therapy Elite 12-inch MyGel Ultimate Mattress Review

Night Therapy Elite 12-inch MyGel Ultimate Mattress Review
Night Therapy Elite 12-inch MyGel Ultimate Mattress Review

Night Therapy Elite 12″ MyGel Ultimate mattress is a firm gel memory foam mattress. It has a medium overall thickness, 3lb low density memory foam and a decent thickness of comfort layers. In addition the bed has an entry-level price. This mattress has three main advantages. The first one is little heat retention. You don’t feel the temperature on the bed rising and this is a great feature for hot sleepers. Another advantage is limited motion delivery. If you are a light sleeper, you will love this feature. You don’t feel any movement when your partner moves on the bed. The last outstanding feature is pain reduction. Night Therapy Elite 12″ gives every body part adequate support. Back pain sufferers wake up pain free.

Overall review: the bed is on the firm but not excessively so; set up easily and expand to full size within one hour; did come with slight odor; aired out for a day and the odor is gone; its edges is softer than other parts and you may fall off when sitting on it; makes wife’s motion unnoticeable; both able to sleep through the night; not expensive.

Features of Night Therapy Elite 12″ MyGel Ultimate Mattress

On the firm side

12″ Night Therapy Elite is a mattress on the firm side because it uses gel memory foam on the top. Gel-infused memory foam is firmer than standard memory foam models. But it isn’t overly firm and still very comfortable. It molds to your body shape as well as the standard memory foam. That helps put every part of your body ar right place and ensures sleeping cool in the meantime. Persons who like a firm bed will find it comfortable.

How does it feel?

It feels like laying on a firm cushion. Ideal for back sleepers and stomach/side sleepers who want firm support.

Pain reduction

Night Therapy Elite 12″ mattress has a group of comfort layers, which has 6.5-inch overall thickness. Compared to the competition who only have four inches memory foam layer, the comfort layer is much thicker and has better performance in conforming to the sleeper’s body. More importantly, it support shoulders, back and hips of sleepers in the proper positions to reduce back pain and aches.

Where is Night Therapy Elite made? 

This gel memory foam mattress is made in China. These days,China manufacturers are producing items according to requirement of the sellers and the quality of China made mattresses is getting close to US mattresses. If you’re not persons who care where it is made, it’s still a great option.

No motion transfer

This feature is one of the biggest advantages of Night Therapy Elite 12″ mattress. The mattress isolates the motion more effectively than most memory foam mattresses out there. That said, when you move on the bed your partner doesn’t feel it.  So you don’t worry your motion disturbing the other (getting up, rolling over, etc.).

Does it trap heat?

To prevent sleeping hot issue, Night Therapy Elite 12″ uses the gel memory foam as the top layer. Along with that, the low density foam has weak temperature sensitive nature. The sleeping hot issue isn’t a problem for this bed. Hot sleepers don’t need to worry about sweaty during sleep.

Not expensive

As an gel memory foam mattress, the price isn’t an advantage of Night Therapy Elite 12-inch.  It prices about half the price of Serta iComfort Insight mattress (check out the price).Compared to other 12-inch queen size memory foam, this mattress doesn’t cost too much but is still within the cheap range.

Issues of Night Therapy Elite 12″ MyGel Ultimate Mattress

Too firm: This bed is on the firm side and good for bad back. Some owners feel it’s too firm. For persons who have an above average weight, it’s not a problem. If you like a soft mattress, you may need to avoid this one.

Customer Reviews

This mattress earns 4.7 out of 5 stars on the internet. Owners who give high rating mention a lot about its comfort and affordable price. They consider it  a cost effective option. Some people give 2 or 3 stars because of its chemical smell. And a few don’t like it’s imported from China.

  • “We have had it over a month and we are very satisfied.. Sleeps great.”
  • “I have slept straight through every night for the 1st time in over 2 years. I sleep great now. It is not hot like my son’s exspensive memory foam mattress.”
  • “I have less back pain now when I wake up. In my opinion the mattress should be a bit softer.”

Night Therapy Elite 12″ MyGel mattress is a firm bed with help for back pain. If you haven’t slept on a memory foam mattress and are considering trying one out, you can take this one. But for people who want a soft mattress, it’s not the best choice.

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Mattress details

  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • 2.5-inch gel memory foam
  • 1-inch 3 pounds memory foam
  • 3-inch pressure relief foam
  • 5.5-inch base foam
  • 10 years manufacturing warranty


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